A Little of This & A Little of That // Friday Favorites

Hello beautiful people, and happy Friday!! I have been saving up a few of my favorite foods and products to share with you all. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done so. As always, please play along and share your favorites in the comments!

I bought this pocket mirror on Amazon with my gift card, and I love the vintage-looking bird print! I’m admittedly becoming obsessed with all things birds. Anyone else feel the same?



Loved this outfit! I mean, it was super simple, but I love my sherpa jacket and these headbands. One of my coworkers said it reminded her of a hippie barbie. 😉



I bought this jacket/cardigan on Thred Up back in 2016 and regrettably, I’ve hardly worn it! I paired it with my fav chambray denim dress, berry-colored leggings, and my Rifle Paper Co. Keds. It’s going to be 60 degrees today, so I thought I’d channel a little spring.



My incredible hair stylist’s trim of my bangs and neck really helped to extend my cut. 🙂


Also, this pearl bracelet was my sweet mama’s, and I love wearing her pretty jewelry. I paired with my pearl bracelet that I received in my bag at Barre3 in the Park last September. I love it! Simple but so nice.


Anyone else have the CFA app? For each week of January, they have been loading a free breakfast reward. Woohoo! I tried their cheesy egg, hash brown, grilled chicken scramble, and it was fantastic. I had with the salsa it came with and seriously three drops of their Zesty Buffalo sauce. That stuff is sooo spicy!


I didn’t realize they stopped serving breakfast before 11:00, so I only could choose their chicken biscuit. In the past, I wouldn’t have ordered it because it’s not the best choice. But as I’ve come to learn and respect, one meal will not make or break our well-being. I saved the chicken for lunch the next day and had grape jelly on ze biscuit. It was tasty!


Kaci and I found this facial brush while on our Target run and decided to try it out to improve our complexion. So far, I haven’t noticed a difference, but I’ll keep using it and will share my thoughts!


We each also purchased a bottle of this lotion. I keep it in my office to hopefully get rid of this dry winter skin.


Impulse purchase while at Pet Smart, but how cute are these coasters?!


After trying the dragon fruit smoothie at Jolly Bowl, I decided to create one of my own at home.


In the blender went half a fresh ripe banana, a handful of each frozen dragon fruit and Wyman’s of Maine wild blueberry/cherry/plum/cacao nib blend, unsweetened vanilla macadamia nut milk, Fage Greek yogurt, and ground ginger. I enjoyed it out of a pb jar with Love Grown granola on top. It was great! I mean, look at that color.


Matt and I collaborated on this meal, and it was lovely! Pad Thai noodles with sauteed shrimp, cooked frozen vegetable medley, and we tossed it with a peanut sauce that Matt made. We forgot to use soy sauce in it, so it needed a tad bit of salt. The soy sauce would’ve boosted the flavor, but it was still excellent!


Kaci found these on our Target run, so I bought one of each. Matt and I tried the California Style, and it was really tasty! I love keeping canned and frozen produce on hand for quick sides.


Jackson has always been really snuggly, but lately it’s like he’s channeling Mason! Mason loooved to be held and would rest his head on my shoulder. Jax did this with Matt and would not let him put him down. How cute is he??



This came up on my memories, and no matter how painful it is to not have him here, I love seeing these sweet photos!


Kaci shared the next two with me. My heart just melts.


Look at his feet!


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

10 thoughts on “A Little of This & A Little of That // Friday Favorites

  1. Okay that pocket mirror is seriously too dang adorable!! Lol- Hippie Barbie- that is actually pretty accurate! So cute!! I feel like I need to get a chambray dress- I would wear it literally all the time. I went through a pack of the pitaya dragonfruit a couple months ago- that stuff is great- super versatile & I love the bright pink color. Jax ❤ so sweet! I love that he was channeling his Mason- those pictures are precious. Thanks for sharing, Kori! So many fun finds in this post!


    1. I am so glad I found it! I’ve wanted a little pretty mirror, and this design is just what I was looking for.

      Girl, yes! A chambray dress is a staple to me. It can be worn a variety of ways and is so darn comfortable. Please let me know if you find one!

      I want to get another bag! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. O_O The bright pink is beautiful, but frozen beets are still my favorite thing to add for a unique flavor and color.

      Jaxxy is such a ham! He’s our little guy, and he knows he has us wrapped around his paw. We so feel like there are things he does that makes us look at each other because of how similar they are to what Mason did. I want to feel like Mason is somehow a part of him. Is that weird? I just know Jackson looked up to his brother.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! I hope you have an incredible day!


  2. I love your Rifle Paper Co. Keds, they’re adorable! I just ran out of a bottle of that Dr Teal’s lotion, I tried it in lavender though. I also tried their body wash once. 🙂 That dragonfruit smoothie looks delicious! You really love the PB, don’t ya? Every time I read your blog, you’re at the bottom of another jar. 😂 One of my cats loves to be held that way Jackson is, too lol. He always meows until we pick him up… he also likes being cradled like a baby lol. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos. ♡ They’re all so precious!


    1. Thank you! So far I love this lotion. It’s very creamy & has a lovely scent. Oh gosh, we go through pb like it’s our job! 😆 They are such babies & love to be carried & held. Thank you so much! We’re very proud of our babies ❤️


        1. Our pb doesn’t stand a chance. Ha. I love that you have sweet fur-babies too and refer to them as such! Thanks for stopping by. ❤


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