It was a Treat Yo Self Kind of Weekend

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and today has been pretty nice overall! I hope you all are doing very well and had a most wonderful weekend. Also, I’ve really been snapping away, so there is a lot to share! Make a cuppa joe or tea, grab a snack, and let’s dive in!


Friday began in a bad way for Matt who was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection, complete with the right side of his face very swollen, teeth numb, head throbbing. He also broke out in the strangest rash that appeared to be generalized hives. I believe it was his body’s reaction to the infection. He is, unfortunately, prone to getting sinus infections. He didn’t take my advice to go to Urgent Care, though and instead, he went to the ER. Eye roll, ha. So. Expensive. They gave him a steroid shot and a prescription for a steroid and antibiotic. Thankfully, he’s feeling a lot better!

Here was the rash. Lovely, huh? He only had it on his upper body down to his unmentionables area but nothing on his legs or feet. The body can be very strange!


Anyway, on to the food! For breakfast, I enjoyed scrambled eggs with a vegetable blend from Aldi meant to be added to eggs. I enjoyed them over wilted spinach with two slices of toast, butter on one and jam on the other. Delish!


We changed our bedding and bath for the spring/summer season, and I had washed and dried our winter comforter. I hadn’t yet folded it, and Rachel decided to make herself so comfortable on it!


A fun colorful outfit for Friday!


Side note: I’ve been jamming to Judah and the Lion’s latest album, and it is insanely good! I recommend everyone purchase it. I just love it so much. The lead singers shares very personal matters, including growing up with a mom who struggled with alcoholism. I can relate so much to this.

After shopping at Kroger, I came home and put away our goods then made dinner. Matt had stayed home but looked pitiful. I felt awful for him. I had a hugh jass salad with tempeh, cucumber, angle slaw, carrots, a roasted pepper walnut spread, and chips. I think I made Matt the same only without the tempeh, but I honestly don’t remember exactly what he had. Lolz.


Dessert was Love Grown Comet Crispies with flax, cinnamon, a few mini chocolate chips, oat milk and an apple.


I loved the cereal so much that I chose to have it for breakfast on Saturday! A mix of Multigrain Cheerios, Love Grown, cinnamon, banana, pb, and oat milk.


My Prius had a recall on the computer system, so Matt followed me to our Toyota dealership to drop it off for the morning. Thankfully, it was free of charge since it was their responsibility.

Once we got back home, I completed an at-home Barre3 flow then showered. Right as I was ready, they called to say we could come get my car. I felt so awful that Matt couldn’t enjoy the day, but I treated myself to a lunch at Olibea. It was phenomenal!


Owls and other gorgeous artwork for sale!


Matt realized the car in the framed artwork looked like my Prius, so I’m pretending it’s me. 😉


I’m a dork and wear it proudly.


I chose their Beardsley Farms breakfast burrito but as a bowl instead with a biscuit on the side. It came with scrambled tofu and egg, sweet potato, greens, and cashew cream. I almost have no words. It was also National Orange Juice Day, so I got an amazing cup as well!


Even though we had sideways rain (stinging rain – Forest Gump), I chose to walk up to Mast General to browse. I decided to snap a selfie in their mirror for fun. Matt loves these overalls, and he said I definitely dressed appropriately for the rain given their length is shorter. Ha!


I took photos of some fun things around the store. They even had kittens from The Humane Society for adoption. They were adorable! They were named after Peter Pan characters with two of their brothers not present.

I decided to end my afternoon at Cruze to get into the Derby spirit. I ordered their mint julep swirled with lemon buttermilk. It was incredible! I didn’t finish it, so I have more to enjoy later today!


I upgraded my car to have a tri-start sticker! I peeled away the faded stickers, but unfortunately, I couldn’t fully remove one. So the sticker looks a tad lumpy. Bahaha


I had already assembled this dish, so dinner was a cinch. Quinoa cooked with chicken bone broth, baked salmon, spinach, angel slaw, pepper walnut spread, pickled jalapenos, and carrots. It was awesome!img_6678

Matt and I have been watching the documentary on Madeleine McCann. She was a three year old who disappeared without a trace in May 2007 when she, her parents, and her younger twin siblings were on vacation in Portugal. It’s such a strange case! I don’t know what to believe.

I had a mug of yogurt with fruit and pb filled pretzel bites for an evening snack. I loved the sweet salty combo.


Jax was beat!



Breakfast was a breeze because I had already assembled a baked oatmeal recipe courtesy of Brittany of Eating Birdfood. She shared it on Instagram. While it cooked, I had yogurt with pb and sunflower seeds.


It was delicious!


We each enjoyed a corner piece and then relaxed with our coffee.


Matt sent me this video he took at Trissa’s wedding of us dancing to the Cha Cha Slide as well as the photos we took together. I wanted to share! Our dancing is killer.

I got ready and picked up Kaci to attend church service that morning.



Then we went to the Retropolitan Craft Fair!! We look forward to attending every spring and holiday.

We already knew that our first stop would be at Cold Gold‘s booth! She has some of the very best jewelry. We both both a pair of her new “pom pom” earrings. Gorgeous Kaci modeling hers!







Kaci chose the pink/metallic/yellow combo, and I had to pick the blue/teal/light blue pair. Love them!


❤ Twins in Old Navy jumpsuits and earrings.


The set-up below was for Vagabondary, one of my favorite vintage shops! I bought the hat I was wearing from her and went right to wearing it. Worked perfectly with my look for the day! I also found an amazing top and pair of pants from her collection.


We both ordered the special from Knox Wurst: chicken sausage, blood orange marmalade, pesto, pickled red onion, and candied bacon. I mean, come onnn. It was insanely good!


The venue, The Mill and Mine, is so pretty! It’s where we saw Judah and the Lion perform last year.


We had a blast at their photo booth! We had outtakes, which are hilarious.


There is now this incredible mural at Dream Bikes Knoxville, so naturally, we had to take photos!






I also bought these earrings from Aplombist, and they are so incredibly fun! Her work is stunning.


I have been remembering to take my Polaroid, and I was able take this photo of their retro sign before we left.


As I meal-prepped for the week and took care of laundry and the dishes, I snacked on carrots, chips, and hummus. Jax!


Dinner was wilted spinach, tempeh, angel slaw, quinoa, and pepper walnut spread. I topped it with avocado, extra virgin olive oil, and cucumber on the side. Matt had beans and turkey instead of the tempeh. This was full of flavor.


I bought a Retro sticker to add to my collection.


One of our friends also brought us a dozen organic eggs from their chickens!


I polished off the pb with yogurt, Comet Crispies, and half an apple.

We watched more of our program then called it a night.



We had leftover baked oatmeal this morning, and I had my other half of the apple, yogurt, and tahini.


Sporting my new earrings today!


Lastly, it’s International No Diet Day! Every day is No Diet Day.


Have the very best day and week ahead!

6 thoughts on “It was a Treat Yo Self Kind of Weekend

  1. I’m so glad Matt is feeling better!!! Hives can be scary cause allergic reactions can get out of control so quickly- glad they were able to manage it easily!

    I LOVE Judah and the Lion too!!

    Hahah that avocado snapchat filter is made for you! So cute & fun.

    Oohh this post is making me want some quinoa. I think I have a little I can whip up in the pantry for dinner- yummy! It’s so satisfying combined with all types of fooods!

    AHH I adore the dancing! Y’all are Cutting. A. Rug!!! Thanks for sharing that video- wedding receptions are such a blast.

    OH my stinking goodnesss I love these pictures of the two of you by the fence- modelllls. Your outfits are so stinkin’ cute too. The way you paired the earrings with the outfits are perfect. I need to find a pair of those!

    THAT MURAL!!! Ok I cannot handle how much goooodness there is in this post! I could comment for dayyyz. Thanks for sharing, Kori!!


    1. Skin reactions without a known cause can be upsetting! Almost over it. No rash anymore either. Phew.

      Their music is so fun!!

      I couldn’t resist! 🥑

      I kinda quinoa’d Matt to death, so I hadn’t made it in what’s felt like a little while. It’s been so delicious, though! One of my fav grains.

      Thank you!! I don’t have many dance moves, but give me the cha cha slide, & I’m happy. 😉

      Thank you!!! We had *just* bought the earrings, & they matched perfectly!

      I appreciate your sweet compliments so much! Thank you! 💕


        1. Go for it! I first heard my former boss say it first when I worked in nursing homes. The kitchens often “green bean’d” the residents to death. 😆


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