Meal Highlights + “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”

Happy Friday Eve to you all! I’ve been saving photos of some of my recent meals that I’ve really enjoyed along with new products and other favorites to share.

First up is this delicious toast. Simi share this tasty tidbit on Instagram, and I immediately wanted to try it. Simply add some coconut butter to warm toast before topping with pb. It infused just the right amount of buttery coconut without being overwhelming. I added banana and cinnamon on top and then pumpkin + orange bourbon cranberry sauce swirled on my other slice. Such a good breakfast!

This was a bowl of savory oatmeal using Bob’s Red Mill’s GF hot cereal. It is nutty and satisfying! A different texture thanks to the freshly milled whole grain brown rice, corn, buckwheat, and sorghum. I made it with milk + water, salt, pepper, garlic, smoked paprika, spinach, freshly shredded sharp cheddar, and an over easy egg.


I had another craving for toast, and this time I went with a sweet/savory combo. Hummus and avocado on one slice / orange bourbon cranberry sauce, pb, and yogurt on another.


I added my leftover Mexican rice and kidney beans to roasted vegetables and topped it with salsa. I had this for two lunches during the week, and it had so much flavor!


A pharmaceutical rep catered lunch, and it sure hit the spot. Teriyaki chicken, mac ‘n cheese, salad with cranberries + pear + honey vinaigrette, roasted winter veg + apple, and banana pudding. I went back for more salad and vegetables later.


One evening I made us each a salad with TJ’s cooked frozen beets, avocado, carrots, spinach, GF croutons, and dressing along with a warm bowl of soup. I added the remainder of a can of peas, roasted celery, and sautéed green beans, to a small carton of Aldi’s vegetarian pumpkin chili. It made enough to serve four rather. I was proud to make that little carton go farther. 😉


On that same shopping trip at Aldi, I found organic black soybean spaghetti noodles that I cooked one evening and simply topped with Aldi’s tomato basil jarred sauce. Roasted vegetables to round out our meal.  I highly recommend this pasta!


Matt cooked this chicken since I got home later from running an errand, and he did a phenomenal job! I made us salads with hummus and poppy seed dressing. We had tortilla chips for carb-y crunch.


These are the croutons in the above salad. They are pretty good but not as tasty as I had hoped. Yay GF -_- Poor Matt, I keep wanting to find exciting products. Some are fabulous, and some are not. ‘Tis the way it goes for gluten or GF.


I found this beet balsamic dressing at Aldi, and while I wish it was just a tad thicker, it’s super flavorful! I just love beets. Look at that color ❤


Ellie Krieger is my idol and one of the first RD’s I learned about when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in nutrition. She shared my meal that included her meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and I was so excited!


I finally found an affordable and effective natural deodorant! I got Kaci the rose scented variety, and I’ve been using the coconut water and mimosa flower. It glides on like silk, does not bother my skin, does not stain my clothes, and it works.

While I wish Rachel and Mason were on here, I do love these silly Instagram “Top Nine” photos from the year. It captured a lot of good moments from 2018, but as I said, it just needed our other two babies.


This message resonated with me so much! As I continue to realize I have less control over things in life than I once thought, I have felt some fear over that. But remembering that I still can make numerous choices that align with my needs is so reassuring.


I stepped outside barefoot in the freezing cold to take this because I’m a dedicated blogger like that. 😉


Please share your favorites with me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Meal Highlights + “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. I’m living on the edge and reading this post right before dinner haha. Bring on the stomach grumbles!

    Okay coconut oil & PB sounds like an amazing combo—why isn’t that more of a thing?!? YUM!

    Ooo Orange bourbon cranberry sauce- yummm- (this is where I should be commenting on my phone so I can just insert an infinite amount of drooling emojis).

    Those spaghetti noodles are so fun & look delish! Have you ever had squid ink pasta? That’s what I thought it was at first! You would love it- very savory.

    Ahh that is so exciting Ellie Krieger shared that meal!! Oh man, I’m not surprised- it looks fantastic!!

    Oh. My . gooooodness. I love that Barre quote so much! Wow oh wow I have never heard it put in that way before. So good.

    Thanks for sharing, Kaci! Such an amazing read as always.

    Nowww time to go make dinner 😉


    1. “Living on the edge” hahahaha love it!

      I think it should be! The two flavors together are divine.

      It has been so versatile and tasty in both sweet and savory dishes!

      I have tried squid ink pasta and love it! I would definitely describe it as savory. So. Good. You’ve reminded me I need to look for it again!

      Thank you so much!

      I have become so in love with quotes and reflections such as this because they just really speak to me and give me so much to think about. I gain new perspectives after reading them.

      You are so welcome! XO


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