From Barre to Bagels & Back to the Barre

Good Monday morning, beautiful people! I sure hope you had a restful and enjoyable weekend. I sound like a broken record, but they really do go by way too fast.


I started Friday on a super delicious note thanks to Alexis! She shared this savory oatmeal creation on Instagram, and it sounded perfect. I cooked Bob’s Red Mill quick cooking oats in equal parts milk and water with salt and pepper. I then topped my bowl with EBTB seasoning, coriander, thyme, avocado, tahini, and Meyer lemon infused honey. YUM. It sounds different, but trust me when I say your taste buds will be dancing big time.


Matt made quite an epic egg sandwich on Canyon gf bread with melty sharp cheddar and Swaggerty’s sausage.


Breaking out some of my spring/summer clothes now that it actually is warming up nicely!


After work, I got over to our Barre3 studio and took an amazing class! They had 45 minutes of Barre3 followed by 45 minutes of yoga. It was so so challenging but invigorating. After I got home, I put together this meal of Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes that I found by Minimalist Baker. It was so full of flavor and textures and was incredible! I served our sweet potatoes on greens, and I have to admit just drizzling the sauce over the top made me feel a little fancy.



Once showered and back downstairs, I put together a mug of yogurt, banana, pb, and Multigrain Cheerios. Matt and I watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and an episode of The Office.


I was still hungry, so I got a mug of popcorn, and that did the trick. It was so good! I had to peel myself off the couch and get to bed at the end of our shows because I was pooped.



I started with a very small meal because Kaci and I were meeting for brunch. I had fruit and cashew milk out of the almost empty pb jar and then coffee. Look at Jax in the background! He always paws at the counter wanting Rachel’s food bowl. Hahaha


Once I was finally ready, I met Kaci and Paysan to try it for the first time. It’s near the Knoxville National Cemetery, which I think is rather pretty and fascinating.




It all looked so good!



Twin dates are the best! We went next door to Remedy coffee to enjoy our bagels. The bar window seat was bright, so this is why we were those people rocking our sunglasses inside.


Per Kaci’s suggestion, I ordered their lox on pumpernickel. SO GOOD.


Without sunnies 😉


I got a mug of delish coffee and sipped as we chatted.



Kaci met up with Drew, and I ran some errands. I had seen this cute shop, Once Again Treasures, many times but hadn’t stopped in before. It was one of the cutest I’ve ever been to!





They even have a clothing boutique, and I bought a top and a jumpsuit. All of the clothes was incredibly adorable! So boho, lacy, flowy. The lady who was working there that day was so personable and fun too. A very awesome shopping experience!


I went to Kroger for a few things, and I couldn’t help but snap a photo. Aren’t these cute?


After shopping at Aldi and getting all our goods put away + the babies fed, I snacked on carrots and hummus along with a Pink Lady apple.

I checked our mail and received Matt’s endoscopy results. All biopsies were benign, they removed his diagnosis of Barrett’s Esophagus, and his blood panel shows great gf dietary compliance!! I was beyond thankful and relieved!!

After calling and telling him the news, I sat outside on the porch and thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest Pioneer Woman magazine. I *love* her magazine! I will say our next door neighbor is absurd and was outside cursing left and right about some stupid drama. He seems way too old for what he goes on about. Anytime I see him, he’s smoking and in a rotten mood. Some people…


Another mug of popcorn because it is so good!


For dinner, I made Anne’s latest mini meatloaf muffins recipe, and they were phenomenal! I substituted with ground chicken because that’s what we already had. I also used prunes instead of cranberries, omitted the celery because we didn’t have any, and I garnished with parsley. Simple salad with Ree Drummond’s ranch dressing and sautéed Brussels and mushrooms with kale pesto. I love the buy Kroger’s unique vegetables with a sauce packet in the produce when they go on sale.


I had enough to make two in our PW ramekins.


Here is the delicious ranch that we used!


I had hoped this would taste better than it did, but ya never know unless you try. I added equal parts cocoa powder and pb powder plus cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg to Greek yogurt. I topped it with cinnamon Puffins, sunflower seeds, Multigrain Cheerios, and banana. Sadly, we finished Mrs. Maisel and have to wait for season three!


We also watched an episode of Our Planet narrated by David Attenborough. I love his voice and these programs! Those were flamingos on the right. The water reflection was gorgeous!


This breakfast was so good that I had to enjoy it again!


Rainy morning vibes. Romper from Planet Xchange ❤ Give me all the mustard and muted floral prints!


I meal prepped, did laundry and the dishes, then I showered.

Lunch was fabulous. Morningstar Farms black bean burger with Havarti, toasted marbled cinnamon bread with mashed avocado, and greens with tomatoes, parsley, and ranch.


It doesn’t look pretty, but it was wonderful. Mashed banana with pb and cinnamon.


Kaci and I had the pleasure of taking a Barre3 class together!! We first went to an open house for fun. I love doing so with her! They are asking way too much money, but I’m glad we looked. I took this photo after class on the second floor of the studio.


Once back home, I ate carrots, hummus, and smoked gouda Triscuits. I definitely recommend this flavor!


Matt made us his famous ribs! I snagged these ribs at buy one rack and get one free from Kroger. They were simply pork ribs without any added solution. Score!


I made us broccoli slaw and then leftover roasted sweet potatoes. Hit. the. spot.


Snack was a small smoothie topped with pistachios, cinnamon Puffins, and chocolate chips.



I went with a super simple yet oh so satisfying oatmeal creation this morning. Quick cooking oats made with milk, cinnamon, espresso salt, and banana. Topped with pb and chocolate chips. Highly recommend this! Inspiration from Robyn.


Here’s to us all having such an incredible week! Please share any fun you had over the weekend in the comments!




6 thoughts on “From Barre to Bagels & Back to the Barre

  1. I love the Mediterranean twist on those savory oats- mmm mm! Eating popcorn out of a mug is adorable!!!

    That cemetery is beautiful.

    Oh my gosh- I remember the lox/pumpernickel from her post! It looks like the BEST combo for lox. I was surprised it wasn’t just on their menu just like that!

    LOVE these twin pics- and your lipstick is sooo pretty!

    SOOO happy for Matt & you. Ahhhh what a relief ❤ ❤

    We have been talking about watching Our Planet! It looks awesome.

    MMm I love chocolate chips in my oats! I’ve been doing that a lot lately too. Happy Wednesday, Kori!


    1. Thank you! There are so delicious and unique. Matt goes, “eating popcorn out of a mug?” Yep! I basically eat a lot of my food from my mugs. 😉

      It really is! Kind of a haunting beauty.

      Right?! I just love the combination! Rich pumpernickel with delicate, buttery lox. Umm

      Thank you so much!!! I’ve become more confident wearing bright lips, but it can still catch me off guard when I first apply it. Haha

      Thank you, thank you! I squealed with happiness. Such a relief indeed!

      It’s amazing! Not that I want to be ignorant to our environment at all, but some of the series is sad. They speak about global climate change and the negative consequences. Makes my heart ache for the animals at risk.

      Great minds think alike! I hope you have had an amazing week!


      1. I really do think most food tastes better out of a mug! Or a mason jar. Just something about it!

        Oh my gosh, I totally know what you mean about the lips catching you “off guard”.. I feel that way myself, but it really is fun to play it up & you pull it off SO well!

        Oh man, I feel like I would sob the entire time. Still will watch though because it’s so important to be cognizant of & advocate for taking care of our world ❤

        Hope your weekend is off to the best start! Already excited to read your recap 🙂


        1. I so agree!!

          I really appreciate that so much!!

          My same thoughts! I can’t pretend it isn’t happening, & I want to be educated.

          I sure hope yours is too!


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