Friday Favorites + Finds

Hello, and happy Friday to you all! I have been saving some things to share on a Friday favs post. I hope you find them fun and interesting, and as always, please share yours in the comments!

I am always so grateful for those who I work with. They are some of the best people I’ve ever met. So much support and team effort!


I learned about these from Haley, and I knew I wanted to get one for each myself and Matt. I love adding the “Love” notes to Matt’s lunch bag! It’s just a gesture I enjoy doing. My mom used to actually put notes just like this in my lunch bag, so I get it from her. ❤


I bought Kaci a pretty sticker on Etsy, and I loved the card that the seller sent. So I simply cut off the front and framed it. I love to repurpose things! Have you done anything like this? I have a calendar that I want to frame some of the month designs.

Thanks to Mackenzie, I decided to try Quaker Oatmeal Squares. These crunchy pillows are delicious! Not overly sweet but still flavorful.


Kath gave me the idea to mash by banana first onto my toasted waffle then top with almond butter, and it made it so sweet and fluffy! I spread pine nut hummus, sliced avocado, and EBTB seasoning on my other waffle with both over wilted spinach.

Speaking of awesome coworker friends, one brought me her homemade sourdough roll. OHMYGOSH it was incredible!! Sweet, tangy, softy, doughy. It makes store-bought bread so sad. Ha


I had a coupon to Java Juice Box, so I chose to treat myself on Thursday. I love their cafe!


I chose their “morning buzz latte”: whole milk, espresso, maca, cinnamon, hemp oil, and honey. It was warm and satisfying but not quite as tasty as I had hoped. But I’m glad I tried it!


Mackenzie also posted about TJ’s tzatziki, so when I saw this at Aldi, I made sure to get it! It’s such a versatile dip. Have you had it? If so, do you love it?


I also grabbed this delicious sounding simmer sauce to prepare our chicken with this evening.


While I love good quality coffee without flavoring, I sometimes like trying some different flavored varieties. I really like this one! It’s smooth and does have a lovely taste.


Matt’s favorite meal from the Chop House is their Chop House Chop with baked apples, orange marmalade, a sweet potato, and spinach. So I set out to recreate it, and I was so pleased that it exceeded my expectations! I baked our cinnamon apples and sweet potatoes the day before, so it was a breeze to make on a weeknight. I seasoned the thick bone-in pork chops, seared them in the iron skillet, then finished them in the oven. As they rested, I used the pan to saute onion and turnip greens that I then flavored with spicy brown mustard and apple cider vinegar. We used our local pear pineapple butter. He was so thankful, and this felt like such a fun meal to make and serve!


For some fashion fun, I paired my wedding turquoise TOMS with my pink tie-front top one day. I loved the combination, and I completed it with my bebe teacup necklace!


Alexis gave me some inspiration in her post for this outfit. I paired my camp top with my pink faux leather jacket, and I loved the masculine meets feminine vibe.


I “topped it off” (haha) with a floral headband. I love mixing patterns! Any patterns you’ve had fun combining?


I followed in Kaci’s footsteps and bought myself a high-waisted swimsuit from Cupshe. Matt isn’t a huge fan, but I love it! I had to go with their lemon print + stripes on the underneath side. The bottoms are reversible. It makes me think of Lucille Ball, my idol! Love the vintage, retro style. ❤

This is a bit of a random note to end on, but I completed a webinar hosted by Siggi’s, and it covered the topic of low calorie sweeteners. These proposed mechanisms that need to be further studied fascinate me. We really don’t know how these LCS function in the body.


Have the best weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites + Finds

  1. I, too, love the spinach/artichoke dip. I use it as a topping on fish fillets (salt, pepper, slather with the dip and bake!) Served over cauliflower rice that I saute in a bit of evoo with onions, garlic and some added veggies. The dip keeps the fish very moist and becomes extra flavor for the rice.


  2. So glad you love your coworkers! Makes all the difference ❤ Oh my gosh, those love notes are sooooo cute!!! Yay for oatmeal squares- glad you like them  That sourdough roll looks absolutely amazing; I can practically taste it! Bummer that the latte wasn’t as good as it looks- cause such a pretty photo! Mmmm mm. I went through Tzatziki sooo fast this week & already need to restock. What a phenomenal recreation of the chop house!!! Wow oh wow- Chef Kori up in hurrr. What an adorable suit!!!! Total Lucille Ball vibes! Thanks for sharing, girl 🙂


    1. Coworkers truly make all the difference! The notes make me so happy, & I love knowing Matt will have one to read. 🥰 Oatmeal Squares are sooo good! But I still think shredded wheat > Oatmeal Squares because I’m a 👵🏻 at heart. Lolz. The roll was incredible! I was still thankful to try the latte, but it was bitter. Oh well! We’re flying through the tzatziki too! Thank youuu for such a sweet compliment!!! 👩🏻‍🍳 Thank you, thank you! I just adore Lucy. ❤️


  3. Such a fun post!! I love finding out about new products! Also, I just received that white wall shelf at my bridal shower and I am so happy to see how CUTE it looks up with decorations on it. Your’s looks so great!!


    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. ☺️ I love this shelf so much! You’ll have a ton of fun decorating with it.


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