Tacos Squared, Wedding Bells, & a Twin Day!

Hello, and happy Monday! Today is Matt’s 36th birthday, and the high is said to be 83, the year he was born. Kind of a fun coincidence. I’ll go ahead and say there are a lot of photos in this post, so I’ll try not to be wordy!


I began Friday with a fruit and yogurt bowl complete with ground ginger, shredded wheat, and pb.


My comfortable outfit: ON linen capris, fav speckled tee, TOMS, and classic jean jacket.


Lunch was catered from Salsarita’s. Yum!



I put together a quick dinner of frozen spinach and mixed vegetables heated through then seasoned and topped with a sweet potato and tahini. I added even more tahini after I snapped the photo. I love it!


You already know 😉 Apple nachos with yogurt, ground flax, Cheerios, cinnamon, and nuts. We watched the first episode of The OA season two!



I made oatmeal in a bowl with milk, water, cinnamon and cardamom, wild blueberries, and Meyer lemon-infused honey. I then added it to a jar of pb with a little extra pb and honey on top. Fabulous!

Snuggles with our babies!

Lunch was the last of our vegetables from the night before with a jalapeno cheddar scone, avocado, and an apple. I then went on about a 45-minute walk before coming home to get ready for one of my best friend’s wedding!

Kaci was so sweet and helped me use her Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and I loved the eye shadow colors so much I ordered one for myself! SnapChats while Matt carpooled us four in my car.



Kase also gave me one of their Clif Bars that I enjoyed on our way there.




We had a little time before the ceremony, so we chose to have a mini photo shoot. I love that Kaci captured this candid! I wish I had taken candid shots for her. My dress was blowing, so we joked on how to keep it down. My dress, by the way, is the brand Who What Wear that I purchased from Goodwill for $6 and change! I adore it. The fit is so fun.


That’s better.


They are adorable!!


You better believe we coordinated our twin attire! Midi-length dresses with a waist tie belt and block heeled sandals. I so love her linen dress in this moss green!



Werk it, girl!



Is the view not stunning?


Loved their floral arrangements along the aisle!


Wouldya believe I nailed this on the first attempt? I’m basically a pro meow.


I did not take this photo, and I’m awful and didn’t take any of Trissa! I never ever take any during the ceremony, and we just never got a chance to take a photo together. 😥 They were busy! ‘Tis how a wedding day can be. They looked so happy!


They had popcorn to snack on while they took photos.




Their cake topper was adorable!! Their dogs were in the ceremony too!




Okay, some more photos. Sorry not sorry! This couch was begging for it, I swear.




Matt told us to look to the left, and we both looked to our right. Bahaha! Trying to then keep a straight face was hard. This is our modelesque serious pose.




Of course Kase with her candid shots. I’ll have to just start snappin’ from now on!


Whenever I try to not smile and just look…sultry is the word I guess, I look angry. Ha! But Kaci took these, and I actually liked them. So less (thought) is more.




Cutie patooties.





I had fun playing around with the filter of these because as Kaci took them, Drew said, “the year was 1642” or whatever year so long ago. I about died laughing then had to get it together. Loved these!




Alright, alright enough of our mugs. Onto the food! They had a taco bar. Kaci and I split the spinach soft tortilla then gave the hard shell to Drew.


We also split this burger.


They were kind and made Matt one without a bun.


Cupcakes! I chose the lemon blueberry but tasted the chocolate frosting off Kaci’s, and it was rich and delicious.


We danced, killed the cha cha slide, had fun for part of the reception, and then they had to do a faux sparkler exit for photos. They had gotten off their timeline.

Before we left, we got to enjoy time with these three amazing, sweet girls and Randi!! One of the absolute highlights of my night. They are just precious. We’ve been friends for at least 10 years now, and I’m so grateful!



After not getting enough sleep, I laid in bed for quite a long time and then rolled out at around 8:00. I had yogurt with cinnamon, nutmeg, banana, last of my shredded wheat, and pb.


Ashley Homrich, RD, LDN of Real Solutions Nutrition shared this, and I was so very flattered!


Kaci and I had one of the best twin days! I live for them. We first went to Cruze Farm for pizzaaaaa. I wore my new boho top from Clancy’s Closet, and Kaci kindly took my photos. As if you haven’t seen enough of me. (insert eye roll, lolz)


It’s so darn fun!


Axl Rose came with us because he’s such a ladies man! He loves hanging with his mama and Aunt Kor. Also, he really loves pizza crust. Smart boy!



Caesar salad with seasoned house made croutons to start. Yummmm


Then we sunk our teeth into their newest pan pizza. Come onnnn, look at that thick dough. Kaci and I both agreed this is our favorite, but if we were to want ice cream, their classic hand-tossed is the way to go! I ordered ours with green olives and ‘shrooms.



Then it was on to the dog park! Axl ran his puppy heart out, did some laps in the water, and rolled in the dirt. A dog’s dream day.


I just love Kaci so much! Grateful for her support and friendship.


I ate a graham cracker with pb before I sadly had to leave and grocery shop at Kroger.


I am embarrassed to admit I had not thought to forgo using plastic produce bags until Alexis shared in her stories. I decided to use a Barre3 tote bag for our apples. Between using my own totes, reusable coffee tumbler, and metal straws, I feel better about some of my choices for the environment.


After getting everything put away, I roasted parsnips, rutabaga, and two sweet potatoes for the week. I made us salads with an avocado/blood orange/parsley side and Dr. Praeger’s black bean quinoa burgers for dinner.


I cleaned the kitchen, prepped for Monday, then settled in to watch One Strange Rock. I had a chopped apple with Cheerios, sunflower seeds, and Quaker oat milk. I bought the unsweetened original, and while it’s not super flavorful given it’s unsweetened, it’s still good. I also had a square of chocolate. Hit the spot.


This morning I made oatmeal topped with pb and j and a plum.


Party pants on a Monday!


Have a great week! Please share anything fun from your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Tacos Squared, Wedding Bells, & a Twin Day!

  1. Happy Birthday to Matt!!

    Oh my gosh I am LOVING all these photos from the wedding. Your dress is incredible. And that pic of you and Matt made me giggle- I love his humor!

    I am loving Kaci’s dress too!! You two have the best style.

    The whole wedding looked just perfect- I am in in loveee with the décor.

    That pizza looks amazing- I can practically taste it. I’ve been on the hunt for good pizza lately, but it’s all fallen flat. I would loveee to take a big bite of that!

    Ohh I love the idea of PB & J and plum in oats- definitely gotta try that one!

    Such cute party pants- woohoo! Thanks for sharing, Kori! Always so look forward to your weekend highlights 🙂


    1. Thank you!

      Thanks so so much!! I really love my dress and was so excited it was my first official Goodwill score. Matt does have good humor! I love having all of these photos.

      Kaci absolutely rocked her dress! I just love it and her cute shoes so much.

      The decor was so whimsical and romantic! I’m excited to see the professional photos. It was a very pretty venue.

      This pizza was stellar! It’s the doughy goodness I’ve been craving. Mmm mmm

      Let me know if you like the combo too!

      Par-tay on a Monday!! Thank you so much!


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