Under the Sea

Man oh man was this weekend one to remember! From feeling so amazing in my work and winnings on Friday to Matt and my day date to Chattanooga on Saturday before taking the best cycle class led by my sister-in-law on Sunday, my heart grew so much. ❤


Let’s rewind to Friday, shall we? Helloooo, gorgeous. I decided to enjoy some of our frozen cubed dragon fruit and cherry medley over apple cinnamon oatmeal along with pepitas and tahini. It may sound like a weird combo, but guys, this was stellar! We eat with our eyes first, and my eyes were going all cartoony (ya know, when they bug out) at that pretty pink color.


I didn’t get enough sleep, and Jax was full-on representing how I felt. Ha!


Mah outfit for the day. I decided to rock my Keds with one of my chambray denim dresses, gray tights, Forever 21 blush blazer, and a floral headband to complete the look. I love to have fun with fashion!

When I finished speaking with a home therapy patient and his wife, they both said how thankful they are for my nutrition counseling. The gentleman said he got more out of our conversation than he has from any other medical consultation. Talk about heart-warming! *Then* I received a message that I won a one year online Barre3 subscription!! I mean, how amazing is that?!


After work, I went by the ‘bux and grabbed a Perfect Bar to snack on while I headed across town. I went by Planet Xchange to purchase a shirt and overalls that they had shared on social media. They were SO kind and put them on hold for me, and they fit beautifully!


Chex Cereal also shared my creation for National Peanut Butter Day. It’s the little things that make me happy.


I messaged the owner of Planet Xchange to simply thank her for always having the very best, unique gently used clothing, and she replied with this message. Y’all, this is top notch customer service at its finest. I truly will always and forever be a satisfied Planet Xchange customer! If you are ever in Knoxville, I highly recommend you swing by for something fun.


Did my day of fun stop there? Nope! I then was on time to my hair appointment despite my stops, and Nancy did a phenomenal job, as always! I felt so fresh and nice. Plus I love our chats!

I stopped at Kaci and Drew’s to return her foam roller and pick up this local dark chocolate bar that she so graciously offered to pick up for me. She got one too, and the label is beyond adorable. I realize it’s just label, but it has historical Knoxville landmarks on it, and I plan to frame it. 🙂


Isn’t it fun?


Matt cooked our pumpkin gnocchi while I warmed spinach, the last of our roasted vegetable medley, and artichoke hearts. I enjoyed mine with blue cheese, and I drizzled our bowls with extra virgin olive oil. Yum.


I had vaguely heard of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line Elizabeth and James, but I had never shopped it before. The overalls I bought from PX retail for…$425. O_o These bad boys still had their tag, never-been-worn, and ya girl got them for $50!! I was stoked.


Dessert was simple: my beloved Fage Greek yogurt with lemon curd and Love Grown Chocolate O’s. If you’ve never had chocolate and citrus together, do yourself a favor and try this combo asap.



I was up and at ’em a bit early on Saturday, but it just gave me more time to myself before it felt like the whole world was awake. I kept breakfast quick and simple: chopped gala apple, cinnamon, chia, Cinnamon Chex, pb, and milk.


After sipping my coffee and cleaning up the kitchen, I went upstairs to find Rachel stretched out next to Matt. She’s so darn cute!


I decided to burn this pretty rose-scented candle while I got ready. Note to self, though: the metal top will get very hot. Yipes.


My new outfit!! The top is by Cloth and Stone, and I now own four pieces by them, all from PX. The overalls are so different to me and very fun. Matt was sweet and snapped these photos for me.



Because our new town home owners have royally ruined our view out front, we chose to take our classic selfie facing our home. We were plaid twins!


Alison, owner of Naked Foods, is such an inspiration! She catered both Matt and my wedding as well as Kaci and Drew’s, and her food is incredible. She recently opened a restaurant in Chattanooga, and I couldn’t wait to visit!



She painted this herself!


I think it would make such a fun backdrop for a photo booth. 🙂


The succulent table centerpieces were adorable.


I love how light, bright, and welcoming the space is. The lighting fixtures are amazing and the perfect blend of industrial and farmhouse in my opinion.


We wish we had a cardboard cutout of Mason because having his photo with avocados would’ve been perfect. We miss our baby boy, but I love that avocados remind us of him. ❤


Alison’s husband created the wooden accent around the counter, and it is stunning.


I chose their Namaste Bowl, which included quinoa, black beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, fresh sprouts, avocado, and tahini dressing. I could drink that dressing. YUM.


Matt enjoyed their Cuban Pork Bowl, which included slow cooked pork tenderloin, Jasmine rice, black beans, salsa and a side of guacamole. The pork was so tender and flavorful!


We brought a cooler and stocked up on some of the grab-and-go meals as well as baked goods. The sky was just beautiful.


When we decided to finally go to Chattanooga, I realized I had been following a lovely cafe called Milk and Honey on Instagram for a while, and they are only five minutes from Naked Foods. We knew it was a must to visit.


Look at all of those delicious pastries!



Matt enjoyed their GF blueberry muffin, and he gave me a bite. It contained coconut that tasted amazing.


This was the day of selfies. Hahaha. Gotta get a SnapChat shot!


Matt sipped on an almond milk latte with a pump of vanilla while I chose an affogato with their birthday cake gelato. I can’t say no to sprinkles! The espresso was so deep and rich. This was perfect.


A mere five minutes later, and we were at the Tennessee Aquarium!


I actually had been wondering if they would have a photo booth, and low and behold they did! Matt and I didn’t realize it recorded a video for each shot, and they’re golden. I’ll include the link for your laughter: http://www.aquariumphotobooth.com/Pages/ViewStripLanding.aspx?Mxad3o3T2NvvvyD7I7lJPbpXBAg%2BQJBmoxA4j8059hs%3D&fbclid=IwAR0ipMlct5GDyI5KKLALhjOA6dDhCBycU2NiMFOQqosxif-r8DVqLk7tEKQ

I tried to do the ole peace signs in the second photo, but they didn’t make the cut. Lolz


We started in the Ocean Journey building and first spotted this sting ray with his ray strategically hidden.


Adorable lemurs!! With turtles in the same exhibit.

I absolutely loved how this turned out, and it was even more beautiful in person!


Fascinating plants that have adapted to get exactly what they need to thrive.


The Butterfly Exhibit was one of my very favorites!



I was beyond ecstatic to get to hold this magnificent creature. It was stunning, and I was like a kid on Christmas.  Not even exaggerating.



The blue is mesmerizing.




Happy Feet! Penguins are adorable, and these guys really were hamming it up for the crowd.


It’s like he’s welcoming us to their home.


This turtle was missing his back right foot, which made swimming a bit difficult. It was sad to witness, but he is being well-cared for at the aquarium.


The only photos I got of a shark are the next two with it in the background. “Fish are friends, not food.” – Finding Nemo 😉




The vibrant colors and textures of coral reef really make it so very captivating. It’s like you’re looking at a painting because it’s almost hard to imagine it’s naturally that perfect. But it is!



I found Nemo. Bahaha


Jelly fish are such odd but fun creatures.



Got crabs?


Yes, I am 30 years young and had to wait for toddlers to finish their turns so I could have a go. Never growing up!







They were all over the place. So full of energy, and it’s so fun to watch them dive in and out of the water.





He looked like a torpedo.




I honestly love snakes. I think they’re wonderful creatures.



A tiny poisonous frog just relaxing on a leaf.


Two more frogs both suctioned to the glass.


The big turtle was struggling to get onto the log, and Matt and I thought he was going to capsize it. But he made it!





I forgot to take a photo of the description for this creature, but he was a strange one.


We visited the other building that highlights freshwater species. It wasn’t as fascinating but still a wonderful tour.


We had to get one more photo together with the riverfront in the background.


I loved the photo that they took of us as we entered the building (!), but it was $45. So us cheapskates chose to take this photo in the reflection of the building. Ha.


We made the most perfect timing, and I was astonished. We made it back to our car just in time for our parking pass to expire, and we made it home in great time too. I decided to make this delish carrot siracha hummus thanks to Colleen of Mitten Dietitian. I topped it with cumin and smoked paprika. It’s the best homemade hummus I’ve made! It came together very smooth and bright in color thanks to the carrots.


We enjoyed it with peppers and sugar snap peas.


Dinner was superb. Rotisserie chicken sauteed cabbage and shredded Brussels with spicy brown mustard and apple cider vinegar, and Dr. Praeger’s broccoli potato bites with ketchup.


My snack of choice while watching The Office was a combination of plain Cheerios, Multigrain Cheerios, Love Grown Chocolate O’s, walnuts, pepitas, grapes, frozen banana, and unsweetened vanilla macadmia nut milk. The next time I visit Naked Foods, I’m bringing this mug to enjoy coffee. It has to be done! Avocado everything.



This brunch was epic on epic. I made us each fluffy scrambled eggs with garlic hot sauce and everything bagel seasoning, pan-wilted spinach, grapes for me and an apple for Matt, and we each enjoyed a Naked Foods pumpkin muffin. Holy happy taste buds. This kept me full for hours and really fueled me to clean! I washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, made our bed, scooped the litter box, watered our plants, cleaned our bathroom vanity and mirror, dusted the furniture, vacuumed, and scrubbed the toilets. It felt sooo good to do all of these things!


Lunch was warmed corn tortillas with carrot hummus, artichoke hearts, and cheddar. Mini peppers for bright crunch on the side.


I enjoyed some of the avocado chocolate pudding, and that hit the spot.

Once I showered, I met Kaci and Drew to take Sara’s (my sister-in-law) cycle class. She is now a certified instructor!!! I’m so proud. She needed to video a class to send for her final certification process, and I was honored to be a part. It was t-o-u-g-h. Cycle is really intense, but it was such a rewarding class.


After we parted ways, I went by Four Seasons to browse. I didn’t buy anything, but I took some photos of items that I plan to share in my Friday Favs  post.

I shopped at Kroger and found some amazing foods. I was able to save $33.30 with digital coupons and shopping sale items. Score! Once home, Matt helped me to put my purchases away before I took a nice shower.

Dinner included some common suspects that you’ve seen mentioned previously. Rotisserie chicken, pumpkin gnocchi, sauteed cabbage and Brussels, all drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.


I used a new face mask that I will share in Friday’s post as well. It was my favorite of the ones I’ve tried!

Dessert was yogurt with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and pb powder. It becomes so thick and creamy. I topped it with Wyman’s of Maine berry, cherry, plum, cacao mixture. Another favorite.



I ground up old fashioned oats to create a quick-cooking texture that I then soaked overnight with ground flax, chia seeds, and milk. I heated it this morning and topped with thawed fruit medley and Wild Friends Almond Cashew Super Seed Butter. Another winner.


I found this Anthropologie top at Planet Xchange last year, and I adore it. The print just makes me happy.


Matt and I enjoyed a Naked Foods Ruby Falls salad for lunch today, and I cannot tell you how good it was. Side note: I plan for Matt and I to visit Ruby Falls this spring. I’ve lived here all my life and have never been!


I truly hope you had a weekend that brought peace and happiness to you and that you’re off to a fabulous week! Thank you for stopping by and reading about our adventures!


10 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. January 25th = National Kori day. bahahahaha

    Love that y’all had such a fun nooga trip! The otters remind me of Jaxxxxx!

    I could smother miss craisin raisinhead in so many smooches.


    1. Hahahaha!! I’m just grateful for these positive experiences. Good things seem to come in waves, huh?

      Gosh thank you! I am so glad everything was perfect. The otters do make me think of Jax! Especially when he swims. 😉

      Yes! Craisin would love your smooches!


  2. another enjoyable blog post kori. If you enjoyed the aquarium check out a glass artist from chico, ca. A little art store in orange ca. used to carry his pieces. He makes jellyfish in glass that are just beautiful. Up close they looked so real. His website is, satava.com//shop-jellyfish. I never bought any cause they were not in my budget but they were just so beautiful and calming to look at. Have a great week. kim


  3. Aww the conversation with your patients is so sweet. Nutritionists are just invaluable- especially in a day of chronic conditions- diet and understanding diet/exercise is HUGE. Thankful for you & nutritionists in general– I’m sure all your patients just adore you!! Thanks for sharing that encounter ❤ And congrats on the Barre class! Girl, you are the QUEEN of winning these things- teach me your ways!

    Okay I love that shopping experience you had too- how awesome. That shows the power of just encouraging others & businesses in general that you support… it’s something I never think of doing, but especially local businesses so appreciate that. Pumpkin gnocchi with artichoke hearts sounds like such a lovely combo! Ohhh yum- that lemon curd. Mmm.

    Those bowls look seriously professionally photographed.

    Can we talk about how stinking delicious that birthday cake gelato affogato sounds?!?!? Seriously … what a dream!

    Aww you two always seem to have the best time together! What a fun time at the aquarium too ❤

    Avocado chocolate pudding?!?! Okay this post is maybe the most deliciously fueled post I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a LOT considering every single one of your posts have insanely yummy foods) . Thank you for sharing, Kori. Have a great Wednesday 🙂


    1. Wow, thank you so much for that sweet recognition!! Some days my job feels a little thankless, but then I receive this feedback, and I am once again fueled to work harder. I just enter giveaways like it’s my job, ha!

      I certainly did NOT expect anything but a reply of something along the lines of, “I’m so glad you were able to purchase the outfit!” So when I saw her response, I was just astonished and so grateful. I will always support local and hardworking people + businesses. ❤ I thought it may be a weird combo, but since the pumpkin isn't strong, it worked wonderfully! And I can't stop with the lemon curd. Mmm

      My gosh, thank you!! Kaci takes such awesome portrait shots, so I keep trying to work on my ole technique.

      It was a dream with every bite! They have avocado gelato too. I was so tempted to get it, but sprinkles. C'mon, I can't resist! In hindsight, I wish I had asked if I could've combined the two!

      We sure do! He's such a fun guy to be with. I was like a child. I didn't expect to get so excited, but I did even at my age! The natural world is so darn fascinating.

      It is like pudding + mousse in texture and is innn-credible! Thank you so much! We sure ate some amazing food this weekend! Have a great Wednesday too! xo


  4. Ooo that dragonfruit really is such a pretty color. Congratulations on winning a year long of Barre 3, that’s amazing!! So cool that Chex used your photo in their IG story & that Planet Xchange gave you some credit to shop. 🙂 I totally see why you wanna frame that chocolate bar label, it’s def super cute! Naked Foods & Milk & Honey both look like such lovely spots! Affogato has got to be one of my fave desserts, that looks so yum!! The photobooth photos are adorable!! My boyfriend & I love getting in those, too. 😀 I giggled at your Finding Nemo quote & hey, you’re never too old to have fun. Glad you waited your turn at the aquarium!! The hummus you made looks absolutely fantastic. I need to try making some on my own! It seems so simple but I know I’d mess it up somehow… lol. That avocado pudding seems super interesting, too. Whoa!


    1. I love the color of dragonfruit and beets in smoothies! Thank you so much! I was so grateful for my winnings and recognition. 🙂 I love all things that celebrate our pretty city. Naked Foods and Milk & Honey are truly such perfect restaurants! Affogato is the best of both worlds when you want coffee and dessert – why not combine the two? Thank you!!! Photo booths are even more fun as an adult. I love your mentality – we always say we plan to stay young-at-heart! I need to make hummus more often! I’d love to make some with our own variations of add-ins and toppings. The avocado pudding a little savory because it isn’t overly sweetened, but I love it! It’s great topped with chopped nuts, fruit, pb, etc. 🙂


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