Meal Inspiration Comin’ At Ya

I’ve been saving a few snapshots of meals I have thoroughly enjoyed recently. I hope these spark some creativity for you!

Matt and I picked up two Nourish Bowls when we stopped by Kroger together recently. First up is their Denver Scramble that includes onion, ham, and cheddar cheese. We chose to saute the vegetables rather than microwave them, added the egg plus sauce combo, divided it and topped with cheese. Matt added more cheese and another egg to his. I enjoyed avocado toast with pear pineapple butter and an “Adorb” from Kroger. I love all of these names – Adorbs, Halos, Cuties.


Robyn recently shared her chia stove-top oatmeal that had me craving a warm bowl. I made it KERF style by whipping in banana. I topped it with local dark chocolate, pepitas, and walnuts.


On Wednesdays, we celebrate with waffles. One each Van’s Ancient Grains with banana, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, walnuts, and maple syrup plus an Apple Cinnamon waffle with thawed cherry medley, dragonfruit, and tahini. This was fabulous! A lot of flava to sava.


I have to say this was probably my best sauteed tofu yet! I sliced and soaked it with a towel rather than paper towels to be less wasteful plus I think the towel did a much better job. I sauteed it with some spices and dijon mustard, which I believe gave it a better crust. We dipped it in a combo of green siracha and garlic hot sauce. I roasted green beans with olive oil, Italian herbs, rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, and then added fresh tomatoes towards the end. I simply heated a 90-second pouch of organic garlic brown rice and quinoa that I bought at Target with a cartwheel coupon. Dinner in no time for a meatless Monday.


This then doubled as our lunch on Tuesday. I love when our meals can do this! Makes for easy food prep. I added cojita cheese to the green beans along with a bed of spinach topped with Simple Truth frozen quinoa with sweet potato, zucchini, and yellow squash.


I attended a work dinner held at Ruth’s Chris, and I really enjoyed the meal. For appetizers, they provided crab-stuffed ‘shrooms and ahi tuna. Both were full of flavor.


Then came a nice generous salad with warm bread.


I chose their salmon entree, and they served creamed spinach, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes family style. I ate until I was satisfied, and I save the remainder of my salmon for lunch the next day.


I had chosen their cheesecake at a past work event, so I went with their “sinful” chocolate cake. I don’t love the name. Nothing sinful about eating dessert. This was reallllly rich. I would’ve actually loved a mousse-style cake, but beggars can’t be choosers as my Mama would say! It took them a while to get my decaf coffee to me, but two of the other dietitians stayed while I ate a few bites and sipped my brew. It was fun to chat with them, and we had some good laughs! We closed it down. 😉


Lastly, I made Alexis’ vegan black bean burgers but made a few tweaks based on what we had on hand. I used one can of each organic Great Northern beans and tri-bean blend, blended oats in place of the breadcrumbs, and I forgot the Worcestershire. Whoospies. BUT these were the best bean burgers I’ve made, and they held together beautifully! We enjoyed ours with green siracha, avocado, pickles, tomatoes, and roasted green beans. This meal was fantastic.


Tell me: What have you eaten and really loved lately?


2 thoughts on “Meal Inspiration Comin’ At Ya

  1. Aw- I didn’t know “halos” had other names- that’s so fun!! Adorbs & cuties- too fun! Oooo whipping oatmeal in banana sounds wonderful. That tofu is making me seriously crave it- yummm. Ooo Ruth’s Chris is so delicious! It was our favorite special occasion spot when we lived in Indiana. That whole meal looked delightful- and I agree- nothing sinful about dessert!! Sounds like such a lovely time.

    – You got me hooked back on the dragon Pitaya bowls. Mmmmm!!!!


    1. I guess the names are copyrighted? So they keep coming up with new names, & I’m all for it!

      Banana-whipped infuses the flavor & adds a subtle sweetness throughout. 😋

      I’ve been on such a tofu kick!

      This was one of the best Ruth’s Chris meals I’ve had honestly. I can’t pass up on salmon!

      Hahaha yesss!! 🐉 <— had to use this guy


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