Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra // Christmas 2018

Hello, and happy Wednesday!! If you choose to celebrate the holidays, then I hope you had an incredible time with family and friends! I was off from end of the work day on Friday until today, so I have a lot to recap. I’ll break it up into two parts. 🙂


For a quick and delicious breakfast, I mixed cottage cheese and extra cinnamon into this cereal cup then topped it with pb and had a crisp apple on the side.


Jackson is such a character and is always making us smile and laugh!

My friend at work surprised me with this lovely lotion!


After getting my haircut, I went my Earth Fare for a few things then came home to put together dinner with Matt. A pizza of sorts with sprouted corn tortilla, tomato basil sauce, and spicy Italian chicken sausage. We had a simple salad on the side.


Another friend was SO kind to surprise me with this in-credible Burt’s Bees spa kit! I love the cuticle cream so much.


She also gave me these unicorn float earrings. How cute are they?!

Once I got changed, I snacked on a mug of yogurt, fruit, and granola.



After a very restful night of sleep, we got up and each made breakfast. I had another Love Grown cereal cup with cottage cheese, pb, and apple. Easy peasy.


For lunch, I had a smaller portion of this meal I had made a few nights prior plus carrots and a slice of toast with avocado and the last of our cranberry sauce. This meal included Aldi organic edamame pasta, roasted seasoned butternut squash/onion/mushrooms, steamed green beans, sun-dried tomato spread, and blue cheese. We loved these flavors together!


After getting ready, I picked up Kaci and we treated ourselves to a mani and pedi. Funny story: I somehow had the wrong address, so thanks to holiday traffic, what normally would take maybe five minutes to get to the correct location took 20. They almost cancelled our appointments. Yipes.


I went with a mid mod pattern accent nail that looked like vintage snowflakes. 🙂 Kaci chose a gorgeous mountain design that I love!


We went by HomeGoods, and I found some awesome food items. Then we went to UPS to ship our gift to our parents, but UPS was closed. We went to FedEx…which we realized was two storefronts down from the nail salon. Lolz. Shipping the item was so expensive! Live and learn.

Once back home, Drew and Axl came over and joined Matt, Kaci, and I for what will now be a tradition! The four of us had our own Christmas dinner together. I cannot tell you how happy this made me!

Look how cute they are!


Matt “lit the fire” aka turned on Netflix’s fireplace. Bahaha


Kaci was super sweet and surprised us with a few lovely gifts! She gave Matt the shirt he is wearing above, and it looks so good on him!


She gave me avocado socks (avocado will fur-ever make us think of Mason!).


She also gave me this macramé wall art that is just stunning. Slowly I am building a collection. ❤



We snacked on Simple Mills sun-dried tomato and basil crackers with Tribe lemon rosemary hummus. This hummus as well as Sabra’s caramelized onion are my favorite flavors!


I have bought this in the past, so I chose to get it for us instead of a large bone-in ham that would take several hours to cook. Ham nugget just sounds so cute, right?


Pan-seared the ham slices, made simple steamed frozen green beans sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning, and TJ’s  frozen creamy polenta with spinach and carrots. Not fancy, but we all really enjoyed this meal. I also bought the latest The Pioneer Woman magazine edition, and I loved looking through it! She has the cutest style and best articles.


I found this coffee at HomeGoods and am now ob-sessed. I usually don’t like flavored coffee, but this is phenomenal! I made us a large pot to go with dessert. I hadn’t made a full pot in my coffee maker until then, so it was a monumental occasion. 😉


We each got an owl mug to use!


Dessert included this GF Italian cookie sampler. Matt’s grandmother always sent them delicious homemade Italian cookies, and I had hoped that even though these would pale in comparison, that it would be nostalgic.


After about 20 attempts, we settled on this beaut. I just love my sister so much!! We’re metal eyeglasses frame twinklets now!


We can’t resist playing Heads Up together!! These are gems.

My crew forever and always. ❤



Matt and I once again slept very well, and I was so grateful for it. I cooked Bob’s Red Mill GF hot cereal on the stovetop with milk and pumpkin pie spice. I added pear that I had frozen from fresh then swirled in manuka honey before topping with walnuts and pepitas.


You may remember that we attended the wedding of one of our very best friends back in October. She was so sweet and shared their photos with us. I included a few that I love!

Photo inception 😉


The gorgeous bride and groom!


Kaci and I killin’ it on the dance floor.


This was SUCH a fun wedding!


This photo came up on my Facebook memories and warmed my heart so damn much! Mason would come to the back door whenever he heard me get home. He would watch his mama pull into the driveway, and then he would meet me as I walked through the door. On this day, he was watching me leave, which always broke my heart. I miss him so. much. In just a few short days, it will be seven months since we kissed and loved on him and said goodbye. I still cannot believe it.


After a nice Barre3 workout, I made this delicious lunch of avocado toast with two over easy Egglands Best eggs with carrots and hummus.


A small mug of Cheerious, granola, and almond milk for dessert.


Kaci gave Rachel and Jackson three catnip toys in the shape of Christmas lights that they just love. When I was getting out of the shower, I heard a noise and realized he had brought one upstairs to play with in the tub. Dontcha just want to smother him in kisses??

I went to Pet Smart, Kroger, and then stopped for gas. After putting away everything, I made a quick dinner of organic greens, cucumber, yellow pepper, avocado, Dr. Praeger’s black bean quinoa burger, GF croutons, and a honey vinaigrette.


Then Matt and I met Kaci and Drew at Cruze for their drive in movie! They ate pizza at Cruze Farm’s Pizza Barn, so I had a few pieces of their free cheesy garlic bread. Yum. We ordered their Ovaltine hot chocolate complete with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and marshmallows. I completely failed to use my brain and forgot that Ovaltine is made with malted barley, soooo Matt shouldn’t have drank it. Face palm. We didn’t grow up drinking it. We used Hershey’s syrup, so it didn’t dawn on me. He felt fine stomach-wise but was lethargic/foggy-headed on Christmas Eve. I think it might’ve had that effect on him. Whoopsies, but now we know.




We each bundled up in our cars, tuned our radios to the specified station, and we watched “A Christmas Story”. I loved this experience!



Kaci and I squeezed into the kids’ corner because we’re still kids at heart.


I just love their ice cream shop! The house is historic and fascinating.




My main squeeze!




Matt and I decided to watch Ellen DeGeneres’ new standup on Netflix, Relatable. I thought it was quite funny, and she has such a wonderful stage presence!

2018 has been the year for starting new traditions that we absolutely plan to continue to do each and every year. I feel beyond blessed and grateful for my family and for getting to make these memories together. I will continue tomorrow with our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day recap! Please share your weekend fun in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra // Christmas 2018

  1. I’m so sad the holidays are over! It’s always so bittersweet, especially this year since we found some awesome new things to do!

    I miss sweet Macey so much! That picture is so cute of our catdog holding his watch post down.

    I could smother jaxxy butt in SO many kisses! I’m so glad they love their new toys!


    1. It sucks that they’re over! We sure did find a ton of things to do! Starting those traditions for years to come.

      Mason was our watch kitty!! Nothing would get past him. He knew who was coming and going at his home.

      They adore them! ❤


  2. The cucumber melon scent from B+B works is such a classic. YUMM! And Ohhh I so love Earth Fare. Have you had their tofu nuggets? I absolutely crave those and make sure to get them when I have the chance in OH. Ok- y’alls’ manicures look absolute INCREDIBLE. Wow oh wow! DJ and I “light a fire” on our TV all the time, lol. It’s seriously so calming with the noise affects though! Those avocado socks are too cute. Oh my goodness- there is sooo much more I could comment on, but I’ll try not to write a novel 😉 That wedding looked like an absolute blast. So glad you all had such a great time. I cannot believe it’s been 7 months…. It does not feel that long at all.. ❤ Big hugs to you. It looks like your 2018 has rounded off on the BEST note. Thanks for sharing, Kori! xo


    1. It is! I love how refreshing it smells.

      I have not tried their tofu nuggets! They sound tasty.

      Thank you! I was really bummed for Kase, though because her pointer finger design chipped a day later. 😤

      Hahaha it really is the best alternative for when one doesn’t have a fireplace! 😆

      Thank you so much! The wedding was absolutely incredible.

      We are in denial of how long it has been. I’m not ready to enter 2019 & have to say, “Mason gained his wings last year”. 😢

      It really did, & I’m very grateful for the memories! ❤️


      1. They are called thai tofu nuggets I think- in the deli area where you can get them prepared to go. Man, oh MAN… I literally could live on the little guys.

        Oh bummer!! I hate when manicures chip early- I’m like, “Can I get a few dollars back?!”.

        aww 😦 you guys all keep his memory alive SO well. It is beautiful.

        ❤ ❤


        1. I’ll be on the lookout for them!

          I’m the same! Kaci has been awesome & has repainted that nail twice in two different designs, & it looks really cute. We joked that it’s the ever-evolving nail.

          Thank you! ❤️


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