Floodmageddon 2019

So this past weekend will forever be remembered as the time Tennessee almost washed away. O_o The amount of rainfall we experienced was insane as was the severe flooding we had all over! I’m so very thankful that the sun is out now and is said to shine for several days. Please keep those in your thoughts who still have so much flooding around their homes and businesses.


I started Friday with a “toast”. Greek yogurt with meyer lemon honey (I know. Ohmygosh so bright and delicious!) on one slice with almond butter and banana on the other.


Lunch was leftover baked salmon, roasted potatoes with ketchup, and warmed spinach and sauteed vegetables. Loved this warm, nicely filling meal!


For dinner we made Barilla red lentil pasta that we tossed with Aldi’s jarred pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce. We added marinated artichoke hearts and canned mushrooms as well as a few handfuls of fresh spinach. It was wonderful!


I really lived it up and had an extra cuppa Joe. I know, I can get pretty crazy sometimes.



For my snack, I enjoyed thawed berry blend with Greek yogurt, Love Grown Strawberry O’s, and roasted pistachios. We watched The Office, relaxed together with the babies, and then we got a great night’s sleep.



Robyn of The Real Life RD shared her recipe for a single-serve flatbread/pancake, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to make it asap. I topped mine with almond butter, thawed berry medley, Greek yogurt, and meyer lemon honey. It was sooo good!


I got myself ready to attend a wonderful friend’s baby shower. Can’t quit with this scarf.


I picked up Kaci, and she videoed this as we were passing an intersection. Check out all that water!


We got there safe and sound, and the place was decorated beautifully! Rachele and her husband are expecting their second daughter later this spring. Rachele’s aunt actually made these centerpieces. Isn’t it gorgeous?


The food was catered from Jason’s Deli, and it was phenomenal! I wish I had some right now. The wrap covered with the paper was chicken salad, and it was very tasty.


Gorgeous, glowing Rachele sandwiched between us twins!


They had a candy bar! I went back and got pink M&M’s and a few more goodies.


We stopped by Honeybee for me to get some extra coffee, and the roast I chose was one of their award winning varieties. One sip, and I could see why!

Axl was not about this weather either! He just wanted to snuggle with us ladies. ❤


I had to go by Kroger, and I saw the interstate on-ramp was so flooded that it was not usable. Still, some dumb-dumbs were trying. Wow.



Once I was safely back home, I put away our goods (I have to share that I saved $50 using digital and paper coupons!) and got changed into warm comfy clothes.

I snacked on rice crackers and cheese as we put together a warm vegetable soup.


Simple greens dressed with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette.


Our soup needed a tad more seasoning, but it was really nice! I sauteed a bag of discounted broccoli/cauliflower/carrots along with an onion. We added one can each mushrooms, dark red kidney beans, corn with red and green peppers, and Italian diced tomatoes. We used the rest of a quart of chicken broth we had open, two bay leaves, and the rest of a manchego veg seasoning blend. We both went back for more.


I mixed cinnamon and pb powder into yogurt, topped with paleo granola, and munched on a Gala apple while we watched a few episodes of The Office. I’m sorry to be so repetitive, but we love our schedule! Kinda predictable, kinda wild. 😉 We’re almost up to season 8.



The flatbread was so good that I had to go for round two! This time I took it savory by adding spices to the batter and then topped it with wilted greens, avocado, and two well-seasoned sunny side up eggs.


There’s the avocado hiding under the eggs. YUM. The pancake could’ve stood to cook a bit longer, but I sure loved this combo. You all need to give it a try! It’s 1/3 c flour (I used our GF, but all-purpose, wheat, anything standard would work; no coconut or almond here), one tablespoon whole meal ground flax, pinch of salt, and water to create a pancake batter consistency.


THE SUN! Oh glorious sunshine that we have all missed so much.


Our sequin pillow caused the sunlight to dance so beautifully in our living room.


I really love this shot!


The thing about said sunshine is that it reveals allll the dust. So I got to work washing dishes, dusting, and vacuuming. It felt like such a relief to get the house cleaner before the start of the week!

I then was in the mood for Barre3, and I chose a 40-minute flow. It was t-o-u-g-h but so rewarding! I was craving a good sweat, and it sure delivered! I closed out with a 10-minute calm flow, then it was time for lunch!

Celery, carrots, and chia tortilla chips with baba ghannouj hummus plus a Hilary’s spicy vegetarian sausage patty. I then had my cake pop for dessert.


My sister’s MIL shared this, and I LOVED it!!


I also put the plants outside, and I know they’re happy for the sunshine! They are looking a little rough, but I think I will have managed to keep them alive this winter. Ha


I made Newman’s Own organic earl grey sweetened with meyer lemon honey plus a splash of milk. I hadn’t sipped earl grey in a long time, and I really loved the flavor!


I highly advise you follow Mr. Roe (@heymrroe) on Instagram. He is so hilarious and has awesome content! He has shared his “method” for helping one to choose a satisfying meal. You consider the tastes, textures, and temperatures. So that’s what I did with my snack. I wanted thick and creamy (pb), sweet (banana), and crunchy (Quaker Oatmeal Squqres). Tada!


For dinner we had leftover almond-crusted chicken piccata along with a salad topped with artichoke hearts, slaw, and beet vinaigrette for me. I enjoyed Back to Nature black pepper woven wheat crackers. I do love leftovers. They make getting a delish meal on the table so easy some nights! Are you team leftovers?


Once we finished cleaning the kitchen, Matt showered, and then we got settled to finally watch the Fyre Documentary on Netflix. Holy mother of pearl. I cannot imagine something at that level of fraud actually was carried out and never stopped. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. When I wasn’t sitting there with my mouth hanging open from sheer disbelief, I was stuffing this snack into it. Bahaha. Wyman’s frozen melon berry cucumber blend with Greek yogurt, almond butter, and Strawberry O’s.



I was so not ready to say farewell to the weekend or get up this morning. But once I dragged myself downstairs, I fed the babies then made a wonderful warm bowl of oatmeal.


Here’s to hoping the water clears soon, the sun sticks around for as long as possible, and that we all can have a wonderful week ahead!

6 thoughts on “Floodmageddon 2019

  1. “When I wasn’t sitting there with my mouth hanging open from sheer disbelief, I was stuffing this snack into it.“ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Jaxxy was allllll about photobombs it seems!


  2. Oh man I am sooo sorry to hear about the flooding. Glad you guys are safe. That’s so scary 😦

    Anyways- this food is making me hungry for lunch! Pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce?! Sign me up!

    Those center pieces are soo pretty & love the picture from the baby shower- sounds like such a lovely time.

    Rice crackers sound really great right now- I think I’m craving something salty! The I love Lucy emoji comparison is cracking me up- too funny & accurate!!!

    Have a great rest of the week, Kori!


    1. I’ve read of some horrible stories, so we feel very grateful to have been spared! Kaci & Drew had to pump a lot of water from their crawl space, though. 🥺

      I just bought another jar! Sometime jarred sauces need to be jazzed up, but this one comes packed full of flava.

      It was wonderful! I wish it hadn’t rained for her, but we joked that she’s have a funny story to tell her children. 😉

      I honestly crave more salty than sweet sometimes lately! Or sweet & salty. Mmmm. Right?! It’s the best! I love whoever looked at Lucy’s expressions & realized this.

      You too, girl! Thank you!


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