She Had Magic Legs

Good afternoon, and happy Monday! Phew, today started off on a comical note. I was running behind then realized when I got to work that the oil from my marinated olives container had spilled in my lunch bag. I felt a bit frazzled but managed to see my home therapy patients in a timely fashion and was able to organize myself quickly. Now here we are with the sun shining (I hope it is for you too!), and the day has been a good one.


Let’s rewind to Friday and have fun reliving the weekend. I should’ve soaked the oats overnight, but I didn’t decide I wanted them in smoothie form until the morning. Oh well! I blended oats, milk, banana almond milk, frozen fruit, cocoa powder, and spices together. I topped my bowl with plenty of drippy pb.


After a wonderful day at work, I ran some errands, which included shopping at a lovely discount market. I found these tasty bites, and after finally getting the plastic wrapping off, I finally enjoyed one before finishing my shopping at Kroger.


A well-stocked freezer is one full of possibilities! Packed to the brim with vegetable and fruit medleys, frozen entrees, and protein options.


I made quite an epic scramble/omelet that I was proud of! I scrambled two eggs with milk and began cooking them before adding my leftover baked salmon and green beans. I then grated sharp cheddar over the top and had crisp romaine with leftover rice quinoa mixture and chipotle ranch. I’ve been craving romaine a lot after enjoying tender spring greens for a while now. This so hit the spot!


I enjoyed a mug of chopped pear with puffed brown rice cereal, tahini, and almond milk while we watched The Office. I got to bed a little later than I had hoped but slept well overall, thankfully.



I was up and at ’em on Saturday because for the first year, I signed up to participate in the Lucky Kidney Run! I decided to fuel my body with two types of toast: mashed avocado, meyer lemon-infused honey, EBTB seasoning on one slice and mashed banana, pb, and cinnamon on the other. After sipping on my coffee, I quickly got dressed and ready.


While it was super cold (in the low 40’s at this point I believe), the weather and sky were gorgeous!


Had to take a St. Patrick’s Day themed SnapChat at the start line. I was really nervous because I hadn’t run in a long time, and I chose to run the 6k.


I’m proud of how I did! I finished in 35 minutes after stopping to walk three times I think. My legs felt like jello, but I felt so good.

Post-race photo with Renee to my right (RD with Fresenius) and Christy (RN with Fresenius). Renee ran the 6k, and Christy and her husband walked the 2k.  That post-race glow!


Selfie time 😉


After listening to them announce the awards, I ran (well, at this point I did a walk-run combo, lol) to my car and grabbed my purse to join Christy and her husband for lunch at The Stock and Barrel.

To start, hot coffee to warm up.


A delish crisp salad…


Their ah-mazing bison burger! It came piled with crimini, Shiitake, and button mushrooms; Boursin cheese, crispy onions, and garlic aioli. I ate about half and packed the rest to go.


We talked for a while more then I made my way to my car once more. I snacked on KIND Bar’s newest product: nut butter stuffed. Has anyone tried it? I really thought it had a great texture and flavor!


Here was my official time and placement. 🙂


I ran by Kroger because they didn’t have any rotisserie chickens available on Friday, and I had a $1 off coupon. So I grabbed two and finally went home to shower.

Rachel was not having it, ha!




I wanted to keep moving so my legs wouldn’t be stiff or too sore, so I did a load of laundry, the dishes, some other chores, then snacked on pb powder and cinnamon stirred into yogurt and eaten with apple slices.


Matt enjoyed some of the rotisserie chicken for dinner with soup and sauteed Brussels sprouts while I finished my burger. It reheated well and was still so juicy.


I’ve been reviewing Intuitive Eating and snacked on fruit, cereal, peptias, and yogurt. We watched two episodes of The Office I believe, then I was d-o-n-e. I was very tired.



Thankfully, I woke up feeling well-rested and got to work on our St. Patrick’s Day spinach pancakes!


I topped mine with thawed berries and mango, Greek yogurt, and maple. This was Pacific Food’s recipe, and Matt and I both recommend it.


In honor or St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to share these two special photos from our engagement session. I just love them! We ended in a field of four-leaf clovers, and I had never found one before. It was like a good omen to me.




Thanks to my friend, Courtney, I learned about Yoga with Adriene! So I completed her special 17 minute “rainbow flow”, and the gentle movement felt so good in my body.


I found this shirt on Amazon and love it! Very bright, fun, and it’s definitely got me ready for spring.


Unicorn float earrings to continue the warm-weather look.


But alas, a jacket was needed because it was not super warm. Ha!


I swung by K Brew for a green tea latte, and I used my new reusable tumbler from Kroger. I’ll be sharing it in my Friday Favs post. They made a wonderful latte that was perfectly sweet with the honey and creamy from the foamed milk!


I picked up Kaci, and we browsed a consignment sale. Unfortunately, we never saw the vendor we were in search of, but no biggie. We went by her and Drew’s house to get Axl and then all came back to my place.

First up was some fun with my Polaroid! I cannot get enough of the shots of the babies, especially with Jackson and his craned neck!



One of the reasons Kaci came over was to put the final touches on the handout for our very own Mindful & Intuitive Eating Workshop that we’re hosting at Barre3 this coming Sunday!! Thanks to Amanda of Spilling the Beans Nutrition, I reached out to our amazing studio to offer this workshop, and they graciously and enthusiastically accepted. Kaci and I are honored and hope it goes very well. If you’re in the area, it’s free and will be held at 11:30. Please join us!


After taking her and Axl back home, I came back and promptly put on mah sweatpants. This is what they mean when they say, “take it from day to night”, right? Bahaha


I put together quite an awesome meal even though it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day themed. I spiraled a zucchini and sauteed it with some of the rotisserie chicken. I then added simmered jarred marinara sauce and served it with buttered garlic toast. So simple, yet so. good!


We got cleaned up, washed the dishes, prepped for Monday, and then relaxed with hot tea. We have one free month of Amazon Prime, so we finally watched the first episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts? I’m loving it so far!

I had a fabulous snack of Love Grown Strawberry Power O’s and puffed brown rice cereal from our pb jar with banana almond milk. I apologize that the photo is fuzzy. I was just anxious to eat it, I guess. Ha



Our dumb neighbor leaves his porch light on all night, and if it weren’t for him, I don’t know how much I’d have to wear an annoying eye mask. He moved in a few months ago, and I cannot stand him. End of my rant.

For my delish breakfast, I made hot oatmeal topped with a puddle o’ pb, a spoonful of cottage cheese, brown sugar, and a pear eaten out of hand.



Now we’re all caught up to the present, and I wish you all the very best! I’ll be sharing a Friday favorites post with a number of goodies. Please feel free to share any fun foods or events you attended this past weekend!

7 thoughts on “She Had Magic Legs

  1. Ohhhh my gosh, that exact thing has happened to me plenty’a times before (with the olive juice spilling)!! Only it’s usually in the fridge or balsamic vinegar I packed for a salad. Glad it didn’t sour the morning at all though! I loved your peak into your freezer- I’m so nosy, but I love when people photograph their pantries/freezers/refrigerators. Looks like you have some serious NOMZ in there! Alright. That egg combo & the quinoa salad is making me drool all over the doggone place. YUM. I haven’t had romaine in a long time, but now I’m craving that refreshing crunch.

    The race sounded like a blast- what a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day & your pace was awesome! & The meal after looked really great too.

    I didn’t know KIND had the new nut stuffed bar- it looks really yummy- definitely will be keeping an eye out!

    Your pancakes are sooo festive! And that four leaf clover photo is absolutely stunning. WOW.

    What a fun amazon find!! I always forget to look for clothing on there, but they have some great options! Ahhh love the polaroids. ❤ I’m stoked about the intuitive eating workshop- I cannot wait to hear how it goes!!! It will literally change peoples’ lives; Intuitive eating definitely changed mine : ) Only four days to go! Woohooo! xo


    1. I’m glad I’m not alone, but it certainly was messy! My lunch bag needed to be cleaned, though, so at least it prompted me. 😉

      I love seeing other people’s fridges & pantries too! I’ve been so thankful to have all this food to quickly prepare our meals.

      I hadn’t enjoyed eggs for dinner in quite a while, & this plate was awesome! I’ve missed the crunch of romaine too! Thankfully it’s safe to eat now. It was contaminated with E. Coli last year or at the beginning of this year. Bleck.

      Thank you so much! Admittedly, I first felt a little down because I just didn’t have the same endurance as when I ran my 10 k-turned half marathon in 2016, but I actually trained some for it. Not as much as I should have then, but I was running more often. I had a very similar pace, so I was grateful for that!

      Thank you!! I truly loved our engagement photos. They seriously captured our personalities so well.

      I can’t quit with buying some clothes on Amazon! They’ve generally been pretty good quality & fit. 🙂 I’m determined to capture more of our lives using my Polaroid! “What is old is new again” – here I have an amazing phone camera, but I love the vintage vibe of them. Gosh, I appreciate that so much!! I told Kaci that even if a handful of people attend & they each in turn tell a few friends what they learned, we’ll have helped even more. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm & support!


  2. OH MY GOSH HOW DID I MISS COMMENTING!?!?! I’m turrible.

    Your noms as always look and sound so delicious and well-thought out!! Very pretty colors and flava combos. Love your St. Patty’s Day flapjacks.

    So so proud of you for your race!! Your.Title. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    1. You’re not turrible!

      Thank you, Boo!! I loved those flapjacks. 😋

      Thank you! I try to be punny sometimes!


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