An Amazing Farewell to 2018

Good afternoon on this second day of 2019! I still cannot fully wrap my mind around the fact that 2018 was now *last year*. But alas, time just keeps ticking. I hope this post finds you doing so well and feeling very happy. I am going to share a recap of our weekend from Friday to Sunday then will share our New Years Eve and Day tomorrow.


I began Friday with breakfast tacos: warmed sprouted corn tortillas spread with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. I added thawed berries to both and then pb on one and Fage Greek yogurt on the other. I think coconut butter on the pb version would’ve been even tastier!


One of my coworkers and friends surprised me with this very pretty planner! That’s one thing I love about the year: a new planner.


I couldn’t resist another, “who wore it better” comparisons, ha!

Kaleigh of Lively Table shared an Instagram post highlighting these delicious sounding sipping soups by Campbell’s. I immediately added them to our grocery list and picked up one of each flavor for us. We’re trying the Sweet Corn and Roasted Poblano today for lunch!


Dinner was so good! I thawed and warmed turkey and gravy from Thanksgiving and paired it with the last of our Christmas dinner sweet potato side dish and roasted vegetables with sun-dried tomato and herbs tapenade. So much flavor and several textures on our plates!


I had a coupon for Wild Friends Almond Cashew Super Butter, which still cost $9-$10. But it is very enjoyable!


I had it with thawed cherry medley, off-brand Grape-Nuts, and milk for my evening snack.



I ate a lighter breakfast on Saturday because one of Kaci and my best friends kindly invited us, Drew, and Matt over for brunch! I found this bar at a local market, and it was incredibly tasty. I had a smaller portion of cottage cheese and granola on the side.


After getting ready, Matt and I met Kaci and Drew at their beautiful home. I brought local natural pork sausage as well as Garden Lites blueberry oat muffins and banana chocolate chip muffins. Kaci made a lovely fruit salad, and our friends made GF pancakes, flavorful scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and coffee. It was such a wonderful feast, and I absolutely loved this experience! I thoroughly enjoyed making and enjoying brunch at their home. It was so generous of them to invite us, and we all appreciated it greatly.


Kaci was a sweetheart and gave me this tea towel that she received for Christmas. She received two and wanted us to have this print. I goes with our coffee cart perfectly!


I snacked on the off brand Grape-Nuts with milk inside a pb jar plus an apple on the side.

My dad is so damn sweet and gave me a wonderful Amazon gift card for Christmas. I have had the best time shopping for fun items, like these Rifle Paper Company designed Keds that I’ve wanted for a long time!

I repurposed the box as my “glove box” 😉 Now I feel more organized!

I chose to purchase an Instax Polaroid camera plus accessories, and my gosh do I love it! What is old is new again. How funny that we have wonderful cameras on our phones, but Polaroids are making a comeback! I adore the vintage vibe.


The first shot was of sweet Jackson! So photogenic.


I finally hung this Etsy print in our bathroom. I hung one next to Matt’s side of the bed then couldn’t decide where to put this one. Nailed it, literally. Hahaha


I loved this prompt by Haley! It allowed me to reflect on 2018 – what served me, what didn’t, and how I wanted to bring those experiences into 2019.


Dinner was easy and so delicious, a winning combo. Organic greens with slaw mix, avocado, and beet vinaigrette. I warmed hidden roasted vegetables with Italian quinoa and steamed lentils.


My The Office-watching snack included the cherry medley, Greek yogurt, handful of Cheerios, peptias, and walnuts.



After a wonderful night of sleep, I got up and enjoyed another smaller breakfast because Kaci and I had plans to meet with another friend for brunch! Greek yogurt, Multigrain Cheerios, banana, cinnamon, and Wild Friends nut butter.


Rachel could not get enough cuddles this weekend, and I just love it! Anytime I sit down, she gets right into my lap.


Matt is awesome and was able to hang the wall art I gave him using two holes already in our wall. It happened to look just perfect there and completes our love/wedding wall collage. ❤



I found this jewelry organizer on Amazon, and I’m so pleased with it! The color and design actually matches another piece of wall art I bought several years. It is the same color with chicken-wire backing, and I have a few photos adhered with baby clothespins. Now all of my necklaces won’t become a tangled mess!



I was in the mood for Barre3, so I finished a workout at home then got myself all cleaned up for a fun day!

We met at First Watch for brunch, and I ordered their Carbonara Benedict: two poached cage-free eggs over Parmesan-crusted ciabatta with savory chicken sausage, arugula, Parmesan cream, cracked black pepper, and fresh chives plus lemon dressed organic greens. It was stellar! I had such a blast catching up with our friend! So much laughter was had, and it did my heart a lot of good.


Kaci and I went to Target and Trader Joe’s afterwards then I headed home. I ordered this vintage-style bird cage on, you guessed it, Amazon! I found the bird decorative piece in the one dollar section of Target, so I put it inside for now. I am going to put a candle on display at some point. I found an incredibly lovely shower curtain on Amazon that has a watercolor bird and floral design. Whenever Matt and I secure our first home, it will be our new master bath theme.


I couldn’t resist trying another Pixi Beauty lip product, and this was on sale. It’s a giant lip crayon basically, but it glides on well and adds just enough color.


At the same market where I found the Thunderbird bar shared above, I picked up this handmade flower. Isn’t it pretty? I added it to Matt’s side of the vanity for a bit of pizazz. 😉


New house shoes! These have hard, durable soles, memory foam, fuzzy lining, and pretty sweater material on the outside. They are a wonderful design! I found them on Amazon. That really should be the title of this post. Lolz

Barre3 is the best of the best! They do not believe in shaming anyone, in talking about exercise in regards to calories burned or any of the nonsense that has infiltrated the fitness industry. Instead, they truly are about positivity and improving the mind and body. It’s so refreshing, especially at this time of the year when we are inundated with messages that we aren’t good enough.


I was in the mood for sweet and savory, so I had carrots with spinach artichoke hummus along with a GF brownie bite.


Dinner doesn’t look too pretty, but it was oh so satisfying. Another salad with lentils heated with spinach gnocchi and sun-dried tomato and herbs tapenade. Mmm mmm


I have been craving apples so much lately! The juicy crisp texture is so good. I had one with yogurt, pb, cinnamon, and granola. We watched The Office then called it a night.


I hope your day has been wonderful! It’s SO hard to come back to work after an epic long weekend, but it’s always so fun to reflect back as I write these posts. I will be back tomorrow for our New Years fun!

5 thoughts on “An Amazing Farewell to 2018

  1. Yay for new planners! How exciting!! Lol the Charlie brown comparison is too cute- but you win for sureee. Also the polaroid camera is such a brilliant idea. Can’t wait to see how some pictures turn out! I love the vintage feel too. I neeed to get that jewelry organizer. I have one that I made myself that I spray painted blue from an old cooking pan, so I’m really due for an upgrade- and anything Amazon is just tooo darn easy to pass up. I love that color! So many nomz per usual up in hereee! Thank you tons for sharing, Kori! can’t wait to see where 2019 takes you 🙂


    1. I just love a good, clean slate! A new planner seems to make me feel as though some negatives of the past are gone, & we get to start over. ☺️ Hahahaha thank you! This organizer is so awesome! I highly recommend it. Now some necklaces that I even forgot about are front & center. Love that my jewelry even acts as decor now. 😉 Thank you for your sweet comment!


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