Valentine’s Day 2019

I’ll begin by saying I don’t really understand this holiday. It’s very commercialized, *but* I love a good theme! So I wanted to share the fun I had yesterday, both with my outfit and noms.

I started the morning with an epic oatmeal muffin topped with pb and Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s. Gotta get the chocolate in multiple times during the day! I had Greek yogurt and cherry/berry/plum/cacao thawed on the side.


A breakfast this tasty deserves a portrait shot. πŸ˜‰


My Boho V-day look. I looooove this dress! Mustard tights ftw, and I decided to wear my TOMS gun metal tie-up wedges.


Some arm candy.


I chose to wear one of my bobby pins from our wedding. ❀


I noshed on this delish bar for a mid-morning snack. More chocolate!


Yes, I’m 30 and love me some filters!


Yes, that is a beebee teacup necklace! It’s hard to see, but I adore it.




I chose to visit Wild Love Bake House for a wonderful half caf latte and a treat.


I love the hand-stamped cups!

I chose their blood orange cornmeal cake. How adorable is it?! It was sweet without being overly so, the slightest bit savory from the cornmeal, and all around made perfectly. I was picking up every crumb. Leave no crumb uneaten! ‘Tis a new motto.


Sweet Matt and I tag-teamed dinner. I had recently bought and then frozen organic ground pork, so we made our burgers from it. He did the best job seasoning them! We had to pan-cook them, and they were fabulous. Topped with Sargento four-cheese slice and avocado. I had mine over a bed of organic arugula that I bought on clearance because of the date. I sauteed lemony green beans and baked curly fries. Matt chose to broil them, which created the perfect crunch. But he *almost* forgot about them. Yikes! This meal was everything I had hoped for and wanted.


I wanted to share these adorable Etsy prints from Kaci that I FINALLY framed and hung on Wednesday!


How adorable is this?


I embrace my southern “y’all”.


I also transferred my gorgeous arrangement from Whimsy Stems to this super fun whiskey bottle that Matt finished. Opinion: is this crowded or does it look lovely? I’m really loving it. πŸ™‚


Without / with flash. I can’t get a great shot in this hallway, but I adore how the flowers have dried so far!

We had every intention of making our own chocolate-dipped strawberries, but it got late. So we’ll be enjoying making and eating them this evening! Please share any fun you had from yesterday!

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2019

  1. Yea but it seems all holidays are commercialized. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them though! You just don’t have to go bananas. πŸ™‚

    I hope you gave Rachie and Jaxxy butt lots of V-Day lubbins!


    1. Oh I know. I just mean it gets a bit crazy, but I do appreciate a holiday devoted to sharing love! And chocolate. πŸ™‚

      I did! I wish Mason were here too, but our three babies will always and furr-ever be our Valentines!


  2. That breakfast really does look spectacular!! YUM. And your vday look is stunning! I just love the combo of colors and patterns. Ooo lala that blood orange cornmeal cake and a latte sound truly like the perfect combo!

    Wow wow wow- I loveee the etsy paintings and frames!!

    I loveee the way the whiskey bottle and stems are. Not crowded- just soo cute!

    Thanks for sharing, Kori! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so very much! I loved this breakfast. And I so appreciate your kind words!! I love this dress. It’s been such a fun one to style and wear. πŸ™‚

      My latte + cornmeal cake was absolutely perfect! Their baking skills are out of the world. Plus they have glass dividers in the cafe, so you can actually watch them hard at work preparing all of their baked goods!

      Thank you! I’m so into dried flowers. They make me so happy. I just have to keep them high up so Rachel can’t eat them. Hahaha

      ❀ ❀


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