Best Friends, Delicious Food, & Twinkling Water Lanterns

Some how, some way, the weekends always seem to fly by, but I really feel like we live them up tremendously and make the most of the time we have! This past weekend was good for my soul for sure.


I realized I hadn’t enjoyed overnight oats in quite a while, so I prepped some on Thursday evening. I mixed quick cooking oats with milk, yogurt, banana, and spices. In the morning, I added pb and sunflower seeds. Delicious!


I sported my Old Navy pineapple and avocado printed top and received a few compliments. It’s a fun one!

After work, I stopped by Kroger and saw their hydrangeas out front. Are these not stunning? I want to plant some at our home one day!


Kroger’s free Friday download was for a free Clif bar. Score!


I went by Pineapple Consignment’s pop-up sale, and I snagged the very best item for myself! I just love it.


Kaci got to come over, and is this not the cutest photo?! I couldn’t resist making it into a collage that zoomed in on Jackson’s face. Bahahahaha!


I had simple cheese toast with the last of my meatloaf muffin over spinach. I made Matt a plate of warmed lentils, green beans with sun-dried tomato tapenade + parsley, and rotisserie chicken over greens with ranch dressing and chips.


For an evening snack, I added cocoa powder to yogurt and topped my bowl with puffed brown rice cereal, cuties, and chopped roasted mixed nuts. We watched The Office, a few episodes I believe, then crawled into bed.



I was in the mood for sweet and savory for breakfast, so I enjoyed apple “nachos” with an EBTB croissant. Perfection!

Jackson has been so snuggly! I just love it.


I took care of some laundry, dishes, and more tasks around the house before I enjoyed lunch. Warmed lentils and mashed avocado over wilted spinach with hot sauce, ‘shrooms with ranch, and chips.


I then made a small mug of oatmeal topped with dried figs, seeds, and Meyer lemon-infused honey. This was the perfect sweet finish to lunch.


More cuddles! He begged to be picked up, and you can see him head-booping me. ❤


I finally got myself ready and wore my new jumpsuit from a local boutique, Clancy’s Closet! I just love it so much.


The back is fun too!


I met up with one of my best friends, Randi, at her place, and I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with her and her husband’s three sweet girls. I get to be an honorary aunt, and that feels amazing. We had fun with Play-doh, and I forgot how calming it is to just play! Why do we have to stop once we become adults? We had to make a stop at Target, and you better believe I bought myself some Play-doh.

We then attended the Water Lantern Festival. They go to many cities, so check your area! Randi coordinated it for her sister, Trissa’s bachelorette party. She did a wonderful job! I mean, look how cute this setup is.



Love!! Kaci met us there, then we moseyed on over to the food truck line.


What we didn’t realize is how long it would take. The one complaint was the event crew did not forecast the turn out, and they did not reserve enough food trucks. We waited for 1.5 hours to place our order!  At least we were in excellent company together. 😉


I got one of their last black bean burgers! I added pesto and ordered coleslaw as my side. They were kind and said they felt the portion was small, so they gave me complimentary potato salad. I didn’t finish the sides as there was plenty, but it hit the spot.


Kaci added cheese to hers and had fried okra. Oh so nostalgic.


Randi, Trissa, yours truly, and Kaci!


We then got down to business decorating our lanterns. I chose to dedicate mine to our babies. ❤




I used the Washi tape that Randi brought to create this fun design on the fourth side.


Aren’t they all so pretty on the water?



It felt almost magical.


Randi, Kaci, and I chatted for at least two more hours, and it was sooo needed! Randi drove her and I back to her place, and I then commuted home.

I was hungry, so I made a mug of Cheerios with chocolate chips, pb, and cashew milk. I sometimes don’t use dairy milk this late just to avoid possibly upsetting my stomach. Yes, it was well after midnight, and no, this is not unhealthy. What is not a good idea is to go to bed hungry because that’s a recipe for poor sleep.



We woke up a bit later than usual, and the sleep was very much appreciated. I decided to blend frozen avocado with Greek yogurt to enjoy over a thick slice of my marbled cinnamon bread. I had a crisp Pink Lady apple with pb as well.


I took my coffee upstairs to sit with Matt and found Rachel snuggled with him! This is what makes my heart so happy. My loves.


Kaci sweetly invited me to a twin K Brew date, so I hurriedly tried to get ready!


More coffee? Don’t mind if I do. I enjoyed a cafe au lait and a small Caesar salad because I was hungry.


We then went to Pet Smart, and I sent this to Matt saying I wish we could’ve got it for Mason! He wouldn’t have wanted to wear it, though, and I wouldn’t have made him uncomfortable. As an aside, I read that avocados are harmful for cats. I sure hope not because he loved them!


It was this many mph. Bahaha, the wind was intense! Kaci and I shopped at Aldi and then Target together. I truly love shopping together! Some people go to the club or enjoy the nightlife. I’m all about real connection over coffee, friend lunch or dinner dates, and shopping together. ❤


I snacked on a package of KIND blueberry breakfast bars on the way home then later ate carrots and hummus. Hunger was still present, so I had a plum. Then I felt great.


My new sandals! I upgraded.

I ran one more errand then munched on some of these when I returned home. I love these pb-filled pretzel nuggets!


I made a make-shift pesto out of spinach, fresh Italian parsley, sunflower seeds, extra virgin olive oil, splash of water, lemon juice, garlic powder, and salt and pepper.


We enjoyed it with mixed greens, cucumber, slaw mix, and salad shrimp from Aldi. I made a cheddar quesadilla with two gf spinach tortillas, but it needed more cheese. Lol. We dipped it in spicy salsa.


I finished meal prepping for Monday, ironed my outfit, put away laundry, and then we clipped the babies’ claws before I vacuumed the house. I felt so productive!

While watching Our Planet, I noshed on Greek yogurt with cuties, shredded wheat, and roasted mixed nuts. Apparently it was what I was craving this weekend.


The Play-Doh I bought! No shame. I think it’s really calming.


I twisted together purple and yellow. It ended up becoming a gray color, but it’s fun to mix them as the girls showed me.



I slept hard but not quite enough. Even still, today has been great. I started it with a bowl of shredded wheat, plum, cinnamon, pepitas, pb, and milk. I added some more pb and milk after snapping this as I realized it needed more of both.


I love changing out my clothes for the season because it feels like going shopping!


Kaci and I are taking Barre3 together this evening, and I’m looking forward to it! I hope you all have an amazing day and week ahead!



10 thoughts on “Best Friends, Delicious Food, & Twinkling Water Lanterns

  1. Ok not even kidding before I even started reading this post I was gonna say “I always so look forward to your weekend recaps because you always live um’ up!”. You really do make the most of them!!

    Such an adorable pineapple shirt. They are the perfect little size too.

    All this food is making my stomach growl- tip for lunch!

    Ohhh and I’m obsessed with that jumpsuit. Like… obsessssed. I saw it on your Instagram and fell in love with it! Clancy’s for the win again!

    I loveee that you bought yourself Play-Doh! Kids can be so grounding- they aren’t caught up in the minutia of life & often are great at reminding us what is important.

    Your water lanterns are sooo beautiful! I’ve always wanted to attend a water lantern festival- and this is making me wanna go look up the next one close to us! What an absolutely unforgettable weekend!

    Hope y’all had such a fun time at Barre3! Thanks for sharing your fabulous weekend!


    1. Ahh thank you! I really feel like over the past several years I’ve really pushed myself to try new things & get out of my comfort zone. Thank you for saying that! I want to make them most of my time for sure. ☺️

      Thank you! Yes, little bebe 🍍 & 🥑, & I love the small print over the stripes. Prints on prints are my jam!


      Thank you!! It’s crazy comfortable & so fun, especially with the flowy pant legs!!

      Yes, “kids can be grounding” – exactly!

      Thank you!! I really suggest this event. It feels magical!

      Barre3 was soo so incredible! But my legs were definitely fatigued. By the time we were doing sumo bridge lifts, they were so wobbly & sore but in a good way! Have the best evening!


      1. The wobbly sore is definitely a good sore! Means ya pushed yourself to the max! I haven’t had a good workout like that in a couple weeks, so this is motivating me to do a HITT routine tomorrow to max out. I am taking today off to rest up. Thanks for the motivation 🙂 Have a great Friday Eve!!


        1. Yes! It’s like a gentle reminder of what I did to care for myself. But yes, rest is so vital! Yesterday was so awesome, and I hope you had a fabulous day too! Happy Friday!


  2. Ooo, I love your shorts & the sandals you wore to the coffee date!!

    I went to the same water lantern festival (I think) a few years ago in MN & we had the exact same issues! There was not enough food vendors at all & the releasing of lanterns happened a lot later than advertised.

    Also, how do you get your PB so runny? Do you microwave it?


    1. I am sorry to just now be replying! Silly WP put your comment in my spam folder. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thank you so much! I recently bought the linen shorts from Old Navy, & I’ve had my sandals for years. 🙂

      That’s crazy! How have they not learned to provide more food? It was really upsetting because we spent more time in line than anything else. By the time we got around to decorating our lanterns, the sun had already gone down, so we had to use our phone flashlight. Sheesh.

      Nope! It’s Kroger’s natural pb that stays really drippy! We love it so much & highly recommend it.


      1. No worries!! WP loves to put me in the spam folder. 😭 I am happy you even found my comment!! ♡

        & seriously!! They had two vendors with lines all the way into the parking lot. Some people were still waiting when the sun went down & they just cut them off! They really need to work on that!

        & ooo, duh! I shoulda known about the PB. 😛


        1. That’s absolutely ridiculous!! We ate when it was dark, and they were running out of food fast. We bought the last three black bean burgers. They really need to plan better!

          Hahaha I am like the unofficial Kroger Pb spokesperson! Maybe they ought to hire me. 😉


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