Friday Fav-or-ites!

Hello, sweet people!! It’s Friday, I slept super deep and up to my alarm, lunch is being catered today, and one of my best friends is getting married tomorrow. So many happy thangs! Let’s kick off this Friday with a little rundown of some current favs, shall we?

It’s only taken me several years, but I’m finally putting some effort into making my office a place of calm happiness. Thanks to inspiration from one of my coworkers, I’m adding some pizazz. These photos look awful, but ya get the picture. Ha I strung some of my favorite lunch bag “happy” notes on my wall and added an extra wall clock from home.



I also bought this organizer and ah-dorable folders from Wal-Mart! Floral and stripes ev-er-y-thing.



Some fash-un fun! I’m sorry if the photos appear grainy. The lighting isn’t great, but I work with what I have. 😉 I bought these J Crew pixie pants for $6. I repeat, six buckaroos! Through and Through Collective is run by two fabulous young ladies, and they sell thrifted, fun, funky pieces of clothes, accessories, and household items. I love these! My bag was a vintage item a friend gave me several years ago when she closed her Etsy store.


I am really here for the knotted shirt trend! I decided to change up this maxi from my ushe of tucking in a black top and instead, I rocked my supah soft Old Navy tank knotted front and center.



It’s hard to see, but this dress has white polka dots as well as the flowers. You may recall it from last October when I wore it to one of my best friend’s weddings.


I scored this cardigan off Amazon last year!


That athletic style 😉


I love embroidery and tassels!


Onto the noms!

Waffle Wednesday with wilted spinach underneath two Ancient Grains waffles, one topped with yogurt/plum/sunflower seeds and the other with pb/honey/cinnamon. This was inspired by Mack!


Leftover Easter blueberry coffeecake with fluffy scrambled eggs over spinach with EBTB seasoning + smoked paprika.


I used the last of my Panera Bread gift card to treat myself to lunch. Half Greek salad with half caprese sandwich, apple, and chai latte with a little less of the concentrated syrup. This kept me full for hooourrrs, and I felt so good afterward. Just goes to show each day is different!


This was an epic and inexpensive meal! We bought the bag of fresh cauliflower on clearance as well as the Brussels + ‘shrooms with kale pesto and the sauce over the cauliflower. It came as a container of whole cherry tomatoes and sliced peppers and red onion. After roasting, you were to then blend it with the sauce packet it came with. I tossed with the steamed cauli. We had rotisserie turkey breast and avocado toast with them.


So, uh, what’s with the random buttered toast? Kara shared on Insta about food freedom and an experience she had when visiting home. She used to want so much control to the point of buttering her own bread to ensure it had a small amount. Her mom stated, “oh Kara, I know you like to butter your own bread”. It reminded her of how far she’s come in her journey. When I got home from Barre3, I was really hungry, so I simply made this, and it was amazing.


I roasted cabbage and sweet potatoes with plenty of spices then added simmered organic chili beans and avocado one evening after Barre3. Quick, simple, and delicious.


Savory breakfast burrito! Quesadilla? Soft shell taco? I really am not sure how this would be categorized, but it was delish! Homemade spinach-parsley pesto, scrambled eggs, and cheese in a spinach tortilla with a red plum on ze side.


I really want to spread the message of adding to one’s nourishment and satisfaction rather than subtracting!


Even though I had taken an evening Barre3 class, I was able to make this meal, and for that I felt quite proud. I had already baked the sweet potatoes the day before and thawed the bone-in pork chops, so prep was easy breezy. I seasoned and pan-seared the chops in our iron skillet then baked them. Once they were out and resting, I cooked down spicy brown mustard and wine. Unfortunately, when I sliced the chop, it was not fully cooked. But never fear! There aren’t many mistakes in the kitchen that cannot be fixed. I simply cooked the slices in the sauce and that was even better than just drizzling it over the top! Served over wilted spinach.


I’m such a fan of sweet and salty, so this combo was perfection!


My current obsession. I just bring the whole bag with me to work and just eat what I want and need. Hello, food freedom!


Lastly, let’s have some fun with these messages. I just love this passage so much.


Registered Dietitians have to complete an accredited program, 1200+ hours of an unpaid internship, pay for and pass a lengthy exam, they have to be licensed, AND they have to maintain 75 continuing education credit hours every five years. A “nutritionist” has none of this. Who would you trust for educated information?



We must accept that what we share has both positive and potentially negative consequences on others.


A friend shared this with me, and I just love the passive aggressive nature of it!




Wishing you all a very blessed and beautiful day and weekend ahead!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fav-or-ites!

  1. Ahhh so many exciting things happening!!

    Your office looks awesome- I lovee the florals.

    I just realized … I think I subconsciously use “fash-un” because of you! I’ve been incorporating it into my vocab and didn’t know where I picked it up- but BINGO, figured it out haha.

    LOVE all these outfits! Tassles are soo fun.

    Yay for PB + Honey! I am considering going to make some now. Sounds sooo good at the moment.

    Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing that about Kara- I love buttered toast or bread too! Just last night I was craving some so I made it on naan bread & ate it with Indian food. It has a nostalgic flavor for me because my mom used to give it to us with her beef stew she used to make all the time when we were growing up!

    Your sweet potatoes alllways look so yummy. I am gonna have to make one today after seeing this cause sweet potato cravings are strong!

    So many words of wisdom here too ❤ Thnks for sharing, Kori! Can’t wait to hear all about this weekend & the wedding!


    1. Thank you!! I’m so in love with florals. They really brighten my mood. 🌻

      Hehe!! I just love being unique with my words. 😉

      Thank you!!

      It’s fabulous!

      It is so nostalgic!! I’ glad you enjoyed some too!

      Thank you! I’ll need to get some more at the store today!

      I appreciate you so much!


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