Friday Favorites

We made it! Happy Friday to you all. I have saved some neat finds and products to share, and as always, I would love to hear about any of your current favorites in the comments!

Per usual, the ole meteorologists got it all wrong when they called for snow earlier this week. We got a few flakes. -_- However, Matt, just 20 minutes away at work, snapped these photos. I felt so gypped!




I really have been interested in trying different face masks lately. Not that I think I’m old at all, but our skin can be very delicate and vulnerable. Given I am 30, I want to try maintaining the health of it more. I had a coupon for a Simple Truth skin product, and I chose this lovely sounding clay mask. It tingled when I first applied it, dried nicely, and Matt and I both thought my skin was noticeably softer as soon as I washed it away! I plan to use it once a week. Also, is Rachel not adorable?! She loves to drink water from the sink. She’s a princess through and through.


I tend to have both brand loyalty as well as curiosity when it comes to other products. Does that make sense? If I find something that works, then I of course try to stick with it. But I like trying new things too. This body wash is very soft and lathers up nicely. The scent is pleasant without being overpowering.


While I didn’t buy anything when I browsed at Four Seasons Vintage, I took photos of some things that caught my eye, starting with this adorable owl statue. I love the gold and his big eyes!


I love love the color of these salt and pepper shakers.


I’m a sucker for cutesy signs!


Give me all the vintage furniture.


Praise hands for this beauty!


Check out the liner and those handles. Swoon.


I *believe*, if I read the sign correctly, that the table, two benches, and two chairs were all $499. I mean, if so, that deal is incredible! It was already on hold.


I had to resist this so hard, but ultimately, we don’t have anywhere to display it right now.


I love this style of art! The 3D aspect is so fun. The background is like the icing on top as is the cute baby owl.


I adored this quirky, bright corner table!


Lastly, I think metal and wicker baskets are so versatile and useful. This one was screaming my name, but I didn’t know what we could use it for at the moment. Darn. I also loved the bird cage next to it.


When I went to Kroger, I saw these ah-dorable potted succulents that had magnets on the back. I *almost* bought one, but I’m just trying to keep our plant babies alive as it is. But c’mon, look at the cute pots alone not including the fabulous succulents!


Has anyone tried these bars? I’ve carried this one in my lunch bag for a day when I needed a higher protein bar. I had it with a salad for lunch one day, and I really enjoyed the flavor on this one. It was spicy, savory, and the meat is tender. Not like some jerky that legit feels like it’s break a tooth when you try to take a bite. Lolz


I finally got down to Kroger one afternoon to pick up my free Simple Truth canned cold brew. If you aren’t signed up for their digital coupons and free Friday coupon download, I highly recommend it! This was such a wonderful treat!


Lastly, since we’re on the topic of coffee, I went to Starbucks yesterday and got a cafe au lait with their Anniversary Blend. The barista steamed and foamed the milk quite well in my opinion, and this truly hit the spot. My throat had been sore/scratchy since I woke up, and it did help soothe it.


Tell me:
Any favorites?

Any fun plans for the weekend?


8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. I do really like them! I love granola bars, Larabars, etc., but sometimes I’m craving savory instead.

      I want one! Allthevintagethings ❤


  1. Imagine someone that just ran a bunch and is breathing really hard when they stop, bent over hands on knees trying to catch their breath—that’s me … but from my marathon of school work… stopping to read your blog. Haha. Did that make sense at all? Oh gosh, I’m going too stir crazy. ANYWAYS… I’m trying to say I am excited to take a breather to catch up on your blog a bit!! Dang those photos are BEAUTIFUL!! Makes me miss the snow. Clay face masks are wonderful, and I have heard rose does wonders for the skin! Thanks for sharing that. So many cutesy finds!! Ahh love it all. Oh my gosh, that dream in flowers is seriously toooo adorable. Good for you having that will power, but dang.. it cahuuuute. And the owl!! I love it when the barista gets that foam just right. Thanks for sharing and giving me a little respite from my head spinning around, lol!


    1. It absolutely made sense!! I get what you’re saying 100%. I hope you have been able to relax & really breathe deep this weekend!

      Matt took them!! I was gipped at work. Barely saw a flake. 😂

      I genuinely think it has helped! Gotta keep my skin healthy, so I’ve really been trying new products & masks.

      I wanted it all. 😭😩🥺 I think I need a small warehouse to store these vintage finds & rotate them in our home. Yes? 😉

      It’s the best when they do! You’re welcome, & thank you for enjoying my post!


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