Re-energized,Rejuvenated, Recharged

I really hope this post finds you well and off to a great start on this Monday! We have the tiniest slow flurries here after rain all day yesterday. I am so over this weather. But hopefully it won’t be much longer until spring decides to join the party!


I have to say I was super happy with this creation! Toasted Van’s Ancient Grains waffles over wilted organic greens with one topped with peanut butter and baked cinnamon apples and the other with mashed avocado, leftover baked pork chops, and sunny side up egg.


Seasoned with salt and pepper. Mmm mmm mmm. Sweet and salty lover forever!


Gingham fever 😉 I wore my Cruze Farm dress with my neck scarf this time.



I turned in some of my Chase credit card points for a Starbucks gift card, so I treated myself to a cafe au lait. It was such a nice treat!


For lunch, I enjoyed a Luvo meal that was quite tasty. It needed a smidge more spice, but otherwise it was satisfying.


For a sweet finish, I had Chobani yogurt with Love Grown Chocolate Power O’s. Can anymore O’s fit into the container? Asking for a friend. 😉


I had to run a few errands, and of course one of them involved a Target run. I used the rest of my Starbucks gift card to get a biscotti. It curbed my hunger just enough to get me to dinner.


For dinner, we chose to try Broadway Market. I’ve been meaning to for some now, and man is their food amazing! I snapped some photos while I waited on our food.


This place used to be where another cafe was located, but I’m so glad this husband and wife team are now here! I love the decor.



Did I say their food was amazing? Because it was perfect! I had the Mediterranean Grill, which came with a fresh salad, vegetable couscous, house made pickled vegetables, naan and hummus, and I chose scallops for my protein. Matt had a chicken poke bowl, and they were so accommodating to his allergy! They doubled his salad, gave him rice noodles instead of the sesame wheat, substituted with a house made dressing that did not contain soy sauce, and they gave his seaweed salad to me.


Look at all of those colors and different textures! I ate until I was satisfied and then saved the rest.


We decided to watch The Incredibles 2. It was a cute movie! It has been 15 years since the first movie came out in 2004…whoa! I ate a snack of yogurt, thawed fruit, dark chocolate morsels, and pb while we watched.



For some reason, I couldn’t sleep past six or seven this weekend. But it just made for more relaxing before having to get ready. I enjoyed stove-top oatmeal made with cinnamon and cardamom then topped with thawed berry/cherry/cacao blend, brown sugar, and almond butter. I think stove-top is such a treat on the weekends!


I got ready and met Kaci at Stanley’s Greenhouse for a super fun succulent workshop! I snapped these photos around the greenhouse, and I was in heaven. Plants make me so happy and calm. Anyone else relate?







Here was my creation! They provided the pot, and we were to choose seven little succulents to arrange in whatever way we wished. Then we finished with rocks and glass to both add pizazz and to also help the plants. This way, water doesn’t rush into the soil, and they also help to pack down the soil.


Kaci sweetly took this for me.


Our arrangements unintentionally looked similar, and we had our matching shoes, so twins all the way around!


Proud plant mamas!



Afterwards we had lunch together and decided on Balter Beerworks. It was packed for the UTK basketball game, but we still got a patio seat. I loved it! It was a little chilly, but they had this awesome fire going.

My meal was egg-ceptional! <– won’t ever get old. Sorrynotsorry. I chose their black bean benedict with black bean oat patties, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, spinach, and I subbed vegetables instead of the breakfast potatoes.


They had snacks for those who had to wait, so I grabbed a few treats. After chatting more, I realized I was full, so our awesome waiter gave me a to-go container.


We saw this pretty window display and had to check it out. The store isn’t open yet, but I realized that it is run by a guy who used to make an appearance on one of our local news stations. Seems fun!


Also, Saturday was Desi Arnaz’s birthday, and Google paid tribute! He would’ve been 102 years old.


Kaci and I went to Target to get one our best friends some gifts from her wedding registry, then I went on to Pet Smart and Aldi. After putting away our goods and feeding the babies, I began to make my way out west to attend a fondue party at one of my favorite vintage markets, Nostalgia! This was a photo they shared, so I do not take credit for it.


I tried on this dress, and I absolutely loved the quirky combo of patterns! Unfortunately, the waist was way too tight. So I settled for a bad bathroom photo, lolz.


I snacked on some shrimp and chips…


bread, vegetables, apple, and cheese (unfortunately, this cheese wasn’t thinning out easily, but it was still good)…


different vegetables and cheese from another station…


and I ended on a sweet note. Also, clearly this post is all about my shoes + food photography. Hahaha. I was loving these rugs too!


After getting home and settled, I made a snack to tide me over. Greek yogurt, raisins, pistachios, pepitas, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, and shredded wheat.



I was up and at ’em again, but I spent time snuggling with Rachel and Jackson before eating breakfast. I had the mini blueberry muffin from Balter Berrworks then a simple yogurt bowl with Strawberry Power O’s, pb, and an apple.


These made me so happy, yet at the same time, my heart shattered all over again. I cannot believe this was just one year ago!


When our hearts and family were complete.


I completed a 60-minute online Barre3 flow at home, and I cannot rave enough about it. I usually do 30 minutes sessions, but I was feeling energized. I was seriously sweating within minutes of starting, and I was dripping halfway through. I say that as a good thing because sweat really is a motivator for me. After a nice hot shower, I dug into my leftovers. I added greens and avocado, and there was one scallop hiding underneath. This meal was just as amazing the second time around! I then had a cutie and an oatmeal raisin cookie.


As I prepped our lunches, I noticed the slaw mix and celery were on their way out, so I sauteed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Waste not, want not!


For an afternoon snack, I enjoyed Quaker Oatmeal Squares + shredded wheat with almond butter and milk.


I vacuumed and got all caught up on laundry then sipped on lemon lavender tea.

For dinner, I made Alexis’ Vegetable Shrimp Curry with Herbed Cauliflower Rice. OHMYGOSH this meal was amazing! As Alexis wrote, sometimes homemade curry doesn’t quite taste as good as takeout, but this recipe was the exception. It was bursting with spice and flavor.


We used Bird’s Eye frozen cauliflower rice, so this meal couldn’t be any simpler. We’re looking forward to enjoying our leftovers!


I was really pleased with this snack! I mixed pb powder, cinnamon, and cardamom into yogurt, which created a pb fluff-style texture. I spread it on a toasted waffle then added banana and a sprinkle of paleo granola. I love Jackson’s photo bomb! We watched two episodes of The Office then finally made our way to bed.



And just like that, it’s Monday again. I made Ancient Grains oatmeal topped with cherry/berry/kale blend, tahini, and maple. This was a fabulous combo!


Tell me: did you do anything fun over the weekend? Have you ever tried fondue?



8 thoughts on “Re-energized,Rejuvenated, Recharged

  1. Oohh the baked cinnamon apples sounds soo wonderful. How do you make them?

    Lol!! My yogurt cups look the same with all the fixin’s toppling out, it’s a true balancing act!
    Broadway Market looks amazing–I how fresh, delicious, and refreshing Mediterranean food is- seriously hard to beat!

    Wow oh wow these plants are beautiful! What gorgeous captures. Just looking at these pictures are making me feel more calm! And your succulent dish turned out wonderfully!! What a fun thing to do- I am obsessed with the pictures of you holding it!

    Hehe “egg ceptional” NEVER gets old, never ever.

    I just loveee that dress on you.

    And a fondu party?! Y’all find all the fun!

    Ohhh such an ingenious way to use up the celery & slaw. I’ll have to remember that one!

    I have got to make that curry dish. I am physically drooling- that looks insanely good.

    – This weekend we took it easy, I worked on school work mostly
    – I’ve had fondue only twice, but it was great both times! We went to the melting pot for their desserts which were amazing, but haven’t tried their food -food fondue yet.
    Thanks for sharing, Kori!!



      I think this is the recipe I used! But I used Gala because that is what we had, and I didn’t add a thickener. I still think they were great!

      An overflowing yogurt bowl is the best, right?! I love a combo of textures and flavors. 🙂 Yes, fresh Mediterranean cannot be beat!

      Thank you, thank you! I am praying that my succulent babies survive until I can finally put them back outside. Eeps! I loved Kaci’s and my “photo shoot” with our creations. 🙂

      I’m here for food puns forever and always!

      When in doubt, saute it out! Errr something like that. If I have vegetables trying to say “sayonara”, I either saute or roast them. I’m thankful nothing was wasted!

      Please let me know if you make the curry! We have absolutely loved it.

      Fondue is such a vintage, fun dish! I mean, melty delish cheese and chocolate to dip to your heart’s content? Sign me up! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have had an amazing Fri-yay!!!


      1. Thank you so much for sharing !!

        Ohhhhhhh I am totally using that “when in doubt, sauté it out!” Yesss! 👏🏻👏🏻! I usually roast mine, but I’m gonna remember to start sauté – ing them too!

        Agreed, it’s soo yummy!

        You too 🤗


        1. I’m glad me sharing it has given you an idea! You & I both love to not waste anything! Hence why you seriously have some of the most fun creations. 💕


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