Have a Jolly Good Time

Good Monday afternoon! The sun is **finally** shining here, and I couldn’t be more thankful! The constant rain really started to take its toll on my attitude.


Friday started on such a fabulous note with this fluffy bowl of Ancient Grains oatmeal topped with chopped date and prune, Wild Friends Almond Cashew Super Seed Butter, and I drizzled it with maple after snapping the photo.


I chose to treat myself to a half caf Americano with steamed almond milk even though I had enjoyed my coffee at home. It was was one of those days when I was just craving more.


After attending our monthly meeting, I came back to the clinic to finish the day. I hadn’t brought an afternoon snack but then remembered I still had these Enjoy Life bars in my desk drawer. Score!


I absolutely love doing Barre3 at home! I started by doing a 10-minute calming workout. It truly did make me feel at ease. Once I started to move my body, I began to crave more. So I completed a 10-minute challenging flow before ending on a 10-minute energizing workout. If I had stopped at the first 10-minute, I wouldn’t have been any less than. I simply listened to my body, and while some days I want to move move move, there are other days that I don’t want to do very much. It’s part of being human! I am admittedly proud of the muscles and strength that I am developing.



Once I was clean, I started on our dinner. This time I put half of a butternut squash through the spiralizer. Loved this shape!


I made us each a nice salad and then sauteed the squash in the same pan after cooking our chicken Italian sausages. I spooned simmered vodka pasta sauce over the top. Unfortunately, the squash would’ve benefited from being cooked a bit longer, but it was still enjoyable.


My evening snack included sprouted toast with jam and tahini, apple with cinnamon, and Greek yogurt. Matt found a show on Netflix called Sex Education, and it actually is really cute and hilarious! It definitely has some awkward scenes, but we think it was filmed well and still done tastefully.



The babies were very keen on getting up early for breakfast. I finally surrendered and got up to start on our breakfast. I was craving Alexis’ shakshuka, so I made it happen. I used what we had on hand, so we enjoyed it with mushrooms instead of peppers, Muir Glen fire-roasted crushed tomatoes, and chiffonade spinach on top. We had avocado toast and Aldi’s roasted root vegetable hash browns on the side.  This was egg-cellent!


These next two photos came up on my memories, and they certainly made me feel simultaneously so happy and sad. But no matter the amount of pain and sadness, I wouldn’t trade being their mama for the world!


He was actually purring big despite it looking like he was unhappy. That was our sweet Mason at only about 2.5 years old!


I picked up Kaci, and after I got a quick trim of my bangs and neck, we headed out to a new juice cafe called Jolly Bowl. It’s actually just 20 minutes from our lake house, so I’m really looking forward to visiting more when we go out there!



We couldn’t remember what this game was called, and when we figured out it was Connect Four, we realized we had both won. Lolz! This was not the photo of our game, though.


I went with the dragon fruit smoothie, which was bright and tasty but not quite as flavorful as I had hoped. But it was still enjoyable.

The owner was very sweet and agreed to make me one of the new lattes made with unique powders even though they weren’t debuting until today. I do not recall the name of this one, but it had a somewhat similar taste to matcha.


I sipped on it while we went out to the lake house to check on it. Strangely enough, we found a random kayak at the left point of our property. We aren’t sure if it washed up or how it got there, but I suppose it’s ours now!

We went to Target and grocery shopped together, which I absolutely love. I love to shop with Kase!

She was a sweetie and offered me one of the snack bags she had purchased, but the first bag legitimately had five or so crackers in it. They made a mistake in the ole packing department. Whoopsies!


After I dropped her off at home, I made my way back to our place. I noshed Sabra caramelized hummus with carrots. I have been looking for this flavor for a while now!


Dinner was quick and really awesome! I reheated the pork chop I had made earlier in the week along with sauteed cabbage, kale quinoa, and sauteed vegetable medley with artisan garlic herb butter.


After doing some laundry and cleaning, we settled down to watch our show, and I had this fabulous bowl. I’m a waste-not-want-not kinda gal, so I saved the rest of Kaci’s acai bowl base. No shame. I topped it with Greek yogurt, grapes, granola, and almond cashew butter. So good! I want to make my own acai bowl at home soon. We also watched an episode of The Office before calling it a night.



After a glorious night of sleep, we both got up in wonderful moods. Delish toast was on the menu. I noshed on an apple with the last tiny bit of cottage cheese with cinnamon.

I finally tried this lemon curd that I bought a while back from HomeGoods. If you are a lemon fanatic too, I highly recommend it!


I had it spread on one slice of sprouted toast and then hummus and a boiled egg on the other. We had wanted soft boiled, but we accidentally cooked it a tad too long. It was still very enjoyable! I got the idea from Anne of Fannetastic Food. I’m hoping to make it with smoked salmon soon!


After relaxing together, I got ready to attend a free foam rolling class at our Barre3 studio.


I’m over in on the left side. It really was very helpful and informative! Kaci was awesome and let me borrow her foam roller, but I intend to get one soon. I want to incorporate it along with stretching and Barre3. I actually can feel some soreness in my low back. Not pain at all, but it’s just apparent to me that I added pressure there.


They had coffee and treats too! Don’t mind if I do. #allthecoffee


I ate the fabulous snack bite while I shopped at Pet Smart and Kroger.


Once I put away my purchases, I had a quick quesadilla of sorts with spinach and cheddar, mango habanero salsa, and carrots. I then had the popcorn and snack mix before showering.


We looked at a home, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. But you never know unless you try, and we shall keep trying! A beauty of a home that’s right for us is out there.

I enjoyed a mug of Cinnamon Chex after we got back, and then I did several loads of laundry to the point of having nearly all of my clothes washed. Score!


I did not time dinner well, but it was worth the wait. I roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage together. I also sauteed white and crimini mushrooms with garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, thyme, and smoked paprika. I bought a Simple Truth organic rotisserie chicken with a coupon, so that was easy peasy. Lastly, I gave Matt the rest of the quinoa while I ate the last of our Alexia crinkle fries with ketchup. This was a phenomenal meal!


Snackage of yogurt, Wyman’s berry/cherry/plum/cacao nib blend, Multigrain Cheerios, and roasted nuts. We’re up to the last episode of Sex Education.



I could not resist these at Kroger! They were on sale, and boy do they make me happy. I had overnight apple cinnamon oats with added fresh apple and raisins. I soaked it with Greek yogurt and milk then topped it with pb. It kept me full for hours!


It’s nearing 1:00, and I have been rather productive today. I have the start of January labs to review with the patients, so I’m off to make a dent. I wish you all well and a wonderful week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Have a Jolly Good Time

  1. You are always coming up with the best food combos!! I just love reading your posts & seeing all the nee stuff you’re eating. Your mug & bowl in the very last picture are way too cute!!


  2. Hey Kori! I love the spiralized butternut squash, but it can be so dang tricky to get just right! It still looks like it turned out amazing. Ahh a podcast was going on about how good Sex Education was, but after hearing you say it was good I’m definitely going to have to watch it. Did you guys watch the Fyre festival documentary? We just watched last night and it was insane! Definitely a must watch (the Netflix version!). Shakshuka sounds incredible- I’ve never had it, but I’m bookmarking this recipe! Okay, y’all seriously have the CUTEST little coffee/juice shops & cafes. Ah I love that you saved Kaci’s bowl- I literally do the same thing with djs leftovers- I’ll eat them recreated with something else if I know he won’t! Oh my gosh, that lemon curd looks amazing- you know my obsession with lemon anything. That sounds great on toast! I would have never thought to do that- but YUM. Barre looked so fun- it was fun playing “where is waldo” but “where is Kori” version, lol. Have a great weekend, girl!


    1. Aww thank you! I was still really pleased with & grateful for our meal, but I cooked the leftover noodles a bit more, & they were great. I’ll aim for that texture next time. 🙂

      It’s so hilarious! It can be really awkward at times, but the characters are so lovable. I have not seen the Frye Festival documentary! I’ll absolutely watch it soon!

      Shakshuka is so darn amazing! I love it with both crusty bread & potatoes. I hope you enjoy it!

      I loved their decor! Amen to not wasting leftovers!

      Fellow lemon lover! 🍋🙌🏻 I so need to make pancakes & top them with lemon curd & wild blueberries. 😋

      “Where’s Waldo” Kori version – loooove it!! I ALWAYS think of that when I’m trying to find myself or someone else in a photo with a crowd of people. 😂

      Have a great weekend too!


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