Friday Favorites!

First up is a post-Barre3 twin photo. One of my very favorite things is to take a class with Kaci! It can truly turn my day around and give me a boost of happy endorphins, and sharing this experience with Kaci is the best.


We also had the pleasure of attending Barre3’s event at the Jackson Terminal. It only cost $5 for class, and two of their amazing instructors led class!

I’ve had this retro brunch-themed skirt for four to five years, and it is still one of my favorites! It has eggs, bacon, tea, salt, donuts, strawberries, banana all over. I paired it with my gold foil floral print top with a Peter Pan collar, scallop trim flats…


and unicorn float earrings!


Polka dots, lace, and sleepy babies ❤


I bought this dress from a sweet girl named Abigail who has an Etsy shop full of awesome thrifted finds. Her Insta handle is @gildacurated. I adore this print and got it for only $14!

After using Kaci’s Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 for Trissa’s wedding, I got one for myself! I’m no make-up expert at all, but I want to try and also just have fun. Share any tips and tricks please!

Haley shared this message, and it hit close to home for me. As I wrote, we’re always growing and simply do better when we know better.


I enjoyed Panera Bread’s newest cold brew with a pump of vanilla almond on the same day. I had a $1 off coupon, so the drink was even sweeter. Heh heh

I’m here to remind you that food rules need not exist and that you can enjoy pizza whenever you want! I had the last of my Cruze Farm pan pizza for breakfast with one small cold piece because I love both hot and cold pizza. Angel hair slaw with Pioneer Woman ranch for a delish crunch on the side.


I also had thawed Wyman’s of Maine fruit. This meal was amazing!


This combo was something I threw together quickly the day before for our lunch the next day, and we both loved it! Wilted spinach, baked sweet potato, organic black beans (they are very inexpensive at Kroger and our favorite brand), pickled jalapenos, and queso fresco cheese crumbled and melted over the top. The pickled jalapenos took it the the next level – definitely a meal I think you all should try!  A Hershey’s milk chocolate nugget for that somethin’ sweet.


The pharmaceutical rep kindly provided lunch for our Quarterly RD Meeting and chose Clean Eatz. She also surprised us with thumbprint cookies from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop. The vanilla was so delicate, and I loved the teal frosting!

For Matt’s birthday, I finally made the banana pudding that I’ve had for a long time. I layered our parfaits with ripe chilled banana coins and GF vanilla wafers. So nostalgic!


I’m always up for trying new things, and I couldn’t wait to try oat milk! I’ve had it in a few local lattes, but I wanted to try it out at home. The flavor isn’t amazing, but it’s also unsweetened. I’m looking forward to making oatmeal with it (oatmeal inception, anyone?), smoothies, and savory dishes!


Kroger’s decor just keeps getting better and more chic! I adore this line. Like I had to really give myself a pep talk to walk away without something practically throwing itself into my cart!

Alexis shared this powerful message that shed a light on a topic that so desperately needs to be discussed. Many of my immediate family members struggled with alcoholism, so from a young age, I made the choice not drink. Kaci made this same choice. We didn’t party in high school, so it wasn’t hugely difficult on us, but we did feel different. College was rough. We did not mingle in the party scene there either, but we again felt like outcasts. Even still, we maintained our choice and were strong. To this day, we go through life sober and thriving. This is not to shame anyone who chooses to drink, but it’s not the life for us. I find it fascinating how by not drinking, some people become very uncomfortable, confused, and even angry that we don’t. I’ve never understood this.


This was a good example to not buy into all the fear mongering that is out there in the lay media!


I urge everyone to listen to this podcast! It’s so eye-opening, heartfelt, educational, and fun.


I seriously could share every post by Morgan Harper Nichols! I wish I could fill a room with framed prints of her beautiful messages and artwork.





Happy Friday, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Sister time is the BEST of time. All your outfits are so fun & cute. I LOVE that palette!!! I have heard great things about the Naked UD palettes- and that color scheme in general is my go-to. I’m almost out of my current palette, so I may need to go out and get this exact one once I do run out! We are seriously the same person- I can never decide if I want my pizza hot or cold so I’ll do both too if I can haha. Ohhh that banana pudding is making my mouth water- truly nostalgic with those flavors! Vanilla wafers in particular are nostalgic for me.

    Thank you for sharing this from Hummusapien- when I first read that on your Instagram and your thoughts I was thinking “Amen to this!”.. such a personal decision whether someone chooses to drink or not, but never ever ever should anyone be shamed or feel anything but respected for their decision to not ❤ Since I didn’t “party” through high school or my early adult years I found myself wishing I could have read this caption back then- I’m sure it will impact so many and help them feel confident in their decision without minding anyone! Thank you for sharing your heart on that – I know this will inspire so many others!

    Also, lovee the blood post- so funny and a great reminder to be a cognizant consumer of our internet info!

    Thank you for the podcast recs & I love the quotes- so encouraging!


    1. Sister time absolutely is!! Thank you so very much! I highly recommend this palette. I’m no make-up expert, but I really love these shades! Team hot and cold ‘za! Vanilla wafers are for me too!

      You are so welcome! I wish I had read it long ago too. I certainly hope others, young and older, can feel confident in choosing not to drink if they don’t want to.

      It’s so crazy how quick false information pertaining to nutrition or health can be spread on social media!

      You’re very welcome, and thank you for reading and enjoying my post! ❤


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