Friday Favorites Comin’ in Hot!

Hello, gorgeous people! Happy (payday) Friday! I hope you’ve had an excellent week. I have some fun to share with you that I hope sparks inspiration and gives you some joy.

First up is this dress that I’ve shared before and love. I paired it with a headband and my new ‘pom pom’ earrings. So fun! I need to get some spring/summer leggings, though. These are fleece lined and were toasty.



Jumpsuits really do give me life! ON black jumpsuit with ON jean jacket and my new super unique and pretty earrings.


I ordered a five pack of stickers to split with Kaci plus a print for each Kaci and myself. I adore these stickers, and I’ll share my print soon! (I already had the ‘Think Happy’ from a friend. It’s by Natural Life <3)


This is how I feel, ha!


Speaking of cats, Rachel photo-bombed me, but she stuck by my side as I completed Barre3!


I really think I need this apron in my life!


One of my fellow RD’s and friends kindly gave me this bag! She won it several years ago, but she didn’t feel it suited her. I love it!


Savory oatmeal is my jam! Here’s what ya gotta do: prepare 1/2 c quick cooking oats with 1/2 c each milk and water seasoned with salt, pepper, smoked paprika, turmeric, garlic, and Italian herbs. Then add greens to wilt, egg (I cooked two of our organic farm fresh from our friends), and freshly shredded colby jack.


This was a Matt-Kori collabo, and it turned out perfectly! I had already prepared our cauliflower “hash” and quinoa a few days prior, and I thawed the tuna overnight in the refrigerator. So we simply baked them (less than the package so that they would still be pink in the center), and Matt made the best Asian sauce. I copied him by adding the sriracha dots. So fan-say. Avocado made the cut of course. 😉


I used the rest of the sauce, hash, and quinoa to make tofu stir fry bowls, and this meal was so flavorful!


This trail mix smells like heaven, and the mini pb chocolate cups are so cute!


I am signed up to receive emails from Canyon Bakehouse, and they offered this free guide recently. I requested it, but they also sent these delicious complimentary brownie bites! We’re very thankful.


Aldi is now selling mochi! I’m finally able to try the matcha flavor.


I asked for our Kidney Run group photo, and I just now received it. I know this was a while ago, but I wanted to share it here. Still a favorite memory.


Wishing you all the best day and weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites Comin’ in Hot!

  1. That dress/earring/shoe combo is amazing! I love how you focus on the little touches on outfits- it really makes it!!

    That cat and pizza apron is LIFE. Oh. My. WORD.

    Oh no, it’s my lunch time and I probably should have waited till after to read this post because I am actually salivating looking at these meals! Definitely will need a snack after this haha. And I LOVE Southern Grove nut mixes!! We get them for Christmas from my mom in our stockings a lot & I love their combos- they are from Aldi right?

    WAIIIIT- what did you think of the green tea my/mo ?! When we tried them for the first time they tasted straight like pickles. Yes, pickles!! We think we got a fluke box because they were inedible. Curious what you think?!

    Aw such a sweet group photo! Thanks for sharing, Kori!


    1. Thank you so so much!!! Would you believe that about one month ago a patient’s spouse called the corporate line to complain about my attire? I do wear denim but always make sure it’s appropriate and classy. A lot of what I wear to work I’ve shared on here. So I’m trying to be more creative. Some people need a hobby. 😉

      Right?! It’s hilarious! If it was a cat also riding an avocado or peanut, then it would be sweet Mason!

      They are from Aldi, and they are incredible! So unique and flavorful.

      Oh I remember you saying that!! I thought it was so amazing! I wonder if yours had somehow spoiled? This tasted sweet but not sour or pickled. That is such a bummer!

      Thank you for always enjoying my posts, Mackenzie! ❤


      1. You. are. joking!!! My jaw literally just DROPPED open because your clothing is always so professional !! WHATTT. That is mind boggling. You are totally right- they just be jealous.

        That’s so good to know they were good! They may have- so bizarre since we ate them the night we bought them, but it was from a smaller grocery store- so I bet that was it. I’ll have to give them another try soon!!

        Of course, girl! xo


        1. I wish I was! I was floored & so taken aback when I was advised to dress better & according to our policies. It was upsetting, but I’m just having fun with my clothes. Hopefully who ever was awful enough to complain sees that I can’t be knocked down. 😉

          So so weird! Matt ate one last night & loved it. I wish I could ship you one!


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