Friday Favorites Comin’ At Ya!

I love checking in with you all on a Friday to share fun new finds and foods that I’ve been enjoying recently! If this is too many things at once, and it would be better to divide meals and finds, then please let me know. Also, please share any of your own in the comments!

First up is this wonderfully baked salmon seasoned with Old Bay and baked with sliced onion. We enjoyed it over sauteed green beans and topped with spinach artichoke tzatziki. So fresh and flavorful!


I put together this vegetable soup one evening with just pantry staples and fresh green beans, garlic, and an onion. I love to make a meal like this! Gets the creativity juices a flowin’. I started by sauteing an onion and green beans in olive oil then added minced garlic, chili powder, smoked paprika, coriander, turmeric, Italian herbs, and cumin. Next up was a 28-oz. can of crushed tomatoes with basil, one can each organic chili beans and black beans, one can of carrots, and vegetable broth. I let it simmer until we were ready to eat. If you’re interested in the health benefits and versatility of canned tomatoes, check out one of my recent posts on Why I Love Canned Tomatoes!


We enjoyed some of the leftovers with the last of our amazing chicken marsala over spinach for lunch one day during the week.


For a quick vegetarian dinner, I baked eggplant with jarred marinara sauce, and we enjoyed it with sautéed Brussels sprouts and Bird’s Eye frozen lentil pasta with olive oil. I highly recommend this pasta! It works so well when you’re in a pinch, don’t want to boil water, but you’re craving pasta.


We did finish off the aforementioned soup with this meal, but I figured I didn’t need to photograph it again. 😉 We tried Dr. Praeger’s new protein burgers, which are fabulous! This is their “All American Burger”, which we had over romaine with tzatziki. It had a texture and taste similar to falafel that we both loved!


More salmon because it’s so good! This time we had it seasoned with salt, pepper, oil, garlic, and lime. We topped it with the last of the tzatziki and paired it with Zatarain’s Whole Grain Blends Mango and Habanero Rice and Quinoa and sautéed Brussels with salt, pepper, garlic, and coriander.


Matt spoiled us huge one morning with this incredible omelet/scramble! I bought a Green Giant veggie bowl that included sweet potato, cauliflower, and kale with a flavorful sauce packet. Instead of microwaving as it instructed, he sautéed the vegetables, added the sauce, added scrambled eggs with milk, and then he flipped it just with a flick of his wrist. I have not mastered this move at all. Ha!


We had it with freshly grated sharp cheddar, avocado, and the last of our spinach pancakes, which I drizzled with meyer lemon-infused honey. YUM.


On Thursday after Kaci and I completed each a 10-minute Barre3 and Yoga with Adriene flow, I put together this quick meal. Panera Bread toasted sourdough with avocado, wilted spinach, and a Morningstar black bean burger. I had frozen steamed seasoned cauliflower and carrot on the side.


On the same day that Julie posted these Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Muffins, I planned to make them that evening! I made a few substitutions, such as using Bob’s Red Mill GF all purpose flour, canned pumpkin, and I ran out of coconut oil, so we had equal parts with olive oil. It worked beautifully! I topped six each with chocolate chips and raisins.


We each enjoyed one fresh from the oven with yogurt and almond butter. This is living the good life, my friends!


I used Kath’s banana smash method when enjoying oatmeal this week, and this simple change from adding sliced banana on top is a game changer! It allows each bite to contain sweet, glorious banana. I made mine with Ancient Grains instant oats (the best!), milk, water, espresso sea salt, and homemade pumpkin pie spice. I then topped it with said smashed banana, canned pumpkin, and a puddle of pb.


For Registered Dietitian Day, I made a wonderful waffle creation. Toasted Van’s Ancient Grains waffles with one topped with cottage cheese, lemon curd, walnuts, and sprinkles and the other topped with mashed avocado, thawed fruit, and drizzled tahini. These were so good!


For the occasion, I wore my favorite vintage red dress. I’m proud to be an anti-diet RD!


Grey leggings and fun floral socks to complete my look.


I loved this exercise! Here are some tidbits about me.


If you haven’t read Intuitive Eating, I highly recommend it!



Also, anyone else fascinated by Enneagram results? I’m a seven apparently! Where my sevens at? 😉


Crappy lighting, but I finally added a photo to our fun frame!


I adored our anniversary photos. That’s the same red dress too. It’s a keeper!


I never will get enough of their sweet posts!



These daily messages certainly breathe happiness into me!


Gimme this outfit!! Obsessed with all things mustard, a fun cardigan, and that comfy fashionable vibe.


Some fashion/outfits from the week, complete with a walk in the sunshine!


First day of spring attire!




While on my walk, I finally photographed this random art sculpture at a nearby business. I don’t understand the significance, but I love the birds carved into it.


One of my coworkers brought in clothes she was selling, and I bought six items from her for only $6! One item was this super fun hi-low top.



I love this comic book filter!



My pretty photo board in my office, which truly makes me happy.


This adorable tumbler was on sale for $5.99 at Kroger, so I snagged it! I plan to keep it and two of my four metal straws in my car so I can prevent using plastic or paper at cafes. Trying to be environmentally conscious and respectful!


We have a generous gift card from friends for several restaurants, which includes Panera Bread. So I ordered a cafe au lait one morning, so I used my mug. Welp, they had no idea what a cafe au lait was (coffee with steamed milk, which is delish and less expensive than a latte), but whadyaknow, they charged me for a latte. Then she gave me my steamed milk in a paper cup and lid. Fail and fail. Better luck next time!


Kaci told me about this Burt’s Bees eye cream, so I invested in a bottle. Both of us have experienced really dry skin around our eyes this winter. We both are wanting to take as good of care of our skin as possible!



THIS! Poor carbs get such a bad rap, and I, too, have fallen victim to not trusting them always. But they are vital no matter what anyone tries to say. Allow this information to sink in fully.


I don’t know why, but this cracked me up big!


I bought these from Naturally More Discount Market because cookie dough and marshmallow together sounded like heaven in a pillowy bite!


And that is finally it! Hopefully these meals and/or products sparked inspiration for you! As always, I wish everyone a truly wonderful day and weekend!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites Comin’ At Ya!

  1. Oooo spinach artichoke tzatziki!! YUM! That sounds absolutely wonderful- especially atop salmon!

    That soup sounds like it has the most piquant seasonings- mmm mmm! All these meals I wish I could just reach out and take a bite of!

    Happy belated Registered Dietician Day 🙂

    LOVE the red dress! Red dresses are my faveeee.

    Cookie Dough & marshmellow together?!? I think I’ve seen these at our Target before.. I’m gonna keep on alert for them next time I’m there. Thank you for the awesome suggestions and inspo as always!


    1. We’ve run out & need to buy more asap! It is so flavorful & creamy.

      Thank you!! The soup did get better as it chilled.

      Thank you so very much!!

      Mine tooo! I’m now all for red. Love it, & it feels like a power color! Know what I mean? You wear it & feel a boost of confidence. 😌

      Hope you can snag a bag! You’re very welcome!


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