New Years 2019

Happy Friday Eve! I’m back to share our fun over New Years Eve and Day. It’s honestly my least favorite holiday because I always feel sad that the holiday season is over and that another year has come and gone. But I had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating this year!

Monday // New Years Eve

Matt found these GF everything bagels, but unfortunately, they were frostbitten. Bleck. But I had mine toasted with Cabot aged sharp white cheddar, pb, and spinach plus a kiwi on the side.


This came up on my Facebook memories from 2015, and it warmed my heart so much! Mason loved smoothies!


Sweet kitty snuggles. ❤

For lunch I enjoyed a Dr. Praeger’s black bean quinoa burger, sugar snap peas, carrots, cuke, and hummus. I also enjoyed a small mug of cereal a little bit later.


We always enjoy ham and bean soup with greens and cornbread for good luck and prosperity for the new year. I made caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms/kale/garlic with smoked paprika and chili powder. We split a piece of cornbread dressing that we had frozen from Thanksgiving.


Since we didn’t buy a bone-in ham, this wasn’t as good. But it was still flavorful and satisfying!


I bought Kaci and I each a silk pillowcase from Amazon. They’re *said* to reduce split ends and breaks in one’s hair, fine lines and wrinkles in the face, etc. I also just thought it looked fancy and pretty. 😉


Matt and I met Kaci and Drew at Cruze Farm for a wonderful ice cream date! It was pouring complete with sideways rain such that by the time we walked there from the parking garage, we were soaked. It honestly made it really fun and memorable!


I love these cute succulent ice cream cone planters!


Matt enjoyed their strawberry sorbet.


I had their Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree twisted with Candy Cane plus glittery sprinkles!


I brought my Instax Polaroid camera, and we each took our own couple photo. ❤


My heart!


My crew forever and ever.



Tuesday // New Years Day

I woke up and enjoyed a more simple breakfast of yogurt, Wild Friends nut butter, Multigrain Cheerios, and an apple. I completed my first Barre3 workout of the year then got ready for our first brunch of 2019!

We chose to dine at Sunspot, and man did they not disappoint!


Scrunchy nose because Matt can make me laugh so much!


Artsy coffee shot.




I started with their Caesar salad, and I loved the presentation!


I ordered their Mushroom Toast that comes with sourdough bread, creamy mushrooms and root vegetables, winter herbs, avocado, cashew “parmesan”, and avocado. OHMYGOSH it was heavenly!! I added a local Circle V Farms over easy egg that just put it over ze top delicious.


Matt chose their Omelet of the Day: citrus marinated shrimp, guacamole, cotija cheese, and kale mix. It came with fruit on the side, and Matt added their fingerling roasted potatoes.



After our stomachs were nice and full, it was time to try to ice skate without falling. SnapChat filters as we waited to hit the ice!






Laced up, and I was excited and nervous. I hadn’t skated in at least 13 or so years, so I had no idea how it would go.


A sweet lady took this for us! Did you even skate if you didn’t take a photo? I am proud to say I did not take a tumble! I did spin in a circle and regained my composure once, and then I almost became a human bowling ball when a group of girls stopped in front of me. Thankfully, Matt was there to lend an arm and saved mah life. It took me a while to get comfortable and to move away from the wall, but I did it. I’m thankful I could start 2019 by pushing myself out of my comfort zone!


We went by Kaci and Drew’s and hung out with them for a bit. I just love being with them. They are the best.

We enjoyed our beans and greens again for dinner then I used this matcha green tea mask. I’ve never looked better!



Dessert was Celestial Seasonings Bengal Herbal Chai with manuka honey and milk. I had some berries and kiwi with Greek yogurt, walnuts, pepitas, and a GF brownie bite. We watched some of The Office then called it a night.



My first work outfit of the day for the year. I just love this Old Navy suede skirt. It’s hard to tell with the poor lighting, but I wore my patterned brown tights, red suede top, and Old Navy suede booties. Suede on suede on suede.


I hope you all have a fantastic day and rest of the week!



4 thoughts on “New Years 2019

  1. Glad you had such a wonderful NYE!! Those silk pillowcases look luxurious. I wake up allll the time with lines on my face from my pillow, so I should look into these.

    Those succulent ice cream cone planters are just adorable!! You always discover the cutest little gems.

    LOVE the polaroids!

    Seriously looks like just the best time with Kaci + D. Y’all are too darn photogenic & all these shots are super artsy & well captured. Photography game on pointttt!

    Love the suede on suede! Where do you get your tights? Mine ALWAYS rip, I can never find a reliable pair. Looks like a great end AND start to the year 🙂


    1. I had such an amazing NYE despite it being very low-key!! I love the pillowcase. But Jax keeps visiting the bathroom then accidentally bringing some with him. Eeeeewww. The perks of being a mama. Hahaha

      I would love to have an ice cream cone planter! Maybe I’ll snag one for my home or office one day. 🙂

      Thank you!! I am just obsessed. But the funny thing is that I’m so particular about using the film because unlike our phones when we can just delete the photos we don’t want, this costs money. Hahaha I’m so spoiled on digital now.

      Thank you, girl!! I appreciate that so much!

      I think these tights are from Wal-Mart! I have a number from there and from Target. Some have a little wear and tear from boots, but overall, they’ve held up year-after-year! It sure was the very best end and beginning!


      1. lol oh Jax!! At least the silk washes pretty easy I’m sure?!

        That ice cream succulent planter would definitely be perfect to decorate an office space!

        Ohh I should check Target too. Maybe I just need to be more gentle with them and not treat them like jeans when I put them on haha


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