Show Me Your Tacky Christmas Best

Better late than never! Phew, I had a busy day. I had an appointment with my eye doctor this morning then was playing catch up on my never-ending work and charting. For several years, my eye pressure has measured high on the machine and at the upper normal limits when my doctor manually checked them himself. Unfortunately, I’ve had to see a new doctor because he moved to a practice that does not accept my vision insurance. This glaucoma evaluation took my medical insurance, so I got to see him. He’s the best and is so fun to talk to! He said everything looked wonderful and will follow me once every year. Yay!


I started Friday with two beautiful sunny side up eggs over wilted spinach with Quaker breakfast flats and yogurt. I received their new breakfast to-go kits from Kroger with a coupon, but I saved the fruit + nuts for later. This hit the spot!

That evening, Matt and I joined Kaci, Drew, family, and friends for our now annual tacky Christmas sweater party, and man did Kaci do an in-credible job!! She made this tree snack board with cheese, smoked sausage, grapes, beet and sweet potato TJ’s crackers, and rosemary. I mean, how cute is this?!


She is so damn sweet and made everything GF so that Matt could safely enjoy it all. She found the best GF place and bake cookies by Sweet Loren’s. The double chocolate were delish, but the sugar cookie was my fav. So nostalgic!


I made my favorite sweet and spicy nuts by Ellie Krieger.


Cruze Farm’s eggnog and TJ’s Winter Wassail. I didn’t grow up drinking eggnog, but I do enjoy some this time of year. Cruze nailed it! Sweet, creamy, and the right amount of nutmeg. I also tried some of the Winter Wassail, and it sure was tasty. I never had it before, and it was a mix in flavor of apple cider and rich fruit juices.


Kaci made her own shirt, and it was adorable!! I borrowed mine from a friend, and I loved it!


Neal, Kaci’s brother-in-law jumped in, and I love it!





I had fun coloring in one of the children’s books. Isn’t this impressive? 😉


There were some awesome people in attendance, but after the kids decorated and enjoyed their cookies then ran laps through the house (it was hilarious to watch!), they gathered up the kiddos to head to their homes. Here was the fam. Drew dressed up as Cousin Eddie with Kaci’s bath robe. HAHAHAHA!


Heads Up brings me to tears from so much laughter! Our videos make me so happy. Matt forgot to save his round, but I hope you enjoy this gem. Also, I don’t know why two of the videos are not uploading correctly. They are just screenshots. Hmm, any suggestions are appreciated!



After an ahh-mazing night of sleep, I got up and enjoyed this bowl of deliciousness for breakfast. An apple sliced with Greek yogurt, pb, Grape Nuts, and some of the Quaker fruit + nuts mix.


Then of course Matt made a stellar breakfast that gave me breakfast envy. Eye roll. I did get a bite, though! He used the last of our box biscuit mix and with my help on the calculations, made a single serve biscuit. He enjoyed it with cheesy scramble eggs and wilted greens. I told him we had that mix for a long time and now that he made this, I want another box. Lolz.

We lounged and watched a few episodes of The Office before I got up and took care of some tasks around the house. It felt so good to just relax and not feel guilty about waiting on doing anything else!

Lunch after a Barre3 workout was organic spring mix, hummus, carrots, cheddar, the rest of the fruit + nuts mix, avocado, and honey vinaigrette with sweet potato crackers. I loved these flavors together!


While I was eating, our Love Grown contest prize arrived!! Matt and I won for our Halloween avocado toast costumes. I love that we won this on the first year we ever dressed up together and did so at the last minute. I am so grateful for these awesome products!


Haley Goodrich shared this template and asked for followers to share their responses. Here is mine. 🙂


Sweet Jackson! He loves boxes.


Kaci came over, and we ran a few errands together. I had a free Kroger coupon for this drink, but it wasn’t that great. I didn’t like the almost carbonated taste from being in the can, but at least it was free!


Once back home, we made our parents a Christmas gift thanks to Kaci’s awesome idea. I loved crafting together!

For dinner, I made spiced roasted butternut squash, onions, and mushrooms; cooked frozen spinach with mashed roasted garlic, and GF vegetarian empanadas that I recently found at Tar-jay. We dipped them in Aldi’s organic mango habanero salsa. The dough was really flaky and delicious, and the filling was very flavorful. Such colorful meals make me happy.


Matt agreed to do a 10-minute calming Barre3 flow with me, and these are the selfies we snapped beforehand. The second and third of him are my favorites! I love how goofy he is and how he brings the goofiness out in me. ❤


It felt so damn good! For a snack while watching, you guessed it, The Office, I had a navel orange with yogurt and some of the Love Grown pumpkin cashew granola. If you’ve not tried it, I highly recommend that you pick up a bag soon! The orange was lacking in flavor, unfortunately, but the granola made up for it.



Clearly I’m a fan because after yet another pawesome night of sleep, I had a mug of granola with a banana, pb, and milk.


Another day, another Jax box shot!


I was fortunate to get to take a free Barre3 studio class that was so uplifting, challenging, and rewarding!! For lunch, I had the last empanada with avocado + salsa, spinach, part of a baked tuna filet leftover, carrots and hummus, and chips. I ended with a sugar cookie. Mmm mmm


I then did laundry, dishes, cleaned our toilets, unclogged and cleaned Matt’s bathroom sink, watered our plants, and showered. It felt so good to tend to all of these things! I love being able to start the following week with a clean home and such.

I treated myself to a face mask, and it felt so refreshing. Have you done a face mask? If so, what are your favorites? This was by Simple Skincare, which is the brand of products I use for my face.


Who wore it better? Hahaha


Midday pick-me-up was a chocolate cookie, spiced nuts, and coffee.


Although simple, dinner was really satisfying. Greens, warmed roasted vegetables, thawed and warmed turkey, beet vinaigrette, and sweet potato crackers.


I was in the mood for a smoothie, so I made a pear (froze our fresh ones that were getting really ripe), Wyman’s berry cacao blend, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, yogurt, milk, and organic pb powder. Topped with plain and Maple Cheerios.



This morning I had the strawberry raspberry Love Grown oatmeal cup cold after soaking it with milk and yogurt overnight. I topped it with pb. Are you team overnight oats? I love the doughy texture!

One of my very sweet coworkers surprised me with this wonderful coaster!


I also hung up these small stockings that I forgot I had. Again, better late than never.


I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

4 thoughts on “Show Me Your Tacky Christmas Best

    1. They just get better every year!

      Yes!!! That craned neck and purroud face with his puffy cheeks. “Dis is my box”.

      Hahahaha thank you!

      It’s so nice!


  1. That party looked absolutely amazing that Kaci and D threw!! How fun- I just love all your sweaters.

    You and matt are just the cutest. I swear marriage is the best because it’s someone you can just be your weirdest version of yourself with hahah.

    LOL I’m cracking up about your face mask. Mrs. Doubtfire’s got nothin on you! All these eats look so yummmmy. Thanks for sharing, Kori! xo


    1. I had such a blast! I’m not ready for Christmas to get here yet. I’ve been enjoying soaking up the season so much!

      Thank you! Yes, that’s exactly how I feel too! We are such dorks, and I love that we can be ourselves together.

      Heheh I couldn’t resist! I loved how cooling the mask was. Thanks so very much! XO


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