Easter Weekend 2019

Happy Earth Day/Monday/Easter Monday! I hope you all are very well on this glorious day! Matt and I are unfortunately feeling a little stuffy, and my throat is scratchy. Please send me all the healing vibes. I really don’t want a cold plus it’s one of my best friend’s wedding on Saturday. So if I could avoid a red nose, that would be fabulous.

Anywho, let’s get on to the weekend recap, shall we?


I opted for a quick breakfast because I had to take Rachel and Jackson to the vets for their dental cleaning. I enjoyed shredded wheat with cinnamon, pb, blackberry jam, milk, and an apple. It always breaks my heart to leave them at the vets even though I know it’s necessary and that they’re in good hands.


Registered Dietitians go through years of an accredited educational program where as “nutritionists” have no educational background. Be careful who you listen to.


I left work a little early, and Kaci met me at our place to carpool over to get the babies! We stopped by K brew because I had a coupon award. I tried their latest coconut cream latte with half the sweetness, and it was awesome!


I loved the cute decor at the vets, especially this sign! It absolutely is. ❤


Rachel received a good clean bill of health, but poor Jax had two infected/rotten teeth. I felt horrible!! We’ve known his breath was horrible, and this confirmed why. The doctor was very sweet and said it wasn’t anything that we did wrong – it is just a genetic possibility for some babies. He hasn’t slowed down a bit!

I have followed an account called Through and Through Collective on Ig, and they sell affordable fashion in our area. I snagged a pair of J Crew pixie pants that I’ll share on my next  Friday Favorites post! I loved how they personalized the bag and card.

Before Kaci left, we watched some Robin Williams visits on Johnny Carson’s late night show and were dying laughing. We munched on corn chips with pimiento cheese. So good! The babies also ate and got all settled.

I went really simply and kind of sad for dinner. But that’s how it is sometimes! Not all meals will be gourmet. Bed o’ spinach topped with sauteed fresh squash and a can of corn, beans, potatoes, peppers, green beans, and seasonings. We added ranch and called it dinner, ha.


I was craving sweet, creamy, crunchy, and salty, so enter this snack plate! Yogurt, banana, and pb filled pretzel bites. It was amazing.



I woke up refreshed on Saturday, and I decided to make “banana sushi”. I added a thick amount of pb to our last spinach tortilla then a whole banana, wrapped it up, sliced it sushi style, then I topped it with Greek yogurt and chia.


It was very tasty!


When Kaci and I took Barre3 in studio on that past Thursday, I bought one of their tanks on sale. I love it! The marbled style and the font were both so pretty. Our temps dropped, so I wore my pink cardigan and rain jacket. Winter’s last hurrah.


Lunch was carrots and chips dipped into the last of our hummus. Plus I ate an apple and felt satisfied. Matt and I then went grocery shopping together, which was actually really fun. We first stocked up on the babies food, then I got a decaf latte from Panera Bread with a gift card before we braved Kroger. There were a lot of other people as you might well imagine with Easter the next day.


Once we got everything put away and relaxed for a bit, we made our way to the movie theater inside the East Town Mall. I ate this KIND bar on the way, and I highly recommend the flavor!


The mall is so depressing as most stores have closed. They had the Easter bunny there, but it was at least $12 to get your photo. I am a dork to the core and wanted to get one with Matt, but we opted for SnapChat filters instead. Lolz

Kaci and Drew met us not long after, and we got our seats to watch the newest Dumbo! Take one: Matt was eating his Larabar, and Drew barely made the cut. (Also, note mean mug in the background. She and her husband obnoxiously ate their popcorn during the first part of the movie. Like he chewed it loudly WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN. Then they opened several cans of Coke. Ugh.)


Then Drew was gone completely, ha! Oh well.


Kaci and I LOVED the movie! The boys were meh about it. I do love the original best, and Dumbo is a weird/psychedelic movie, but this had me tearing up several times.

We all went to Bonefish Grill for a double date dinner! Their fabulous bread with pesto + olive oil to start.


Our waiter, Adam was hysterical! We all loved him and his service. So funny, personable, and chatty in a super fun way. Like he could’ve pulled up a chair and joined us, and it would’ve been a ‘more the merrier’ situation. He talked up one of their special drinks, and I really just wanted the pretty flower. So he brought it to me! He told me I needed to try it as it is edible, so I nibbled a petal. Hahaha

I enjoyed their house salad, and it reminded me I need to get hearts of palm to add to our salads at home!


I chose their wolffish special with green beans and coleslaw. It has a firmer texture than other white fish, but it was still delicate and tasty. As he explained, this fish feeds a lot on lobster, so it has a slight lobster flavor but mild overall.


Matt had their rainbow trout.


The guy is Matt’s age with his birthday coming up in May. When Matt ordered his whiskey and ginger, he saw that his birthday is coming up, so he gave him a box of chocolates! So cute!



After we parted ways, Matt and I drove home and jammed out to some tunes. We had our own dance party, and I’m sure we looked mad. I loved it so much!

We got changed, and I was still a little hungry, so I had a mug of Cheerios with plum, nuts, and almond milk. We called it a night shortly there after.


Sunday // Easter

Poor Matt couldn’t go back to sleep after getting up to feed the babies. I got up shortly after 7:00 and went right to washing dishes and making our blueberry honey coffeecake.

Sweet Rachel was tired too!

Tada! The center unfortunately didn’t cook through quite enough, and I swore off baking for awhile. You’ll see how the joke was on me in a bit. It sure was amazing in flavor.

I enjoyed my slice with Greek yogurt and pb.


After finishing my coffee, I got myself ready to attend church service with my sweet friend, Courtney. My Eastery attire.


I have to say that while I haven’t been to church in a long time and am not quite sure where I stand in my beliefs, it was my favorite service ever! So relatable, fun, inspiring, and touching. The music had a rocker-type, more youthful vibe too. I also bumped into the sweet lady who had cleaned my teeth for years. Small world! I didn’t know it was her church, so it felt like a sign that it was where I was supposed to be.

After the service, Courtney and her husband joined Matt and I for lunch at First Watch. Thankfully, there was hardly a wait. That’s kind of unheard of on a holiday.

I chose their smoked salmon tzatziki toast with eggs and added a side of greens. Loved this dish! I felt awful, though, because Courtney asked for her eggs to be well-done, and they were not. Kind of disappointing of First Watch.


Courtney and Cole were such a pleasure to hang out with, and I look forward to spending more time together!


I ate a very small mug of cereal after I had run an errand then came home. Shredded wheat, cutie, sunflower seeds, and milk.


I then got changed and went on a 45-minute glorious walk! The sun was shining bright, and the weather turned out much better than expected.


So other than our sweet, precious Mason not being with us, this has been the best Easter. I thoroughly enjoyed making our dinner with Matt, and we just cut-up and laughed a ton! Ya know how I said I wouldn’t bake for a while? Oops, I did it again. I just had to make Ree Drummond’s jalapeno cheddar scones. No rolling pin? No problem! A good ole wine bottle did the trick.


A SnapChat break while we waited for them to bake. Jackson is the best in this!!




Rachel wasn’t here for it.


Carrots and black bean hummus as an appetizer while Matt prepped our ham.


Our beautiful scones!


Complete with sauteed balsamic asparagus, greens and slaw with honey vinaigrette, and Aldi’s uncured glazed ham. Perfection.


For dessert, I had to include chocolate because it’s a must on Easter! A simple parfait of yogurt and banana with chocolate chips on top. After hearing Matt crunch on his cereal bowl, I got some Cheerios later and felt very satisfied.


I decided to try Brittany’s Greek Yogurt Oatmeal. I cooked a packet of Ancient Grains oatmeal with milk, water, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt. Then I topped it with banana, pb, and yogurt. I later drizzled some maple over top as well. It was pretty good, but I like cottage cheese in oatmeal just a little better. Still fun to try!


Florals for Earth Day!


However, I have realized I don’t like to tuck a shirt into this skirt because it has zero stretch in the waste. So I chose to knot my shirt in front and loved it much more like this!



Make today an amazing one!



10 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2019

  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend!! I know it didn’t cook in the middle but that blueberry coffee cake you made looks amazing!! I’m no baker but I’m definitely craving blueberry coffee cake now! I just need someone to make it for me 😅!!


    1. It really was an amazing weekend! Thank you so much!! I am admittedly a bit proud of it as I’m more of a cook than a baker. But I love to try, & I wish I could give you a slice!


      1. I wish I was a cook or a baker, but sadly I’m neither! I am a bit of a microwave connoisseur though! I am being forced out of my comfort zone though as my microwave just broke so I’m going to have to venture into the scary world of the oven. I wish you could send some cake to me too, but it might not travel that well to New Zealand! I think I’m going to have to find my own 🙂


        1. Hahaha girlfriend, we all excel at something! I think you could be an awesome cook! I just try to have fun and not take it too seriously because I have definite successes and not-so-successes in the kitchen. 😉 Let me know if you would like any help as you tackle the oven! I’m just learning as I go. I love that we’ve connected despite you living in New Zealand! Thank you for reading!


  2. What a beautiful Easter weekend! I realllly hope y’all are feeling better now though. That’s sooo interesting about the difference between dietitians and nutritionists. I actually did not have any idea about what set them apart- but soo good to know. Mmmm mm coconut cream latte- that sounds wonderful! Your vet sounds like the best vet EVER!

    Love this banana sushi idea- mmm mm! I have been on a serious PB kick as of late, so that is calling my name.

    That barre3 tank is SO cute. I heard a rumor that tie-dye is about to make a huge comeback- like we are about to see it everywhere!! You are ahead of the game 🙂

    Bonefish grill really does have some of the best starter bread- their pesto dipping sauce- mmmm mmm! Sounds like the waiter was such a hoot- how sweet of him to bring you that flower- you wear it well 🙂

    Oh my goshhhh that blueberry honey coffee cake- literally allll the amazing flavors in one cake. And I love how you paired it with Greek yogurt & PB… that’s EXACTLY what I would do too!! Those two accompany so many desserts really well!

    Beautiful Easter outfit & Glad it was such a wonderful service ❤

    that first watch meal- smoked salmon has got to me my all time favorite brunch dish & I wanna try theirs! gosh, I miss that place! Ohhh I need to see if they have one in Austin!

    … Just checked…. There are a couple!! WOOHOOOO!!! So excited.

    Confession: I don’t even own a rolling pin, I just use a wine bottle each time too haha.

    Those. Scones. WOWZA. This might be the most delicious looking Easter dinner I’ve seen this year!!!

    Also … don’t mind me while I’m over here obsessing over your Earth Day outfit. LOVE. Okay gonna wrap up this book now. Haha. Have a great week, Kori! Loveddd reading as always.


    1. Gosh Mack, you have brightened my morning!! We are feeling better! But I’m still stuffy & getting over my cold. I usually just get around one cold or so a year, but this year has been a mess. I guess more crud has been spread. I wouldn’t have known the difference either! I just like to educate on it, if I can. 😊

      I hope you can enjoy it soon!

      Thank you!! I’m so excited for that! I love tie dye. I’m also *loving* the indigo tie dye trend! Have you seen it? It’s so pretty!

      Bonefish really does! The pesto dipping sauce is fabulous. He was hilarious!! And thank you! Matt said to give him a smile & side eye, & I think I just look a little deranged. 😂 But I had such a blast. Love double dating with Kaci & Drew!

      I highly recommend it! Check out the National Honey Board for the recipe. I think it’s wonderful & just dripping with fruit. 😋 I did reduce the honey over the bluebz by half, so I used 1/4 c, & it was still perfectly sweet. Pb & yogurt really are the best to add to breakfast & dessert! They’re my go-to.

      Thank you!

      Yay!!! Smoked salmon anything by them is phenomenal. I felt bad, though because they didn’t fully cook my friend’s egg as she asked, & her husband’s pork belly bowl was crazy spicy. 😔

      I honestly don’t know if I’ll buy one! Although a Pioneer Woman rolling pin would be cute. 😍

      Ohmygosh, thank you!! I was admittedly proud of myself for baking twice in one day & with plenty of butter at that. It feels so good to be free & have fun in the kitchen!

      Thank you, girl!! I *love* this skirt. I just wish it had some stretch. By the time I got home, I was like give me my sweats. 🤣

      Have the very best week too! Thank you for your super thoughtful comment!


      1. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling a bit better!! Hopefully tomorrow you wake up 100% 🙂

        The indigo tie dye trend is absolutely the most beautiful!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have got to invest in some of my own.

        hahah I just loled- but you look far from deranged- I think you look very demure & sweet!

        Ahh thank you for the info!! I’ve gotta try this soon or for a special occasion. Mmmm mmm!!!

        Bummer that First Watch dropped the ball- probably just an off day- right?!

        Oh my gosh- agreeed- Pioneer Woman anything is a winner!!

        Yassss! I have been cooking more lately- so liberating & fun & relaxing!!

        Of course ❤ ❤


        1. I’m feeling close to like myself again! I just sound manly at times with this last bit of congestion. Hahaha

          I need to invest in a piece of indigo tie dyed fabric too!!

          Thank you so much, sweet girl!

          I hope you all love it!!

          I hope it was just an off day! I generally have always loved my visits.

          Yessss!! Give me all PW things!

          SO liberating!

          ❤ ❤


  3. Everything looks so yummy, as always. I am cracking up about the couple at the movie theater. 😂 & it was such a good idea to tie your shirt into a knot with that skirt. So cute!


    1. Thank you! I’m tellin’ ya, they were so obnoxious. Not the type made for the theater!

      Thank you! I loved knotting the shirt so much more. ☺️


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