My Intentions for 2019: Try New Things + Squash Old Fears!

The sun is out, I feel great, and Monday marks the beginning of a new week. I hope you are in a good place and had a wonderful weekend!


First up is some Friday toast action with one sweet and one savory creation. For the sweet, I enjoyed pb, cinnamon, banana, and pepitas. For the savory, I had spinach artichoke hummus with TJ’s beets cooked from frozen.


Kaci’s friend found these tops at Sam’s Club, so I bought a rose pink and gray one! I wore it with a scarf that I’ve had from Target for at least 10 years, and I still love it!



After work, I wanted to go by Honeybee Coffee Company to try a half caf latte with their new macadamia nut milk. Unfortunately, they didn’t even have it in stock despite advertising about it. I was really bummed, but this with Cruze was so very satisfying. I just wanted to try the new dairy alternative milk. It made me a few minutes late to therapy because the sky opened up, and I was stuck in 5 o’clock rush hour traffic. My therapist is super understanding, though and helped me tremendously! I had planned to make an appointment to check in at the start of the year, but then I felt some anxiety triggers, so I pushed myself to get in asap. Gotta stay on top of my mental health!


Matt had made us incredible baked salmon on Wednesday while I took a free Barre3 studio class, so we had it for leftovers.


I sautéed cabbage with sun-dried tomato and herb tapenade, and I had Aldi spelt pumpkin risotto. I had bought it from their freezer section last fall, but because Matt can’t eat it, I forgot to try it. It is really flavorful!


Dessert was yogurt, berries, and Love Grown granola.


We watched The Office then crawled into bed. We were all pooped.



I made Kaleigh’s Turmeric Golden Milk Oatmeal, and it was utterly amazing! I made mine with organic milk and manuka honey then topped with a drizzle of maple, coconut butter, frozen berries, and Wild Friends Almond Cashew Super Butter. I was licking the bowl. No shame. I cannot get over that color!



Kitty snuggles are the best!


Jackson couldn’t be cuter if he tried!


After cleaning the house a bit and showering, I shopped at Aldi and found some amazing products. For lunch, I enjoyed the last of our cottage cheese with carrots, sugar snap peas, and cranberry pistachio crisps. I love the texture of these crackers! Later I ate a Jazz apple with dark chocolate, and the apple was so very crisp, juicy, and delicious! Apple craving is still going strong.




Here is my new fancy mirror from Amazon!


Kaci and Axl came over for our girls’ day! Drew came by and picked up Axl before we left the house.


We went by Val’s for Kaci to use her gift card then Target (would our day be complete without a Target run?). I found this drink to sip on at the nail salon. The drink was tasty but also chalky from the protein blend. But it did the trick and kept me satisfied!


I saw this and fell in love with the message and design. It’s an important one to keep sharing!


We had to get our gel manicures removed and decided to get another pedicure. Our last appointment before Christmas was not good, unfortunately. But I’m always down to try new places! We went to a salon we’ve always loved, and they did a fabulous job. I copied Kaci on the colors and absolutely love the natural peachy color!


It’s always awkward for me to take a photo for my pedicure, but for the love of the blog. 😉 The green is so pretty to me!


My therapist had a pillow like this in her office, so when I saw it for only $6 at Aldi, I grabbed one! Matt made this heart and cat design. Love them! I feel like this is good for people like myself who fidget. I can play with the sequins or rub the soft fleece and feel calm. Weird? Maybe. But I love it and the bright colors.

Are you tired of seeing this ham and bean soup? No? Cool, because we’re still eating it! The last portion for lunch today. We enjoyed it with the last of the kale I had made plus the sautéed slaw, and I had na na na(an), hey hey. Ok, I tried with a pun, but I’m not sure it translated. Hahahaha. This naan is wonderful, and it was from Aldi.


I am now an honorary member of The Office! I found this sweatshirt on Amazon, and I could not resist.


For an evening snack, I had Greek yogurt, a Cara Cara orange (so juicy and sweet!), Grape Nuts, and roasted peanuts. I loved this combo!



Would ya look at those gorgeous yolks? I was really pleased with this creation! Wilted spinach with heated risotto topped with melted shredded Cabot reserve sharp cheddar, two sunny side up eggs, and a crisp apple. I bought a bag of Archer Farms organic hazelnut coffee that is phenomenal, so I had that afterward.


I got ready and went over to Kaci and Drew’s. I had naan with hummus and warmed salmon for a light lunch.


A small snack bar for my something sweet. Kaci, Axl, and I went on a lovely sunny walk together! I have enjoyed this unseasonably warm weather.


I took a free yoga class that included topical CBD oil and cream


I went by Whole Foods to get Matt and I each a loaf of bread and thought I would try a new-to-me yogurt.


I added walnuts, but as far as I’m concerned, this was a dud. It was super thin and watery with a blah flavor. Oh well! Ya never know unless you try.


Dinner was awesome. I sautéed sugar snap peas in olive oil, added cooked beets, then per Matt’s suggestion, we finished it with spicy brown mustard and balsamic vinegar. I pan-cooked Aldi baked siracha tofu and had veggie tortilla chips for a delish crunch.


I ordered these little soy wax candles made with essential oils on Amazon. I think the tins are really pretty, and I plan to save them once all the candles have been burned. They aren’t super fragrant, but they are pleasant.


Snack included banana, raisins, cinnamon, Grape Nuts, and pb in a nearly empty yogurt tub. Not pretty but so satisfying. I also had a few Hershey’s kisses. One episode of The Office later plus a word find, and I was ready for Zzzz.



Thankfully, this guy was waiting on me in the fridge for breakfast! Aldi mixed berry overnight oatmeal cup topped with pb.


Kaci is so sweet and offered this Old Navy velvet tee for me to borrow. I love it!




The above screenshot does pertain to this beautiful rash. I have experienced it off and on since January 2013, but I’ve never gone to the doctor. With the help of a sweet friend, she suggested I see a dermatologist right away. Despite my health anxiety, I am working to make sure I always care for myself. I don’t know many people who enjoy going to the doctor, but I’m working hard to get past my fears. Thankfully, they were able to get me in tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed that it’s a simple rash to treat!

As always, thank you for stopping by my blog and reading about our weekend fun. I wish everyone the best for the week ahead!



2 thoughts on “My Intentions for 2019: Try New Things + Squash Old Fears!

  1. I’m on a beets kick right now because of TJs and I have never thought of putting it on toast! GREAT idea! Rose & gray is one of my favorite combos- that shirt & scarf looks so lovely on you!

    Your therapist sounds like a gem! I feel like finding one you truly connect and like can be such a challenge. And once you do have that delicious sounding macademia nut latte you’ll have to report back 😉 such a bummer they were out!

    Okayyy that turmeric oatmeal looks so yummy- I just looked at the recipe & it seems really easy too! I think I have all those ingredients sitting around already, just need to get some almond milk.

    Daw, Jackson!

    I spy those TJ’s crisps! Those are easily one of my favorite products this year from there.

    Awww such fun girl time–Your nails turned out AWESOME- I love the colors you chose.

    Ummmm I am lovingggg that pun. You nailed it like naan other!!

    STOP- Dunder Mifflin! Oh my goodness, that is amazing. I’m so proud.

    Ohhh funny story- on a podcast yesterday there was this long discussion about grape nuts that made them sound so appetizing & I thought of you and I know you like them too- so I was at the store, but they didn’t carry them. Next time I do see them though I’ll be grabbing a box!

    Okay I need to wrap up my novel. Have a great Sunday, Kori!! I had such a blast reading this!


    1. I can’t get enough of beets, tofu, & apples right now! Thank you so much!

      She is amazing! Her patience with me is unreal. I just was able to try the macadamia nut latte, comped on them! They were so nice & apologized for my inconvenience. It was very delicious & foamy!

      I loved it & so highly recommend it! Please let me know how you like it.


      Crisps are my faaav crackers. So delish.

      Thank you! I so loved this visit!


      I’m an Office geek now!

      I just finished my box today, so I *need* to stock up asap!

      Thank you so much, girl!


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