Relax, Rejuvenate, Reset

I’m a sucker for alliteration, so I had to go with it when naming this post. But the past weekend was truly good for my heart and soul! After feeling heavy with frustration last week, I am in a much better place today. My heart feels lighter and brighter. Going to try to keep this feeling going!


Let’s rewind to Fri-yay, shall we? You know you’re living your best life when you finish one jar of nut butter on Thursday evening then have this gorgeous almost empty pb jar practically yelling your name in the morning. 😉 I added my beloved shredded wheat, cinnamon, and milk with a crisp apple on the side.


I continued with Valentine’s Day vibes by wearing one of my fav vintage dresses! I paired it with gray leggings, fun sparrow-print socks, tie-up booties, and my bomber jacket.




One of my very best friends joined me for Barre3’s Bring Your Own Friend class! It was t o u g h but so rewarding! My muscles were sore all weekend but in a very good way. It was Trissa’s first class, and she killed it!


After chatting for a while after class plus eating a few of the nice snacks the staff had provided, I made my way home to whip up a quick dinner. Hummus toast, reheated puttanesca flounder, warmed lemony green beans, and Aldi’s honey ginger carrots. Yum!


After a nice hot shower, I decided to be lazy and just add chocolate and strawberries together over yogurt rather than melting, dipping, and freezing them.


Rachel was all of us. Matt and I enjoyed an episode or two of The Office and slowly made our way to bed.



Up and at ’em with this fabulous bowl of savory oatmeal! I got the last Ancient Grains instant oatmeal packet that I made with milk, water, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, garlic, and rosemary. I wilted in spinach, added freshly grated sharp cheddah, and an over easy egg sprinkled with EBTB seasoning. If you have not eaten savory oatmeal, then you are in for a treat!


I took care of laundry and dishes and finally decided to soak in a bath. I often don’t allow myself to slow down to do so. Anyone else this way? I had this bath confetti from Christmas that was lovely. I did make myself a small extra cup of coffee to sip on plus lit my Burt’s Bees candle. So soothing.


Splish splash

Once I was showered and dressed, I made this fabulous lunch. A warmed Glutino English muffin with avocado and garlic hot sauce on one side plus the last of our homemade chicken salad on the other. I enjoyed it with arugula, carrots, strawberries, and dark chocolate chips. So many flavors, textures, and colors! It hit the spot.


All ready for the day! Crappy lighting because the sun is on a temporary vacation, but I work with what I got. 😉 Cloth & Stone top and over shirt, both from, you guessed it, Planet Xchange.


I also went by Planet Xchange hoping to sell a few clothing items. Unfortunately, nothing sold, but I found a few things. They were out of their super cute stickers, so I’ll have to swing by and get one soon. But this will be my last shopping trip for a while because I need to pump the ole brakes.

I shopped at JoAnne’s for moss to add to my bird cage. Does it look more complete?


I also chose this faux succulent to add to my pretty pink pail. I love it on our tray!


I had shopped at Aldi after JoAnne’s, and this meal was quick and super enjoyable. I bought a bagged salad kit that included chipotle ranch, cheddar tortilla strips, and cheddar. I added avocado to it along with cuke, tomato, and hummus on the side. Fab-u-lous.


I modeled my Planet Xchange clothes for Matt, bahaha, then got changed and ready to settle my toosh into the love seat with my snack and The Office. Said snack included Fage Greek yogurt with cinnamon and vanilla, banana, puddle o’ pb, and shredded wheat.



After a good night’s sleep, I made a very quick but tasty breakfast: last of the yogurt with Wyman’s cherry/berry/kale blend, shredded wheat, and a “paleo” granola from Aldi.


This intrigued me but not because it’s “paleo” or any other label. I just love to try new things. It is made up of a lot of linseed, which I admittedly had to look up to clarify. Linseed is flax seed. Good to know! However, flax seeds eaten whole do almost nothing for the body because they cannot be broken down and digested. But they provide a nice, nutty crunch.


Matt and I toured a house, but unfortunately, it didn’t do anything for us. No forcing anything, though. Ya never know unless you look!

Once back home, I did more to get caught up on laundry and dishes, vacuumed the house, and then I had lunch. I finished off the chipotle ranch salad…


along with lime tortilla chips, carrots and hummus, Envy apple with pb.


Dis was my look. I wore my Modcloth citrus sweater, plaid blanket scarf, and Lil Bub beanie. Loved combining different patterns! I rocked my overalls again too.




I went over to Kaci and Drew’s so that Kaci and I could work on our Barre3 workshop materials! I’m happy to say we created quite a cute infographic, but now I’ll have to test print it to see if it will look correct.

I noshed on a square of Moser Roth orange almond dark chocolate while I sipped on Celestial Seasonings chai with espresso. I haven’t really loved it, but this time it was awesome! I used regular ole sugar rather than honey and added a splash of Cruze Farm milk. Yummm.


Kaci and I went to JoAnne’s for her (twins running twin-like errands in the same weekend, ha!) along with a Target run! Once we were back at her place, I ate my toast with cottage cheese and arugula. I thought about not including this photo because it’s def not pretty, but not all eating experiences are Ig-worthy. So here is my messy but tasty snack!


Matt and I ate our leftover Valentine’s Day pork burgers for dinner, and they were five stars! Matt had his on the last Glutino English muffin.


I had mine over wilted spinach with spicy brown mustard, avocado, and dill pickles. I sauteed zucchini seasoned with garlic, salt pepper, and smoked paprika. Sliced tomatoes and broccoli potato bites with ketchup completed this wonderful meal.


I ironed for today, prepped our food, cleaned the kitchen, then you know the drill: made a snack. This was simple but so good! Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s, shredded wheat, cinnamon, frozen banana, tahini, and milk. Are you team tahini? I love it!



We slept well overall and woke up in great moods. My snack was so good that I recreated it a bit this morning. Same cereal combo, frozen banana, cinnamon, and paleo granola with milk.


So if you recall from some previous posts of mine, we used to have a breathtaking view from our front porch. Welp, the owners of our complex have been busy slapping together more units. Yay! -_- They also completely cut down our crepe myrtle. I mean, oh boy, now we can see the units even better.


RIP pretty view.


Ok, enough complaining. Here’s my outfit with some of my new PX items! This top is by Altar’d State, and it still had the original tags, retail price of $54.95. I paid $12!


“Cold shoulder” with spring vibes from my earrings!


I also scored this never-been-worn NY&Co. jacket with the tags, retail price of $89.95, for $20!!


Zipped up with the beautiful cinched sides that create a nice shape imo.


I wish you all very well today and this week! May you feel happy, successful, and believe that you are enough. ❤

4 thoughts on “Relax, Rejuvenate, Reset

  1. Love the alliteration! I’m so glad you are feeling better ❤ R&R is soo important— ohhhh Valentine’s Day outfit on pointtt. Aw that’s soo fun that you were able to take your best friend to Barre!! That savory oatmeal is truly making me salivate- I’ve been craving eggs lately for some reason- I have gotta try this soon! I love all the ingredients you put in it. That bath sounds absolutely divine!!! Oh my gosh the moss is a perfect touch to the bird cage! So lovely. Ohh I didn’t know what linseed was either—But I love flax seed.. That all sounds really yummy- I’m sold on “coconut chips”. Your peanut butter is in the shape of a heart! Coincidence? I think not—still was valentine’s weekend! Those overalls are sooo fun & fit you really well- I always have a hard time with overalls or onesies because I'm such a pear shape, but you rock them so well! Cannot go wrong with Moser chocolate – mmm mmmm! I am team tahini all the wayyy! Frozen banana with granola is such a great idea. Ughhh construction ruins everythingg. Hopefully y’all will be out of there and in a new place with a beautiful view in no time ! such a great find at altar’d state–I love supporting them. Have a great Friyayyyy!


    1. Thank you so so much for caring!!! There’s not much worse than feeling out-of-sorts and not at all like myself. R&R is so needed!! Thank you very much!! I wish I could have a side fashion job. 😉 Not at all saying I’m some sort of fashion icon, but I just love it! I really have been craving eggs too. They just are so darn satisfying and filling! Gosh, this bath was really one of the best! The water was hot, and the confetti turned the water a beautiful purple. Matt said it looked like something from The Shining. Lolz. I’m always sold when coconut chips are involved! I didn’t even notice the heart shape – gosh I love that! I really lucked out with these overalls. Some one piece clothing, like jumpsuits and swimsuits, can be hit or miss! Moser Chocolate is probably my fav brand. So affordable but high quality. I knew you would be my fellow tahini lover! Matt isn’t a fan – more for me! I sure am praying hard, and I just know our home will come along when the time is right. Gotta keep the faith! Have the best Friday too!!


      1. totally agree!! Did you know it was a full moon last week? Lol. And you would do amazing in some type of fashion role. I love your combos- just like with food you have a way of putting something together in a way most might not think of right away that works sooo well!! I just adore your mix of patterns, pieces, and layers!

        haha he’ll come around to it! You’ll end up making something really yummy with it that will change his mind, I’m just sure of it. Happy Sunday!


        1. Ahhhh I must tell Kase!! Her hormones may have, in part, been to blame for making her feel more anxious with work, but I firmly believe that the full moon also plays a role.

          Oh you are so sweet, seriously!! I really try to have fun with it & not overthink, which is hi-larious since overthink might as well be my middle name. Bahaha

          He loves it in hummus but not so much on its own. However, I have made a tahini dressing & plan to keep making dishes, as you said, that may change his tune! 🎶 Happy Sunday to you too! The sun is finally out here, & I am so thankful for it!


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