Look for the Bare Necessities

Good Monday morning, lovely people! I hope the weekend served to fill you with happiness and excitement but also rest and relaxation.


My Friday began on a very delicious note! I first enjoyed Greek yogurt with cinnamon, banana, pb, and Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s.


These babies!! They were so sleepy and cah-ute.

CFA uploaded a free breakfast reward on my app! I was so excited. I tried their chicken and egg white English muffin without the American cheese. I had it with their sriracha sauce, and it was superb. I do love whole eggs, but the egg whites were fluffy.


Funny story: I left work, which is only five minutes from our place, and I tried heading across town to get a quick trim of my bangs and neckline. An 18-wheeler had apparently been involved in an awful wreck, and Matt saw me from the opposite side of the interstate as he made his way home. He called and told me to take the next exit. I was then caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. So I ended up having to cancel and go home via back roads. So I basically went on a little scenic drive. Bahaha

I saw an Insta post by Gisela for two-minute refried bean tacos earlier in the week, and I made plans to enjoy them for Friday’s dinner. I sauteed and seasoned peppers/onion/garlic and then the rest came together quickly. We’d had a can of organic vegetarian refried beans on hand, and it worked out perfectly! We warmed and layered them on sprouted corn tortillas with freshly shredded sharp cheddar, avocado, mango habanero salsa for me, and garlic chili hot sauce. I had spinach with the sauteed veg and leftover cooked zucchini drizzled with chipotle ranch. This was a fabulous meal!


I enjoyed Greek yogurt with frozen cherry medley, dark chocolate chips, and granola for an evening snack.


Her face looks so smooshed and adorable!


We watched some of The Office then crawled into bed.


I got up early because we had a house tour at 9:00 AM. I enjoyed pear pineapple butter with Wild Friends almond cashew butter on naan. Cottage cheese for more delicious protein and a cored apple with cinnamon.


After the tour, we came home, and I enjoyed Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s with peanuts and almond cashew milk. Matt aired up my tires since my light had come on later in the week.


I went to Kroger for some provisions then came home and whipped up this fabulous lunch. Spinach, peppers/onion/garlic, shredded zucchini, canned corn, and an Aldi mushroom risotto veg burger all heated then topped with chipotle ranch, avocado, and an over easy egg. YUM. Side note: I tried on some clothes and like a moron, I lost my favorite leather cuff with the babies’ name stamped on it! One of my best friends who I ordered it through contacted the maker of it to order a new one. She messaged to tell me, and I was beyond grateful! Although I still hope it is found.


I had a date and prune with tahini and then this mug of Celestial Seasonings chai with espresso that I sweetened with manuka honey and splashed in milk. It’s not my favorite tea, but I needed a little pick-me-up.


Kaci came over and after spending some time at the house with the babies together, we headed to Cruze Farm! We split their Greek salad to start. Kaci took this photo as well as the one below of our pizza. She rocks the portrait setting!


Then we enjoyed the main dish: Tandoori chicken pizza. I mean, hello flavor town! I enjoyed more than my arbitrary two slice serving, and it hit. the. spot.


Cruze’s January theme is, “Ice Cream from Around the World”. How cool is that?!



We tried their Stracciatella, which is fabulous. We split their saffron cardamom, which is one of my favorite flavors ever!


They had Disney’s Jungle Book as their drive-in movie, and Kaci and I absolutely loved watching it! Our mom told us when we were younger that it was one of our favorite Disney movies. These are the memories I hold close: twin days and dates. ❀


Matt had visited one of our friends and his wife’s new home. He got home a little after we did, and we called it a night.


Up and at ’em again. I did not sleep enough this weekend, but sometimes I love being up early. It’s like being awake before the rest of the world, and you have that time all to yourself. I enjoyed Greek yogurt with organic pb powder, cinnamon, and vanilla topped with banana, the last of my Grape Nuts (I need to restock!), and a sprinkle of brown sugar.


I completed a t-o-u-g-h and SO rewarding Barre3 that I first did last September. Feeling the sweat further pushes me to try my best. It’s like a built-in motivator. Side note: one of my awesome friends at work and I did a 10-minute on Thursday evening after the last patients left, and I loved it! She killed it. πŸ™‚


Lunch was a really simple spinach salad with carrots and the last two sad olives. I wish we had more, ha!


I had one slice of my leftover pizza with chipotle ranch. I ate it cold, and it was fabulous! Any team cold leftover pizza lovers out there? Do you love Ranch with pizza?


I met Kaci at their house, and I joined her, Drew, and Axl on a drizzly but enjoyable walk. Then Kaci and I went to Whole Foods for what they advertised as a sampling smorgasbord of their new products and recipes. Um, there weren’t any samples. It was pathetic. But we enjoyed some dishes from their hot bar that were deeelicious.


We stopped by REI for an item she needed, then we went to Honeybee Coffee. They are so wonderful with lovely customer service! They apologized for not having their macadamia nut milk available at my last visit and offered me a drink on them. I tried the milk with a half caf latte, and it was so good! The milk has a unique taste but complimented their espresso beautifully. It foamed well, and I think it’s an awesome dairy alternative. Also, is their lamp not adorable?


Kaci and I decided to go to an open house held by the group who renovated their craftsman home. It was beautiful! Check out that backsplash and pretty fireplace.

Once back at their place, we noshed on some Oreos. Nostalgia central! She and I agreed that TJ’s Joe Joe’s are actually a tad better because they have a little more filling. Nothing beats a classic wafer sandwich with cream filling.


I went by Wal-Mart for replacement Pur water filters and found two sets of adorable headbands. I’m wearing one today that is shown at the end of this post. πŸ™‚

A little side note regarding the below photo. I reflected on the foods I had enjoyed on this day, and I realized how much I have grown in my intuitive eating and food freedom. It doesn’t seem like much, but having pizza and then WF hot bar on a whim, a latte, Oreos, and chips and hummus not pre-portioned is a big deal. This photo was taken of me when I was maybe nine, and I was happily eating buttery Ritz crackers from the sleeve without any worry of serving size, and as you can see, it was nearing 9:30 PM. I strive to get back to being like my little self. πŸ™‚


My friend at work suggested that I get this spiralizer from Amazon, and boy am I glad I did! It came with four different blades, a peeler, and a cleaning brush. Plus it’s compact, which is something important to me. I tried to be selective about what kitchen gadgets I buy because I want them all to be used and needed.


The first item I chose to spiral was a zucchini. Look how pretty!


I sauteed them in olive oil with everything bagel seasoning, pepper, and smoked paprika. We enjoyed the very long noodles over organic spring mix with avocado, and the last of our baked chicken all warmed. I had honey vinaigrette over my salad. As I prepped dinner, I snacked on veggie corn chips with hummus, and that is one of the most satisfying combos!


I cleaned the kitchen, prepped food, ironed my dress and then promptly plopped down with a sliced apple topped with Greek yogurt, Wild Friends almond cashew butter, and raisins.


We did get to bed earlier, and I thankfully slept more than the past two nights.


This morning I enjoyed overnight oats made with a packet of Ancient Grains Oatmeal and milk. I added thawed mixed berries, pb, and dark chocolate morsels.


Kaci and I both purchased a dress from Cruze Farm, and I am in love with it!!! The print is perfect as is the length, fit, and comfort level. It even has pockets!


This is one of my new headbands, and I love it! The print is so pretty, and so far, it’s quite comfortable. It’s taming my fuller hair nicely.

One more shot. Everyone needs this dress. Kaci is wearing hers today too, so we’re definitely twinning!


Unfortunately, our realtor told us that someone had already submitted an offer on the home Matt and I toured, and in two days from listing, it’s pending. Matt dragged his feet because he wasn’t sure, where as I was in love with it. So here we are, empty-handed again. Pray for me. I know one day we’ll find it, but in this moment, my frustration is peaking. ANYWAY, I hope you all have the best day and week ahead!!


6 thoughts on “Look for the Bare Necessities

  1. Twas a fun weekend! Now only if that sun would come back. 🧐 Love your spiralizer! I love spiraled zucchini. Mmmm

    The babies are OH SO CUTE!! I could smother them in kisses much to their dismay. ha


    1. I neeeeed the sun!! I cannot wait to make you some spiraled zucchini soon! I can tell this is going to revolutionize my cooking. πŸ˜‰

      Not to their dismay – they love smooches!! They are cah-utie patooties!!


  2. Oooo I lovee refried beans so those tacos look awesome!! YUUM! Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe, I’m gonna need to try those out. We have been craving Mexican food lately- thankfully we are going to san diego where hopefully we will be able to get some of a fix too! Frozen cherries in yogurt sounds like such a delightful dessert- mmm! Tandoori pizza— oh goodness gracious that sounds like absolute heaven! The ice cream looks perfect too. Sounds like a perfect twin date! I am totallllly team cold leftover pizza- just had a slice yesterday of the truffle mushroom leftover with ranch too!!! I’m so glad you finally got to try the Honeybee latte! And that pineapple is stinking adorable!

    Awwww I love the picture you shared & meaning behind it ❀ I totally know what you mean, girl. That resonated with me deeply.

    We have a very similar spiralizer and lloveeee using it for spiralizing zucchini! Game changer for sureee! But goodness I have got to find that everything seasoning. I always forget to get it when I’m at TJ’s. The headband looks oh so pretty! I just love those colors.

    Ahhh house hunting can be sooo frustrating. The right home will come at the right time. Sending all the gooood house hunting vibes. Xo


    1. I hadn’t enjoyed refried beans in quite a long time, and they were fabulous! I hope you get your fix in San Diego! Cherries are one of my many favorite fruits. So flavorful, sweet, and tart. Ahhh we’re pizza twins!! That sounds so good. I was so happy to get to enjoy the latte and to snag a seat by that cute lamp!

      The older I get, the more I embrace my awkward stages. πŸ™‚ It just hit me how much this world can change us, for the better and for the not so better. But seeing that photo just hit home. I’m glad you can understand me. ❀

      I'm making spiralized butternut squash tonight! I'm hoping it turns out really well. The seasoning is simple but sooo good! Thank you, doll! I'm loving headbands and all things floral, especially a vintage-looking floral pattern.

      It has been rough. Kase advised I not mention it too much on here, but I just want to keep it real without being a drag. πŸ˜‰ Thank you! XO


      1. We did get a taco fix thankfully!!! YUM! Still dreaming about them. I was looking online and we actually have a lot of tandoori pizza places near us, so hopefully we can try some of that soon! Also I had a latte in SD that I tried because of you- I can’t wait to share about it- it was honey lavender and SOOO delicious.

        Awww I love that so much ❀ ❀

        Can't wait to hear how the butternut squash turned out!!

        oh my gosh, no, I love hearing about it all! There are real things we all have to deal with at some point in life, and also I love hearing about the nitty gritty details in peoples' lives. Have such a great week ahead, girlfriend!


        1. Yay!!! I sure hope you can enjoy a fabulous tandoori pizza! Honey lavender is one of my absolute favorites! It makes me think of spring. ❀

          Thank you so so much for all of your support, girl!! It means the world to me.


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