Winter, Please Step Aside & Allow Spring to Flourish

I don’t know about how the weather is where you live, but we went from glorious warmth and spring temperatures back to winter overnight. No thank you. Also, our forecast shows a lot of rain as though we haven’t had enough. *But* I’m hoping for sunny skies and spring temperatures again soon!


Matt and I took off from work for his routine endoscopy to ensure his Celiac is controlled. I had a quick breakfast of a baked oatmeal muffin over yogurt with cinnamon Puffins and tahini.


After Matt was taken back, I put in my headphones to drown out the annoying tv they had playing, and I read more of The F*ck It Diet. Every person needs a copy!! It is so eye-opening and incredibly powerful. I must note that the tv program had a “nutritionist” (no idea if she was actually an RD) come on and discuss how, “food is thy medicine”. Nope, it is not. Food is nourishing, can help possibly prevent disease, and it brings satisfaction to life. But what does this say of those who eat well and still get cancer or a chronic illness? Our health is not simplified to diet and exercise. I’ve been guilty of following this mentality before, but I’m continuing to learn and evolve. This perpetuates guilt in those who do become sick, and guilt is never helpful. So to the chick on the tv, read this damn book.


Also, this by Haley Goodrich is so important to share!


Thankfully, the doctor said Matt looks well, but they had to take some biopsies and blood work to confirm. Fingers crossed he’s doing well!!

We first planned to go to Bonefish Grill with the gift card I won, but we keep forgetting that they aren’t open for lunch. Whoopsies. So we went to Taziki’s, and it was fabulous! I chose their lamb gyro with a side of tomato cucumber feta salad. Look at how doughy and soft their pita is. YUM.


Matt chose their lamb feast with a beautiful salad and potatoes. It is a feast for the eyes too!


We went to Aldi together and then back home to put away our goodies. I snagged this new bread, and ohmygosh it is delicious! Everyone needs to get a loaf!


I went by the clinic to check a few emails then ran one more errand.

Once back home I enjoyed a slice with buttery, perfectly ripe avocado. This was one of those simple meals that had me feeling so satisfied.


I promptly got changed and set out to walk in the beautiful weather. I talked with Kaci on the phone and ended up walking for about an hour or a little more!


I put together a quick dinner for us. Carrots and hummus to start. Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job. Lolz


Leftover red lentil pasta with sauteed vegetables, spinach, and sun-dried tomato tapenade.


I followed in Simi’s footsteps and did a lovely face mask.


Does this describe me? I’m apparently a seven, and I find it fun to read on the different types!


Dessert was a Pink Lady apple sliced and enjoyed with yogurt, pb, and Multigrain Cheerios. A side of Jax! You already know our peaches were parked on the couch to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She is so adorable! I love this show.



I slept SO well, but upon waking, we did hear them begin to bang around on the new town homes going up out front. It’s nauseating.

This breakfast was so perfect! Fluffy scrambled eggs over spinach with EBTB seasoning, cuties, and marbled cinnamon bread with pb.


Matt got creative and made a peach upside down oatmeal muffin that he then topped with yogurt. He gave me a taste, and it was so amazing too!


I was in the mood for more coffee, and I enjoyed it while browsing the Boden spring issue. Their clothes is quite cute! Just so ‘spensive.


I noshed on an oatmeal muffin and sharp cheddah before cleaning up the house a little. I then did a lovely 10-minute calming Barre3 flow then took a much-needed shower.


This top was another item I bought from my co-worker for $1!


I ate the rest of the hummus we had open with carrots and blue corn chips as a snack-y lunch.


I dropped off my engagement and wedding rings to be cleaned and inspected while I shopped at Old Navy and Pet Smart. I then went in search of a Jamba Juice (a gift card I have is good for a few restaurants), which took me to UTK’s campus. I went into the T-Rec center only to discover they were closed. Nice. But I snapped this pretty photo before I got the heck out of there. I really don’t like being on campus. I never really loved college. They were some great and also some rough years.


I decided to use my gift card at Panera Bread and chose their “Superfruits” Smoothie. I asked that they top it with almonds, and I used my own metal straw. 🙂 It tasted really sweet but was pretty good. It’s one of their Greek yogurt-containing smoothies.


I just love my rings so much! Two of the Jared employees remarked just how gorgeous my set is. ❤ I also felt proud because they said I’ve taken really good care of them.


Matt was a sweetie and joined me for a pre-dinner walk! Another walk, another flower photo. 😉


Once back I threw together a quick salad, steamed vegetables and rice medley, thawed rotisserie chicken, and sun-dried tomato tapenade.


We got cleaned up and changed before settling in to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and and episode of The Office. We’re already halfway through the last season! Once we finish these shows, we’re going to watch the second season of The OA. Any other OA fans?!

I finished my smoothie with puffed brown rice cereal, roasted sunflower seeds, and pb.



I again slept well, thankfully, and I made a quick breakfast. On a kick with this marbled cinnamon bread and not mad about it at all. This time I topped it with Greek yogurt and had a halved apple filled with pb.


I spent time scrubbing our shower, which was embarrassing, the toilets, bathroom vanity, dusted, vacuumed, put away the dishes, and did more laundry. Phew! I love getting all of that out of the way before the start of another work week.

I fueled with a Morningstar black bean burger topped with avocado, carrots and pepper with hummus, and an oatmeal muffin.


I completed a 10-minute energizing Barre3 flow followed by Yoga by Adriene’s 14-minute Office Break flow. I truly feel so refreshed after this “me time”. I enjoyed cinnamon Puffins with sunflower seeds and milk before showering.


I made a curry lime salmon salad to chill for dinner, fixed a few clothing items that I’d been delaying, and then enjoyed a square of delicious chocolate. Kaci got to come over and see me and the babies for a bit, which I loved!


Matt rebuilt a transmission for his Nissan 240 and cut his hair. Once he got back home, we enjoyed the salmon salad with blue corn chips, pickles and pickled carrots, and roasted Brussels sprouts and purple cauliflower. Isn’t it so pretty? The salmon didn’t taste quite as good as I’d hoped it would, but we both were satisfied.


I went simple with a mug of yogurt with banana and chopped roasted nuts. Chopping them to add over oatmeal or yogurt is the best texture! We watched one episode of each show then crawled into bed.



Although simple, this oatmeal was soo good. I made a packet of Ancient Grains oats with milk, water, and pinch of salt then topped with a generous amount of cinnamon, brown sugar, and pb. I ate an apple out-of-hand on the side.


I hope you all have the best day and week ahead! Please share any fun foods you ate and/or things you did over the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Winter, Please Step Aside & Allow Spring to Flourish

  1. Dang, that book seriously sounds powerful & mentally transformative. Thanks for sharing about it!

    Hoping & praying everything is good with Matt.. I know any medical tests can be nerve wracking. Bonefish Grill is so yummy, but I gotta say I think I may choose Taziki over it from the looks of that food! I can practically taste that fluffy pita!

    LOL(about the day job comment)- well I gotta say that carrot creation is pretty spectacular!

    A peach upside down oat muffin sounds absolutely magical. I used to have peaches and yogurt on repeat for years! I need to get back on that kick.

    Those flowers— Sooo beautiful!

    Panera has Greek yogurt smoothies!? It looks really refreshing. I haven’t been in a while but this is the second time I’ve seen someone post about Panera today, and it’s making me crave it!

    Your rings are soo pretty. OK we need to talk OA- I have heard this mentioned like five times in 24 hours (I think because it’s new to Netflix). I don’t care for scify shows often, but people swear by it. Worth watching in your opinion?! Thanks for sharing, Kori! Your post made my stomach grumble, so that’s my cue to make a snack haha .


    1. I definitely caught myself smiling & nodding while reading then realized people in the waiting room were probably questioning my sanity. 😛 But I hope just seeing it sparked some interest in them to snag a copy! It’s incredible.

      Thank you so much!! I find that working in medical care has made me more anxious about anything medical-related. Lolz. But our fingers are crossed. I honestly am so glad we went to Taziki’s instead! It was precisely what we were craving. Gosh, that pita was so good!

      Thank ya!

      It’s like peaches & cream! That used to be my fav Quaker instant oatmeal flavor. 😋 So nostalgic.

      I didn’t know Panera carried them either! Honestly Matt’s are much better 😉 but it was a fun treat on a sunny day!

      Thank you!! I am not a sci-fi fan, yet I’m so totally hooked on Stranger Things & the OA. So never say never! We watched the first season two years ago I think, & they just released the second. It’s so strange, thought-provoking, & interesting. I got sucked in pretty much from the start. I really recommend it! It may not be your cup of tea, but it would be worth checking out in case it is!

      You are so welcome! Thank you for your sweet comment. 💕 Bahaha hope you enjoyed your snack!


      1. LOL! No no they probably were just trying to get a glimpse of the book after that!

        Girl, I feel ya on that. After working on a neuro-stroke unit I’m always convinced I’m gonna have an aneurysm. I know that’s so morbid, but that clinically associated hypochondria is real. But not to make it about me.. keep me posted about Matt if you feel comfortable to do so ❤

        Yes yesss- me too! When I got the instant packs peaches & cream was my favorite too (That and the apple cinnamon)—I can practically taste them!

        Ok sooo good to know you like the OA even though you aren’t a sci-fi fan. I’m definitely gonna check it out when I finish up the shows I’m on now. I’m excited!!!

        I so did! Time for another one though, haha!!<3


        1. Hopefully so!

          Yes!!! You didn’t make it about you at all. I’m the same way after seeing so much diabetes, hypertension, & kidney failure. The “medical student syndrome” or this hypochondria is oh so real. I will let you know what the findings are!

          Oh gosh, yes! Apple cinnamon, cinnamon brown sugar, strawberries & cream. Mmmm, so nostalgic.

          I sure hope you like it! It’s way different but got me hooked.



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