Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Friday Faaavorites, hot off the press for your reading pleasure.

Thanks to Alexis for bringing this to my attention, I snagged one each of the limited edition croissants from Aldi!! Everything. Bagel. Croissant. I know! Drool-worthy.


Plus they have herb and cheese croissants. Heaven in a clamshell container, I tell ya!


I had a difficult time choosing which to enjoy first, but I decided to go with the herb and cheese with sunny side up eggs (one yolk broke, so having two was a great call, yo), wilted spinach, and ‘Mandies’. The different names used for clementines crack us up. I added EBTB seasoning to my eggs, so I did get the best of both worlds! Also, Jax!


Another morning I had scrambled eggs with cheddar over wilted spinach with apple and pan-seared marbled cinnamon bread with butter. My sweet intern bought a loaf and tried it with just butter, and I hadn’t done so yet. It’s delicious!


One afternoon she and I ate outside in the glorious sunshine. I had leftover vegetables from Kroger (pro-tip: if you see any bagged/packaged vegetable on sale, buy them up and cook them for the week), coleslaw, and Hempeh. I hadn’t seen this product before, but I loved it! Instead of being made with soy, it’s made with hemp and peanuts. Pretty genius, huh?


We enjoyed those same vegetables with leftover meatloaf muffins. Y’all, these muffins have been incredible and such a time-saver when it comes to weeknight dinner! Highly recommend them.


I realized I snapped this photo almost two weeks ago and forgot to share it. Doh! Rotisserie chicken, red lentil pasta with sun-dried tomato tapenade, and a lovely salad with cauliflower pearls and ranch.


After a tough but still rewarding Barre3 class on Thursday, I ate a wonderful meal at Whole Foods from their hot bar. Several things to note: I’m grateful for Barre3 because it never negatively impacts my appetite, the instructors do not talk about calories, and I’m thankful that I can view movement as a joy and not a chore. It’s not about burning calories. It’s about finding new edges, developing greater strength, and improving self-confidence in one’s abilities. We often can do more than we think. Also, the cashier at WF was so very personable, chatty, and sweet! These little interactions mean a lot to me.

All of this was superb! Tofu, which I’ve been craving, hit the spot. I had to get a dolma because they are amazing, and it made me think of Mack!


The super sweet WF associate told me that this is a really great product. I was thankful he did because I really had no idea if it would be nice or a flop. We needed soap, but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Thankfully, this large bottle was on sale for $10.99, and he said it would last several months!

I found this coffee at Aldi and loved that it combine each a dark and light roast!


It’s kind of hard to tell, but I’ve loved wearing my new earrings that I bought recently at Target. Two sets of small hoops came in the package, and I love how dainty they are.


Kaci is so very sweet and let me borrow this adorable Old Navy midi-length dress from her! I absolutely love the print and fit.



I also recently bought these daisy-print pixie pants from Old Navy thanks to a friend for telling me about them! They are so perfect. If you haven’t tried on their pixie pants, I highly recommend them. They are so comfortable and very fun. I paired them with a vintage mustard top, and it has real buttons down the back. They aren’t just for looks like some shirts. 😉


I came across the top photo of me and Kaci on my Fb memories. We took them as our graduation photos from undergrad April 2011. Crazy how much has changed from then up to our 30th birthday last year!


I want to end on this wonderful note. My friend, Lindsey and I share our love for Natural Life and all things fun and positive!


May you all have an amazing day and weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Everything bagel croissants?!?! Yes please! I’ll take one Friday Faves AND one of those hot off the press please! AND they have an herb & cheese flavor? Okay add one of those too- haha. These look soo good.

    Oooh I have never heard of Hempeh before, but it sounds awesome!

    Aw yay for Dolmas! There is just something about them that is ohhh so satisfying! That whole meal looks so yummy- I love the variety & colors!

    How fun that you and Kaci can still share clothes! That’s a dreammm. Hoping one day my sister and I will will close enough to do that! That dress is super cute on ya. Oh my gosh!! I love the time lapse photos so much- y’all just don’t age! And although you were stunning then.. y’all are getting even more beautiful with time!

    That quote is so real & true & awesome. I always love when you share these because they encourage me big time! Thanks for sharing these great finds/eats/and just life in general!


    1. They are phenomenal!! I honestly have a hard time choosing, but the herb and cheese may almost win as my favorite!

      You would love it! So unique in flavor, and it still has that delish tempeh texture.

      Dolmas are so soft and full of flavor! You’re right -so satisfying. I loved this meal!

      I am so grateful that we can share clothes!! I hope one day you and your sister can too! Thank you ❤ I loved this dress. I appreciate your compliment soooo much!! I truly loved looking back and reflecting on those photos and that exciting time in our lives.

      I'm so grateful they resonate with you too! I also am thankful you thoroughly enjoy my posts and ramblings. I love and appreciate you big!


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