We’re Off to See the Wizard

Hello gawgeous people! While I truly celebrate every day that I am fortunate to experience, I am excited that it’s Friday Eve. Although I am not excited that we’re almost into February. Time, pump the brakes a little, k?

I wanted to share some recent meals I have thoroughly enjoyed as well as Kaci and my first Cinebarre experience!

All thanks to Matt for soft-boiling several eggs for us, I was able to have this egg-cellent and quick breakfast. Wilted spinach and warmed Glutino corn English muffin with melted marinated braided mozzarella (say that five times fast).


I also enjoyed a Greek yogurt, grapes, and peanut butter parfait in one of our fansay trifle glasses.


Matt ended up with a twin yolk!


This morning I had a different but oh so lovely oatmeal creation. I soaked a packet of instant apple cinnamon oatmeal with milk, water, pepitas, and chia overnight. It then heated it this morning and melted in freshly grated organic sharp white cheddar. *As an aside: I don’t buy organic because I believe it to be superior. I actually had a coupon from Kroger’s Simple Truth organic cheese, so that’s why I bought it. 🙂


Matt and I split our Naked Foods chicken burrito bowl and added fresh peppers and sugar snap peas plus cheese and corn tortillas. This was fab-u-lous!


Matt and I split this Naked Foods Thai turkey meatball meal and added organic mixed greens. It was perfect! The peanut sauce was flavorful, and the meatballs were juicy.


It’s not as photogenic as I had hoped it would be, but this wild caught salmon was delish. I baked it with half an onion sliced underneath and on top of the filet. I drizzled it with olive oil, seasoned with salt/pepper/smoked paprika/local red pepper flakes blend, and I added freshly minced garlic towards the end.


We enjoyed it with spiraled cucumber (I can’t get enough – I think it’s so fun!) and a bagged salad kit that included a variety of greens, almonds, toasted quinoa, feta, and strawberry dressing.


Now onto our twinkie date! In celebration of The Wizard of Oz’s 80th anniversary, they played it for several nights. As soon as I saw this advertised, I shared with Kaci, and we bought our tickets right then!

We both loved how Cinebarre used movie titles to create punny menu names. We didn’t try one of their desserts, but they all sounded super enjoyable.


Kaci ordered their turkey club without the bacon, and it was ginormous. She said it was very flavorful, and she saved half for another lunch. We love leftovers. I, however, didn’t have leftovers. Lolz. I was cliche and ordered the black bean burger, but when I see it on a menu, I so often crave it! I love to taste different variations. I opted to omit the onions and added avocado. Because avocaduh. 😉


Unfortunately, someone had called in, so the waitstaff was extra busy. Things happen, and we understood that! We ended up taking our meals into the theater to eat. We had hoped to eat beforehand, but sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow. So naturally I took one more photo.

It was so so good! The bread was a bit delicate and started to fall apart some, but never fear. I picked up as many crumbs as possible. Waste not, want not. The only “complaint” I had was on the slaw. It was positively drowning in the dressing. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good tangy coleslaw that isn’t dry or under-dressed. But this was overwhelming. I ate what I could and just left the rest. No biggie.


I just love Kase so much!! This world knew we needed each other. Also, now that I look at this photo, I feel like my sweater and her scarf coordinated. #coordinatingunintentionally


Being the millennial that I am, I had to take a quick photo of the movie on the big screen. I have always adored this movie, and getting to see it in this magnitude was spectacular! Our mom would’ve absolutely loved it too. I can remember begging her to watch it with me. I loved the movie but was scared of the wicked witch of the west. Funny enough, now she’s one of my favorite characters. Hahaha


Please share with me: what fun meals have you enjoyed lately? Tune in tomorrow for a Friday favorites post!


6 thoughts on “We’re Off to See the Wizard

  1. Dang, those soft boiled eggs are just perfection- teach me your/Matt’s ways!!! I literally just ate and all of a sudden am feeling hungry again seeing these pics! Okayyy this twin date is too stinking cute ❤ How special.

    – Lately we have been having fun with trader joe’s meals- so we bought gnocchi with some of their sauce and grated gruyere cheese on top… that was a hit! I also have been whipping up tempeh in mrs. Dash seasoning & pink Himalayan sea salt and eating it with hummus, tons of roasted veggies, or in salads! Nothin’ too fancy, but it’s all yumm!


    1. We keep making our eggs by mistake, ha! When we want hard-boiled, we get soft and vice versa. I’ve followed Julia Child’s method: put eggs into cold water and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and allow them to sit for 12 minutes. Transfer them to an ice bath, and this should yield the best hard boiled eggs. I believe for soft, you would remove after about eight minutes, but I’ll need to check! I live for twin dates!

      All of that sounds incredible! I love uncomplicated food. As you said, it may not sound fancy, but it would make my taste buds very happy. 🙂


        1. I read some recipes, and they have specific instructions for when to add the eggs to the water, timing, etc. I’m just going to follow the line of thinking that they less fuss or complicated instructions, the better! I’ll be soft boiling some soon and will report with my outcome!


    1. Take me back tooooo! It was the best, and The Wizard of Oz will never ever get old! It is just that – magical. I got chills that night when she opened the door into Munchkin Land!


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