Calm Mind, Strong Body, Full Belly, Happy Heart

Good Monday morning to you all! I don’t know about the weather where you live, but ours has been super unseasonably warm, and I’m not mad about it. I mean, I know we need an actual winter for Mother Nature to stay on track, but I’m soaking up this sun while it lasts, literally and figuratively. 😉


So Matt and I had wanted soft-boiled eggs recently, but we mistakenly made hard-boiled. He then wanted hard-boiled and mistakenly made soft-boiled. The morale of the story is to do the opposite of what we intend. Lolz. C’mon, look at that yolk. HOLY YUM. I toasted a Van’s Ancient Grains waffle and topped it with mashed avocado, EBTB seasoning, and a soft-boiled egg. I toasted a Van’s Apple Cinnamon waffle and topped it with pb, banana, more cinnamon, Greek yogurt, and a drizzle of maple. Sweet-savory is my favorite combo!


Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed a cup of Good Culture cottage cheese with lemon curd. Can I get some praise hands from all of my fellow lemon-lovers? This lemon curd looks a bit like egg yolk but is hella tasty.

I ate this before I shopped at Planet Xchange with my store credit, and I found some gorgeous, fun items!


Kaci and I took a free meditation workshop at our Barre3 studio, and the three meditation exercises we completed were very relaxing.

I have to say dinner was quite fabulous. I made us each a salad and topped them with grapes and some leftover strawberry vinaigrette for me. I warmed our baked salmon with onions and garlic, so this came together in about 15 minutes flat.


My evening snack bowl included a chopped Gala apple, Love Grown Chocolate O’s, Cinnamon Chex, Wild Friends Almond Cashew butter, and milk. We watched The Office then called it a night. We’re a couple of party animals. 😉



Poor Matt didn’t sleep that well, but he was an absolute sweetie and fed our babies plus unloaded the dishwasher before I had even got my butt out of bed. I decided on another sweet-savory breakfast but on toast this time. Homemade carrot hummus, sliced avocado, and hot sauce on one / Wild Friends Almond Cashew butter, prunes, Greek yogurt, and cinnamon on the other. Mmmm mmmm mmm.


After straightening up the house and washing one of three loads of laundry that day, I noshed on local chocolate (from the pretty bar I shared recently), Red Hot Blues corn chips, and roasted nuts. As I said, I’m a  sweet-savory gal through and through.


I took a free community Barre3 class by a young woman working to become an instructor, and she did an absolutely ah-mazing job!!! It is no easy feat to simultaneously workout, lead a class, and keep everyone engaged, but she sure nailed it in my book. I felt like super woman. All of my muscles were firing, and the shakes were real. I have two more scheduled for later this week, and I’m so excited!

I actually brought my things to shower at the studio for the first time, and it was so lovely. Post B3 glow. 🙂


This is one of the tops I found at PX, and it was half off from an already very low price. I’m obsessed with the embroidered flowers! I’m loving embroidered clothing.



Thanks to a recommendation by one of my friends, I decided to try Farmacy for lunch. As soon as I walked inside, I knew I had made the right decision.


I mean, could this coffee and tea bar be any cuter? I don’t think so! Give me all the pretty vines decoration, wreaths, black accent walls. Just give it all to me.


Naturally I had to partake. I ordered their decaf so as not to become too jittery. This was Honeybee Coffee roast, and it was fabulous. While I’m a fully caffeinated coffee lover, I do enjoy an afternoon decaf cup too.


It’s a small cafe, but it sure has so much character!


I decided to order the pick three sides and opted for their house salad, fried green tomatoes, and acorn squash wedges with honey and cinnamon. So much flavor, textures, and colors!



I saw this new shop, Pop’s Donuts on my way to Farmacy, so of course I had to have one for dessert.


I went with their New Orleans Buttermilk, and it was exactly what I had hoped for. Rich but not sickeningly sweet, dense but tender, and classic. I ate what I wanted and saved the rest.


Once I was fueled, I made a few stops. One of those of course being at Target. I saw this faux succulent and almost put it in my basket but decided not to spend the $3. Instead, here’s a photo. Bahaha


How appropriate and cute!


I snapped this later at home but wanted to show my new Altar’d State scarf that I got from PX for $8. Although it was very warm, I decided to wear it because it is still February after all. The colors matched the flowers perfectly, and it looks almost identical to Kaci’s! You better believe we’ll be twinning it up soon.


I wanted Sabra’s lemon hummus, but since they didn’t have it, I found this limited edition tomato and pepper flavor. Matt and I love it! Also, Jackson makes this 100x cuter.

I went by Wal-Mart for a few things that sadly, Target didn’t have, then I came home and put together our dinner. When the weather warms up some, I crave big entree salads. This included the new hummus, a 90-second pouch of organic garlic brown rice and quinoa, blue cheese, and extra virgin olive oil.


I was also craving a smoothie, so I blended an apple with some frozen fruit medley and topped it with hidden pb, pistachios, and Cinnamon Chex. Matt and I watched A Simple Favor, and I highly recommend it!! It had fun plot twists, humor woven throughout, suspense, and I loved both actresses.



I slept so well and took my time getting ready for the day. I ate a date with pb and sipped on a small mug of coffee before showering. I then met Kaci at K Brew to enjoy their new house made bagel and coffee! Check out that selection.


I chose their coffee/cappuccino + bagel and spread combo. Look at that presentation!


I went with their toasted sesame with Benton’s bacon and chive cream cheese. They also have a honey siracha that I can’t wait to put the lip-lock on spread on their everything bagel.


Not only did we meet to enjoy K Brew’s incredible food and drinks, but Kaci and I have such exciting news. Thanks to Amanda Lambrechts, who is an RD with Hy-Vee and Spilling the Beans Nutrition,  Kaci and I will be co-leading a Mindful/Intuitive Eating Workshop tentatively scheduled for March 24th! Amanda and another RD held a workshop at their Barre3 studio recently, and after I sent her a message to say it sounded like a wonderful class, she advised I try to hold one myself. The ole imposter syndrome set-in, and I feared I wouldn’t do it justice. But I remembered my intention for 2019 – get out of my comfort zone – so I emailed them. To say the sweet studio staff received it well is an understatement. They all rock, and they asked about Kaci and if she had anything she would like to contribute. That’s when we were able to come up with a co-teaching workshop, and it’s perfect! Kaci has always been there for me + done her fair share of volunteering for nutrition-related workshops during my schooling. We brainstormed and jotted down plenty of ideas. If any of you all are in the area and are interested, please stay tuned and attend if you can!

We went to her and Drew’s house, and Matt met us there. We bought DIY tray kits recently, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

I sure love this handsome guy!


Supplies all laid out and ready to be stained.


Walnut stain applied.


Is Kaci not gorgeous? Her new prescription sunnies are adorable!


Chobani asked for us fans to submit a bowl for the chance to be featured today, and here was my creation. I started with their key lime flavor and topped it with thawed peach, mango, pineapple, and grapes. Next I added roasted and lightly salted pistachios, macadamia nuts, almonds, and cashews. Graham crackers and locally made Olde Virdens Red Hot Sprinkle for a little kick completed it.


So satisfying!


Matt caught me in action of sharing the above photos. Ha! It gave me an idea…


Sweet Kaci took these for me. I found this Aztec denim chambray dress and new American Eagle macrame belt at PX. I love dresses like this and can never have too many! My cardigan is by Cloth and Stone, and I bought it from PX a few years ago.


Slowly but surely most of my wardrobe will be PX. #goals


Now back to the project at hand. Here is the stencil we chose. It was tricky to get it to stick, but Matt worked with a lot of patience and did a nice job. If you can’t tell, I was more of the supervisor. Hehe


My sweet man created the prettiest colors from the black, white, red, and green that we were given in our kit!


We propped them up to dry in the sun.


How it looked when we removed the stencil. We cleaned up the few mistakes, and I’ve included the final product at the end of this post.


Matt and I shopped for produce and a few things at Kroger together before going home. I love shopping with him!

While it’s not typical Super Bowl fare, this was de-to-the-licious. Yes, it was another salad, but I tried to do a nice job with the presentation. Organic greens, avocado, cucumber, sliced baby yello pepper, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, salmon, Red Hot Blues, cojita cheese (ohmygah so good!), and chipotle ranch.


I prepped our lunches for today and washed dishes before enjoying Celestial Seasoning’s honey vanilla camomile tea. I was in the mood for apple nachos, and these babies were topped with Greek yogurt, pb drizzle, and chopped local dark chocolate.


We watched two hilarious episodes of The Office, browsed home listings then went to bed.


Monday vibez. Jackson fell asleep on my gym bag while I showered, and Matt sent me this photo!





Matt kindly rearranged our Xbox console, and I moved the basket to off-set it from our PW one on the top shelf. I adore our tray, and I’ll always feel so happy when I see it because we made it together.


Here is Kaci and Drew’s super pretty tray! I love the bright pink paired with the classic green.


Tell me: Do you have any DIY projects you have enjoyed making? Also, did you watch the Super Bowl? We did not, but we’ve heard it was quite the snooze fest.

Have the very best day!

6 thoughts on “Calm Mind, Strong Body, Full Belly, Happy Heart

    1. Our coffee date + double DIY date were amazing, thank you!!

      He’s such a ham!!

      I’m so glad we didn’t watch. It sounded so painfully awkward!


  1. Fellow lemon lover singing that lemony praise!!! Gosh, I have got to get that. Every time you post about the lemon curd my mouth really does physically water. Also I’m obsessed that you used “hella” … that’s such a NorCal thing! Hahah. Yaaas. You belong here. ❤ Wow oh wow all these combos are insanely good lookin’. Hummus & avocado on toast is too dang good. I’m ripening mine up now to eat um’ up. I’m totally sweet & savory too! I can never decide what I’m craving, but having the sweet & savory together always satisfies the craving!! Girl, you ARE literally glowing! Beautiful. Acorn squash wedges with honey and cinnamon?! YES , please! These pics are awesome. And a donut shop?!? Okay brb need a snack at this point…

    Ok, back. Ice cream in hand 😉

    Wow oh wow that Cappuccino + bagel is maybe the best pic I’ve ever seen of a cappuccino- they should pay you to advertise haha.

    I know I already said it- but I am So so so excited about the intuitive eating workshop !! Y’all will do amazing. Cannot wait to hear all about it!

    Oh my gosh— these pics of you guys are sooo stunnin’! I love all your outfits & poses- werk, girl, werk.

    Your love lives here board is even better than the one you saw in the store! And so special because y’all made it. This is just too cool.

    Sooo fun to read this- have a great Sunday, Kori!!


    1. I need to have some of the lemon curd today! Ahh really?! I could fit in out there. 😆 I seriously am crossing my fingers that I win the trip to CA from Tomato Wellness. I’m not sure where in the state it would be, but I would so want to meet. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

      Hummus & avocado toast is a millennial match made in food heaven! 😂 Indecisive gal here too! 🙋🏼‍♀️

      Thank you so much!! I feel like I had the same as a runner’s high after this class. I felt so accomplished!

      All of that food was so good! It was exactly what I was craving.

      Hahaha love that you got a snack! 🍦

      Lol thank you!! I loved how the photos turned out, & the bagel + capp was perfection.

      Thank you! I’m so excited! Kase has so many awesome ideas & points too.

      Thank you! I never know how to pose. Like what do I do with my hands? Should I smile? If I just try to look sultry, I generally just look mad or constipated. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Thank you! I truly love homemade because it is more meaningful. ❤️

      I hope you have the best Sunday!


      1. yesss I am crossing my fingers for you tooo!!! That’d be amazing!

        hahahhaha no not mad and definitely not constipated, but that made me laugh out loud! I think you look effortlessly stunning! You too, Kori!


        1. Thank you!!!

          Hahahahahaha I haven’t mastered the art of looking pensive, but I loved having and appreciated Kase taking these for me! Thanks so much! XO


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