Will Work for Pizza

Good evening, sweet people! I’m writing my weekend post late, but better late than never as they say!


I made spiced oatmeal topped with pumpkin, pb, and maple syrup. We have pumpkin open because I read it can help with hairballs in purr-babies, and Jackson seems to be having a lot. It’s because Rachel makes him bathe her. Ha!


Cuddles with Jackson, and man is he a character! Always has been. ❤

‘Rainbow Bright’ outfit for my Friday!


Matt was awesome and completed two 10-minute Barre3 online workouts followed by one calming 10-minute flow with me. I loved it! I was super sweaty and felt so accomplished. Then I ordered us Chick-fil-a for dinner! We often do not order out, so this felt like a treat. I chose their cool chicken wrap and enjoyed carrots for crunch.


Matt had their spicy southwest salad that he enjoyed in gf spinach wraps from Aldi.


I enjoyed this yogurt bowl with shredded wheat, green grapes, banana, and sunflower seeds. We watched The OA then got a good night’s sleep.



I loved the grapes and shredded wheat so much that I had it for breakfast along with chia, pb, and cinnamon. I added more milk after this because I realized it was too little.


Later after I had done some house tasks and showered, I enjoyed a matcha mochi, which was really good!


I had the extra packet of chili lime pepitas from Matt’s salad.


All ready for a fun day! I rocked my new pants from Maranda of Vagabondary. LOVE them!




Kase is a sweetheart and got me a cafe au lait from K brew! Saturday’s are for extra caffeine.


I then joined them in helping their neighbors and friends with removing wallpaper in their 1920’s house full of character. The couple married and bought the home last year I believe. It’s so lovely! They generously provided salad, fruit, pizza, and cake. The bbq chicken pizza as well as the veg were fabulous!


Each of the two rooms we worked on had at least three to five layers of wallpaper. This was actually so pretty! We wish it had been left alone. I think it would’ve looked amazing as an accent wall. Are you a fan of wallpaper accent walls? I love it!


Poor Kaci bought two gerber daisy hanging plants, and now one is a bird’s new home. The plants will now die, sadly, but look at these cute eggs! Also, you can see the yarn that mama and daddy bird used in the nest.


I had prepped our chickpea salad that morning, so we enjoyed it with avocado, pickles, pickled carrots, roasted cabbage, and sweet potato chips.


While watching The OA, I had a mug of Cheerios and Comet Crispies with nuts and milk plus an apple on the side.



Y’all, this breakfast was killer. We thawed our cheddar pickled jalapeño scones and enjoyed them with wilted spinach, sunny side up eggs, cutie, and grapes.


Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mama!!! I absolutely love that I look more and more like her as I get older. I wish I could go back as that little girl and wrap my arms around her and give her the biggest hug. I was almost ten years old and only eight years shy of when we would lose her.


I adored my wedding bouquet charm that allowed her to be with me throughout my day. I’m so excited to one day see her again and get to catch up on all that has happened. I wish we could celebrate Mother’s Day now. Coffee date, Barre3 together, a day at our lake house, and I could cook for us. So much has changed, but I’m hoping she is always watching and smiling and us.


I completed a Barre3 flow then showered. I wore my new top and hat from Maranda, and I love having fun with my fashion. 🙂



I had a Canyon brownie bite with pb and yogurt, which was fabulous.


We made our way up to his mom and step-dad’s to enjoy lunch together.



My hat gives me my own personal space. Ha!



We went to The Local Goat (you may recall it from this post).

I enjoyed their Autumn Harvest Salad and substituted teriyaki tofu instead of chicken. It was lovely.


Matt had salmon, potatoes, and broccoli plus added blackened shrimp and a salad.


We went on a wonderful walk around the neighborhood since the sun finally came back out, and I picked this pretty flower.



We sipped tea together then made our way home.

I added more greens, carrots, hummus, and tortilla chips to my leftovers, and I finished my salad.

Have you seen this SnapChat filter? It’s hilarious!!

For dessert while we watched the last episode of The OA, I had shredded wheat, banana, pb, cinnamon, and milk. Yum! Anyone watch The OA, season two? Thoughts? We were not super thrilled with how it ended. Love the show, though!



This morning I made hot cinnamon oatmeal with some brown sugar then added it to our pb jar and crunched on an apple on the side. The heat picks up all of the wonderful pb nicely.


My outfit for the day.


Hope you all had an amazing day!



2 thoughts on “Will Work for Pizza

  1. Oohh that’s so interesting that pumpkin helps with fur balls!! That bowl of oats looks epic- I love pumpkin in my oats, but usually only do it in the fall. But I should start doing it year round- why not?!

    That’s so smart for Matt to get the salad and then put it in a wrap! I bet that makes for eally filling wraps too.

    Gonna screen shot this grape/shredded wheat/PB combo!

    That is too cool with the bird’s nest!!! Looks like it could be a picture from Better Homes and Gardens. It’ll be really awesome if y’all get to see the sweet little birds hatch too!

    Jalapeno scones and eggs sound like the most yummy gathering of flavors.

    Such a sweet picture of you and your momma ❤ Totally see the resemblance!

    That snapchat filter is cracking me up! I deleted snapchat a while ago because it took up a lot of memory, but I’m tempted to download it again just to play with that filter lol!

    Thanks for sharing, Kori! ❤


    1. I’m hoping it works! So far, no more hairballs. 🤞🏻

      It was so tasty! I had overnight oats with pumpkin this morning, & it was delicious!

      I thought it was rather clever too!

      I hope you love the combo too!

      The scone + egg is soo heavenly.

      Thank you!! I love seeing glimpses of her in myself.

      I only have SnapChat for the filters!



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