Friday Fashion, Food, & Favorites

Despite if you think you have not done a “good enough” job this week, know that you are important, you can do big things, and your value does not solely rest on your job/productivity/ability to face everything with a smile. Sometimes we have to feel our feelings, hit a wall, pick ourselves up, dust off the negativity, and push forward with newly discovered motivation! I hope this post inspires you to have fun with your fashion, noms, and to enjoy the little things. ❤


I want to apologize for the crappy lighting. It is brought to you by Mother Nature’s stubborn self keeping the sun away from us. This top, by Loft, I found at Planet Xchange for $10! It has an adorable flower pattern with a different flower pattern panel on each sleeve. This photo does not do it justice.


I wore it with my new NY&Co. jacket.


Can y’all tell I’m obsessed with this blanket scarf? I paired it with one of my fav tops for a little play on some patterns.


The undershirt/tank is connected with the sweater, and I just love the back! Can you guess where I bought it a few years ago? 😉


Lastly, today I am wearing my first item from Madewell! I scored it at Planet Xchange for a whopping $7. Heya! It’s a beautiful vintage-y red. Super comfortable and flattering I think. Paired it with a pair of dark denim bell-bottoms I bought at Planet years ago. I’m telling you, my closet is slowly morphing.



I am already dreaming about having this again! I made a savory oat muffin by chopping old fashioned oats, added baking powder and spices, scrambled in an egg and a splash of milk, and cooked it until it was almost set. I plated it on arugula and finished cooking it with cheese on top. Avocado with EBTB seasoning and apple on the side.


I used the last of my frozen dragon fruit, but I accidentally added a tad too much milk. It wasn’t enough to keep but was too much in my smoothie. Oh well! It still tasted great. I added a banana, ground ginger, and Greek yogurt. Topped with pb, paleo granola, shredded wheat, and Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s.


This was a super easy breakfast to both make and cleanup after. I simply added old fashion oats, cinnamon, ginger, milk, and frozen berry/cherry/kale to the last of my cottage cheese. I topped my concoction with paleo granola and pb. Sweet, a little salty, tart, and delish.


I love keeping frozen entrees on hand for those days when a quick lunch/snack/dinner is needed. This was Healthy Choice Simply Steamers chicken and vegetable stir fry. I thought the colors were so bright and pretty! I also had celery and carrots with hummus plus chocolate. A frozen entree alone isn’t enough for me, but I love to add other things to make it work as a filling meal.


One day I needed a snack and wasn’t craving sweet. I went to Starbucks and enjoyed their bacon and Gruyere cheese egg bites. Ohmygosh, these fluffy bites are fantastic. They slightly burned my mouth, but it was worth it. 😉 I sipped on a mint green tea, and my stomach was all sorts of happy.


One evening I had a ripe banana with tahini, Love Grown Strawberry Power O’s, and Enjoy Life dark chocolate morsels. Great combination!


This flavor of Perfect Bar has been both Matt and my favorite! The crisp pieces were amazing as was the flavor. I actually love these bars a little bit melted. I take them out off the fridge and let them sit for a few minutes. Plus as you eat them, they warm and the flavors change some.


Although this meal was a bit too small for dinner (I realized when we sat down to eat), I did enjoy it for lunch this week. I combined a can of Del Monte Mexican Style vegetable and bean blend over greens, topped with sauteed zucchini tossed with chipotle ranch, crumbled amazing cojita cheese, and Aldi beet chips.


These are the beet chips pictured above. They were pretty good but not the best. I think I liked the carrot more, but I was happy to try them!


This meal was amazing! Simple but so satisfying. I baked wild caught salmon from frozen (makes it so easy!) drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and then I topped it with chopped mixed olives shortly before removing it from the oven. I sauteed onion, peppers, and garlic that we enjoyed over organic basmati rice. I also put together coleslaw with a strawberry vinaigrette. A side of Jackson photo-bomb too!


This meal was so. good! I admit that lately at times, I’ve felt a lower sense of self-confidence with cooking. I really don’t know why. But I found an almond meal-crusted chicken piccata recipe that was two thumbs up! Side note: I saw on my memories today that I made Brittany’s, of Eating Bird Food, almond meal chicken this time last year. How consistent of me! I will say that despite trying to use one hand for the egg wash and one for the almond meal coating, the last few pieces of chicken weren’t coated as well because it all became a moosh. Ha. The only change I made was to use olives instead of capers because sadly, we are out right now! We enjoyed it with the last of our basmati rice along with the sauteed veg medley over wilted spinach.



This message is so powerful and speaks to my soul! Perfection is boring. We’re all works in progress.


I really am truly blessed with the best coworkers and friends!! After having a rough week last week, I came into my office and was surprised by such a thoughtful gift and card. ❤ I feel so supported and appreciated.


She knows me so well!! She found this adorable and cheerful bright green owl and citrus candle.


It smells heavenly.


I adore how they look on our shelf!


A friend of mine shared this, and it really reminded me that I have to dig deep on days when happiness does not come easily. There will always be hard days. Good vibes can’t always be possible, but if I can practice finding the good in even the little things, then I won’t feel so hopeless.


One of my best work friends is on maternity leave, and I haven’t got to see her since she has been gone. But as I was about to leave to run an errand yesterday, she walked into the clinic for a surprise lunch. I was so thankful I got to see her!! She’s so sweet and fun and always listens to me ramble. Their son is beyond precious! One of her daughters was with her too, and she is such a hoot. He looked so little in his carrier, but he’s a big, healthy boy. I have to admit, this made my day. I haven’t snuggled a baby in a long time.


 One of my best friends messaged me about a new discount market opening near me and Matt. I swung by after work on Thursday, and I scored all of this for $20 and change! The coffee is phenomenal, I packed some of the cookies to try today, the almond butter and meyer lemon honey are both in-credible, the Newman’s Own organic Earl Grey was only $2.50, and I bought a jar of organic sauerkraut.


Lastly, Matt and I had the pleasure of pup-sitting for Axl Rose yesterday evening, and we loved it! Poor baby is scared of the cats, but I think and hope he had a fun time! He wasn’t sure about selfies.


But he was ready for kisses!




I hope you all have an awesome weekend! I’m looking forward to attending a friend’s baby shower, Nostalgia’s Fondue Party, and a brunch with friends.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fashion, Food, & Favorites

  1. hi kori, in southern California we have a somewhat new chain of stores called “Grocery Outlet” that gets items of all kinds in at a reduced price. They have new things coming in weekly. Brands just like the ones you have pictured and more. It’s rather addictive but the savings are fantastic. have a great weekend , kim


    1. I think we have those, United Grocery Outlet (UGO), & I love shopping at these discount stores! It is addictive because I love saving on quality products we love. Thank you for sharing, & I hope you have a fantastic weekend too!


      1. hi Mackenzie, they have everything, even organic, gf. Think of how certain brands bring out 5 flavors of a product and stores only go with 1 or 2. Also if packaging is geared to say Christmas, and its now jan. Same product with savings for us. Hope you try it. p.s. some locations are bigger/smaller and might have products at just one, so if you have multiple locations try all of them. good luck , kim


  2. Ok- SO many cute outfits!!!! I just love that plaid scarf, I have one but it is more of a blanket than a scarf, so it can be tricky to wear haha. I finalllly bought the EBTB seasoning! On avocado is my favorite too- it’s sooo yummy. Sometimes I see your pics and they look exactly like something I would have taken myself! I love how similar our taste buds are haha. I think gruyere cheese might be my favorite (but it’s hard to choose), so I have to try those egg bites sometime. I doubt they could make them without bacon, but I bet I could find a recipe to make them myself at home too! They always look SO good when you post them. I miss that simply nature brand. Mmm – carrot chips I haven’t heard of but they look great! That chicken looks phenomenal!!! Also that’s hilarious you were using the almond meal on the same day last year- I wonder if we are ruled more by our subconscious than we realize! Also you have no idea how much I needed to read those wise words about perfectionism- thank you for sharing that! Ahh sooo sweet of your coworkers ❤ Such a sweet baby!! Awwww Axl loves Aunt Kori!!


    1. Thank you so so much!!! It can be tricky to wear these fluffier/blanket scarves!

      Yay!! Welcome to the EBTB seasoning-obsessed club. 😉 It’s eggs-clusive. Bahahaha

      I loooovve that we have similar taste buds! Some people love my creations while others think they’re weird. I love that you’re the former. ❤

      You would have to remove the bacon 😦 But we both need to try making them at home! I would love to master the art of fluffy egg bites.

      Thank you! Right?! I think our subconscious absolutely runs the show at times!

      I'm so grateful my words and posts can provide help! My coworkers are the best damn crew and friends. ❤

      I was grateful Axl seemed to enjoy himself! He misses Kase and D immensely when they have to go somewhere.


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