Amazing Friends, K Brew Expansion, & Barre3 Intuitive + Mindful Eating Workshop

This past weekend was exactly what I needed! I hope it’s not getting cheesy, but I really have been in such a good place. Very happy and grateful, and this weekend further reiterated how much I have to be thankful for.


Matt left after work on Thursday to serve as crew for a friend and fellow racer. They traveled to a track in SC, so I was solo with the babes. I started my morning with this incredible breakfast! Wilted kale with the leftover Zatarain’s mango habanero rice + quinoa with two eggs. They were supposed to be sunny side up, but I cooked them too long. Even still, they had such soft yolks that were delicious. I toasted two slices of sourdough from Panera Bread with sharp cheddar on one and pineapple pear butter + avocado on the other. I was quite proud of this creation!


One of my coworkers brought in clothes she wanted to sell and so so sweetly sold six items to me for $6 total! This dress was one item. Isn’t it fun and cute? I love flow-y, boho sleeves!


After a wonderful day at work, Kaci and I met up with one of our best friends for dinner. It’s been so needed, but being adults with so much going on, we haven’t seen enough of each other! We decided to dine at Zoe’s, and we talked for at least two hours. I can’t stress enough the importance of having genuine friends and making the effort to spend time together. It can help one’s health, and maintaining one’s identity and friends outside of a marriage is important too. I’ve seen women who have devoted so much of themselves to their husbands that they no longer had a life outside of them. Not a good predicament.

Anyway, I’ll get back to the matter at hand: food! Randi was so sweet to order the hummus trio for us to split. It was delicious!


I chose their spinach and mushroom piadina with grilled vegetables.


I love that we’ve been friends for at least 10 years now! No matter how much time passes, we always pick right back up too.


A gentleman so kindly offered to take our photo for us. I love sweet people like him!


Once back home, I fed and snuggled Jax and Rachel. I sent this to Matt, and he said Jax looked more mature. Where is my baby-faced baby going?!


A snack of puffed brown rice cereal, Strawberry Power O’s, walnuts, and almond milk.


I had to turn off the flash because it kept catching Jackson’s attention, ha! He is so snuggly now. Matt started bringing him to bed, so now he comes up and asks for cuddles. I fell asleep with him in my arms. ❤ Mason loved to spoon. He would always get right up against me and just purr away. Sweet Macey is greatly missed.


I woke up feeling pretty well-rested, thankfully. I had a banana with pb on one half and almond butter on the other. Yogurt with cinnamon to complete my plate. I ate a lighter meal because Kaci and I were meeting to enjoy bagels and coffee at K Brew’s newest location in West Knoxville!


I still had some coffee at home with these cuties.


This is another top I bought from my coworker. 🙂


I absolutely love the cafe! The attention to detail, signage, and atmosphere is all so lovely.


They were very busy!


My girl!


I love how they incorporated these signs to pay homage to their main location in North Knoxville.


They even included their signature hammocks. So of course we had to each get a photo in one. Isn’t she gorgeous?!




Their drinks are a little pricy but so worth it. One sip, and you realize how much higher quality they are. It’s like drinking a luscious cloud. The milk is steamed beautifully, not airy and flat. The espresso is also rich but not the least bit bitter.


Oh. My. Word. This was the best bagel sandwich! Roast beef and cheddar on cranberry walnut. Sweet and savory lover always!


They even have these beautiful planters all around their corner of the building.


Kaci dropped her car off to have the oil changed, so I made a quick trip to, where else, Target! That blue sky and blooms, All the heart eyes.



I found these fun earrings that I bought. Love the different designs!


So this trip was quite uplifting. I needed a new eyeglasses case, but I didn’t like the ones for sale. I popped into their Optical Center, where I purchase my glasses, and asked if they had any for sale. The gentleman recognized me as a customer and gave me a nice one with a cleaning cloth. Then as I was looking for a Pixi lipstick, a young associate offered to help. I believe she’s helped me before, and she’s always so sweet. Before I left the cosmetic department, she said she was preparing to put out some mascara samples but had not yet done so. She wanted to still give me one and came back with this nice one! I made sure to stop at Customer Service and bragged on both employees. They deserve something nice for what they did.


I went to Kaci and Drew’s and wasted no time trying out two pairs of my earrings.


I had eaten half of my bagel sandwich in the morning, so I had the other half while we practiced for our Barre3 Intuitive + Mindful Eating workshop.

K Brew had complimentary cake as well, so Kaci and I split a piece. It was awesome! So light, fluffy, and perfectly sweet.


We went on a beautiful walk in the sunshine with Axl, and I couldn’t resist taking to photos of the pretty flowers popping up now.

After doing some laundry, dishes, vacuuming the house, and finally putting our plants back outside, I made dinner. A salad with hummus to start.


Then I had leftover baked salmon, the Zatarain’s grain blend, seasoned cauliflower, and sautéed Brussels sprouts.


I wrote some notes for our workshop presentation then snacked on yogurt, berry mango mix, ground flax, and Cheerios.



Unfortunately, Rachel really wanted me to get up and first tried at 5:00 I think. Then they woke me up at 6:00. I laid in bed then went ahead and made breakfast. I think she just wanted to hang out because she had food on the counter. Haha silly girl!

I had a chopped pear with yogurt, pepitas, pb, and a muffin.


The culprit herself.

They look so sad! I’ll have to buy and repot some succulents. Oh well, we tried.


He was cuddling hardcore too! I just love that they want to be in my lap.


Wouldn’t ya know this tank is also from my coworker, ha! I bought some new bralettes and this bandeau bra from Aerie on Friday. All ready for our workshop!


The staff were so kind and put out snacks for the attendees.


Loved loved loved making this memory with Kaci! I couldn’t have done it without her. Twelve people attended and seemed really engaged and interested. I was nervous at first, which I hoped didn’t show. But not long into it, I felt at ease. I love public speaking. I just wanted to make sure I did this topic justice as it is something so important to me. Kaci was so well-spoken and gave a lot of great information! They have asked that we provide a post to include on their blog, so when it’s up, I’ll link it here. 🙂


We decided to have a later lunch at Panera Bread. It was the perfect weather to dine outside too! I chose their you pick two and got the tuna on black pepper focaccia with a Caesar salad and a crisp apple.


We then grocery shopped together, which I actually love. We used to do so when we lived together, so it feels really nostalgic.

We got back to their place, and I had a piece of chocolate that I bought for the workshop. We led a mindful eating exercise using chocolate. 🙂


I have been remembering to take my Polaroid with me, and I snapped this to remember our day. Love it!


I completed an online Barre3 workout along with a yoga flow by Adriene (she has a YouTube channel), and then I showered. Dinner was inspired by Mackenzie and her huge, delicious salads. This had baby kale, baby carrots, ‘shrooms, avocado, tempeh, extra virgin olive oil, and sautéed vegetables with a sun-dried tomato tapenade.


I late enjoyed fruit with cottage cheese, pistachios, cinnamon Puffins, and decaf Earl Grey tea.



Well, just like that, Monday snuck up on us again. But Matt is home! The weather hopefully will be nice for us all this week, and I earned a free coffee voucher at Panera Bread. Woohoo! Breakfast was an oatmeal muffin topped with pumpkin, pb, maple, and a side of yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and an apple.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

10 thoughts on “Amazing Friends, K Brew Expansion, & Barre3 Intuitive + Mindful Eating Workshop

  1. Six items for SIX dollars?!?! WHAT! That’s the steal of the century. That dress could be $60 alone!!!

    That hummus trio looks awesome. Such a great photo of the three of you!

    Okay K Brew sounds like a dream! The way you described the coffee sounds like a cup of perfection. As does that sandwich! I love that they combined the sweet with the cranberry mixed with the cheddar too.

    Hummus on salads is my faveeee!

    I am SOOO happy to hear the workshop went so well 🙂 ! Woohoo! I had no doubt it would, but it sounds like it all went very smoothly. I love the snacks that you left out too & heckk yeah chocolate totally has a place there too (especially Ghirardelli 😉 )

    Your big salad is EPIC. Gonna have to try to recreate this- -mmm! Giving me new ideas for my own!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Kori!! Love love loved reading this!


    1. Right?! The dress was definitely a boutique-style! I feel very grateful.

      I love a hummus variety! I’m basic & I know it. 😏 Thank you!

      So dreamy! I actually chose the bagel & sandwich combo, & they said no one had ordered that before! They joked it was like being on a secret menu. Leave it to me to choose interesting things!

      Mine too!! Need a topping? Add hummus. Need a sandwich spread? Hummmuuuss 😎

      Thank you!!! I so wish you could’ve been there! It was such a wonderful experience. Oh & the studio kindly put out those snacks – so sweet, right? I really appreciated their enthusiasm & genuine excitement! I am not lying when I thought of you as I chose the Ghirardelli chocolate for our mindful exercise!

      Aww I’m so glad! Hugh jass salad lovers 😗

      You are so welcome!


      1. Oh my gosh! I love that you chose that combo!! They should make that a permanent menu option!

        YASSS! *insert praise hands here* haha. Hummus everything, anywhere, anytime!

        Me too! I was cheering you on from afar. Awww! I am so honored you thought of me with the ghirardelli- highest compliment ever to be associated with such a tremendous chocolate ❤

        yes yess!! they are totally my go to! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


        1. I so would be honored if they made it the “Kori” on the menu!! 😉 Hahaha

          I’m so basic and don’t care – hummus is such an incredible condiment, dressing, dip, accompaniment to many dishes!

          Thank you so much!! Yes, I remembered your recap of Ghirardelli Square and just loved to share their amazing chocolate with the group.

          My weekend has started very well, and I hope the same for you!


          1. They totallllly should!

            Amen amen amen! I realize that being basic is just appreciating a lot of really great things. I’m learning to just be my basic self unapologetically as of late. I went to a dim sum place tonight and picked up each dish off the table and walked to the front to get a picture of it in the natural light. I am reaching new levels hahaha.

            Yay! I cannot wait to hear alll about it 🙂


            1. I would love it if they did!

              I love that perspective! I should start just accepting my love of life’s joys and not always joke that it’s, “being basic”. 🙂 I love that level!! We are in a world now where people love to share their creative side, be it art or food photography. I don’t see anything wrong with that.


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