Holly Jolly Christmas 2018

Alrighty, in my last post, we left off at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Monday // Christmas Eve

For breakfast, I enjoyed cottage cheese with pumpkin pie spice, walnuts, peptias, manuka honey, Grape Nuts, and an apple. I’ve been on an apple and cottage cheese kick lately!

I simply put on a beanie to cover my bed head and no makeup to meet my coworkers at the clinic for a gift exchange. They had to work, but I made plans to meet for said exchange. I surprised them by getting each a gift since I was accidentally left out of the name drawing. I didn’t do it last year, so the person who created the drawing didn’t realize. No biggie. I was, however, really upset when one of my coworkers asked if I was sick or just wasn’t wearing makeup because she said my eyes were puffy. I think that’s right up there with how you don’t ask if someone is pregnant. That and I don’t feel self-conscious without makeup. I just enjoy wearing some. Clearly it irritated me quite a bit, but I can understand the question was out of concern. It just hit me the wrong way.


Anyways, I went by Wal-Mart for a few things then went over to Kaci and Drew’s to see her for a bit! I didn’t want to leave but needed to get home to make lunch. I had snacked on a KIND bar and then was ready for a meal. I found these at HomeGoods, and while they look like typical “health food”, I really do love them! They don’t crumble and have an awesome taste.


I had it with avocado, the last of our Simple Mills crackers, cucumber, carrots, and pepper with hummus.


Warmed sprouted corn tortilla with Greek yogurt mixed with pb powder, cinnamon, and vanilla + sliced banana.


I then went on such a lovely walk. One of my friends at work gave me this pair of gloves, and I love them!

I took my time getting ready for our dinner with Matt’s mom and step-dad. I snagged this dress from the Retropolitan Craft Fair from an awesome vintage clothes vendor. I love it! Red is one of my fav colors, and I’ve been told it’s “my” color. This is lace with a pretty scallop hem.

We met them at Corner 16, which I found in a quick Google search. We all started with a wonderful salad. Their cornbread croutons were awesome!


I chose their salmon with Mornay sauce (cheesy thick sauce), uptown slaw, and tomato pie. That pie was so simple yet so damn delicious! I ate until I was full, so I had about a third to a half of the meal left.


Matt chose their “oven fried” chicken with uptown slaw and cheesy grits with bacon.


All of us after dinner! The lighting wasn’t great, but I love to get photos to look back on and smile.



Diane and Tim were so sweet and surprised us with some gifts!


I had to wear one of my pairs of Christmas socks as we watched an episode of the office.


For dessert, I had a Garden Lites blueberry oat muffin with chocolate chips, kiwi, and hot tea with honey and milk.


Tuesday // Christmas Day


For the second year in a row, Matt and I chose to stay home. While it’s nice to get dressed up, I also love not having to leave the house. This has been our motto. ❤


I had some of our leftover cooked steel cut oatmeal heated and topped with maple, granola, peptias, yogurt and a juicy grapefruit half with cinnamon on the side. I added some maple to the yogurt, and that was the perfect amount.


Matt had spinach potato bites, really fluffy cheesy scrambled eggs, and grapefruit sprinkled with sugar.


We opened our gifts as we sipped our coffee. I got him the sign, and I cannot wait to hang it. Diane gave me these copper pans that are phenomenal, cute owl pot holders and a “cat mama” oven mit, GF browines, dark chocolate, Epic snack bars for Matt, tomato slicer, flashlight, and that awesome Sherpa-lined shirt for Matt!


The babies are both fans. Ha!



She also got the babies this toy! It has three separate attachments.



One of my coworkers gave me this bath set.


A patient gave me the extra virgin olive oil and sun-dried tomato and herb tapenade.



They now have SnapChats for animals, and I so wish they had them for Mason! I took these two before Matt and I did a 30-minute Barre3 together. That was the best gift!



Cooked up my egg like a charm!


I had it over wilted spinach with some of the Mornay sauce and the rest of my slaw and tomato pie.


Matt made a throw-together soup that we both had for lunch today, and it is incredible!! Just goes to show that even without a plan or recipe, some of the best meals can be made.


Kaci and I traded our Christmas pjs, and I love this cute pattern!



Later I put on another pair of Christmas socks.


Our dad realized we can do group Facetime, so he, Karin, Karin’s sister who is staying with them right now, our Aunt Mary and her son Jj, Kaci and Drew, and Matt and I all got to Facetime together! It was so nice since we’re all located in different places, yet we got to see each other for the holiday.

Then Matt and I took a bunch of SnapChats. Sorry not sorry! Matt joked that these could be our Christmas card this year. Bahaha




I love Jackson’s sweet expression!


Love love!





Ya know we had to watch The Office.


A tree next to a Jax-in-a-box.


We noshed on some of the GF brownie bites from his mom. I had one as is and one with pb.


The babies were so snuggly and were so happy that we were home!

We watched ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and ‘It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown’ then enjoyed some of Lil Bub’s Yule Tide video. She’s so precious.


I found this at Kroger and decided to try make for our dinner.


Roasted green beans, mushrooms, red pepper, onion, and garlic tossed in sun-dried tomato and herb tapenade / oven-warmed ham / sautéed sweet potato “rice” with epicurean cinnamon brown sugar butter. It sure was a wonderful Christmas dinner!


After dinner snuggles!

Evening snack of yogurt, apple, Grape Nuts, and pb with herbal chai, manuka honey, and milk.


Again, I hope you all have enjoyed these last several days and are having such a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Christmas 2018

  1. Ooo girl, I am annoyed for you by that comment. I vividly remember when that happened to me in college one time. I felt so good going entirely makeup free- my skin was clear that day, and it was empowering to go au natural… then one of my friends said the same thing. I was like – actually quite the opposite! people are so inconsiderate!

    That red dress was made for you!! I agree- that color is amazing on you. I love that whole outfit from the necklace, tites, & booties! Corner 16 looks like it has some amazing and unique finds- cornbread croutons?! Tomato pie?! Cheesy grits?! Sounds like heaven!!! Lovely family picture too.

    YESS- I feel like a switch flipped this year about leaving the house- I used to have serious FOMO and want to be at every single event. For Thanksgiving staying in & hosting was just so fun, and for New Years we are staying in too. I could not be more excited! Looks like an absolutely perfect day. I loveee all the goofy photos of you two & the fur babes. Have a great New Years, Kori!


    1. People can absolutely be so inconsiderate! I did not handle myself well. I became vert angry. I hate that you went through it too!

      Thank you so very much!!! I truly loved their menu & my meal. The tomato pie was so simple but sooo good.

      We are staying in tonight too! But Matt & I are planning to meet Kaci & Drew for Cruze ice cream after dinner. Thank you! I just can’t resist fun SnapChats with my man & the babies. Have a wonderful New Year too! XO


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