February Friday Favorites

Hello you absolutely beautiful people! If you have not been told this yet today, you are truly doing an amazing job, and you deserve self-love and compassion. Just as much a reminder for myself, do not be so hard on yourself! I’m sitting here sipping coffee and trying to get rid of a cold that came on suddenly yesterday. I planned to go to work, but Matt reminded me that doing so could cause others to become sick. So I had to cancel Barre3 for this evening too. Stinks.

Anyway, let’s get “rolling” with some favorite things…like my own foam roller! Har har. After attending the workshop at my Barre3 studio, I wanted to purchase one to incorporate into my joyful movement routine. I need to carve out a simple 10 minutes once or twice a week to loosen up the ole muscles. Have you ever foam rolled? After that class, I was legitimately sore but in a good way!


I also purchased core sliders from Amazon. Hello even deeper ab exercises!


I saw this top at Planet Xchange a little while back and wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but when I was there last week, I grabbed it try on again. I realized I had already done so and ttok that as a sign. I needed it in my wardrobe. It was even half off and super duper inexpensive! I love it, and I received several compliments. It has a beautiful flowy, prairie feel.



I apologize for the incredibly awful lighting, but here is another favorite outfit from the week. I bought this Old Navy suede skirt last fall but wondered if I would wear it much given it’s a unique green. It’s actually become a wardrobe staple has proven to be easy to wear with several tops that I own! I paired it with my patterned brown tights, cream sweater that I’ve had for 6+ years from Planet Xchange, booties, and my new plaid scarf.


Tired of mah side profile?


One more shot in much better lighting at my office.


I actually bought this dress on Amazon, and I love the pattern! It fits nicely and is comfortable. I wore it with my faux fur lined vest/cardigan and black tights. It was my winter-meets-spring look on a day when it was in the upper 70’s for us.




I bought reusable plates, bowls, and tumblers plus metal silverware for our race trailer. I want to be much better about being environmentally conscious. Even though we recycle, I know I need to use less paper and plastic.



I also bought these metal straws on Amazon. All of these items are set to arrive today.

Tell me: what are some of your current favorites?

2 thoughts on “February Friday Favorites

  1. Aww thank you for the sweet reminder, Kori! ❤ I needed that! I hope you are on the uphill from feeling sick. No fun! Lol.. rolling.. love it!

    Amazon for the win!! And your outfits are soo cute- I just love the versatility and creativity in your wardrobe. I love the colors of all the reusable essentials! Great idea! Thanks for sharing, girl!


    1. I am feeling so much better, thank you!! It was the absolute pits, though. Not a big fan of colds or being taken down a notch. 😉

      Thank you so very much! I love playing around with my clothes to see if I can come up with new outfits. 🙂 I appreciate your kind comment!


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