Taking Things to New Heights

Good Monday afternoon! Today has started off on a nice and productive note. I will say it’s always odd to come to work following having a sweet intern because I’m back to myself. I have lucked out with some of the best of the best interns!


Let’s rewind to Friday, shall we? I started with a fabulous bowl of shredded wheat topped with pumpkin, cinnamon, chia, grapes, pb, blackberry jam, and milk.


I bought this Ralph Lauren skirt for $7 from a wonderful seller on Insta! She has an Etsy shop too. Her handle is @gilda_curated. I paired it with a mustard top and a floral headband. I love combining patterns. Feels fun! Also, this skirt does have pockets. 😉




After work I finally got my hair cut! My gosh it felt amazing. It was quite the mane. As always, Nancy did an amazing job. Just wish I could style it as well, but she does cut it such that it’s mostly effortless.


I swung by Target and picked up some items including a pizza for each of us. I decided to try this one, and honestly, I didn’t even realize it was vegan until I got home.


I had it with a bagged salad kit, and it was fabulous! I went back for another slice and then felt very satisfied. Yay for convenience foods that allow us to fill our bodies with tasty, nutritious foods! Don’t allow the words “convenience” or “processed” to scare you.


I made the mistake of adding too much yogurt to my snack bowl that I topped with Comet Crispies, ground flax, and thawed wild blueberries. So when I only had yogurt left, I added a drizzle of Meyer lemon-infused honey.



After sleeping well, we slowly rolled out of bed. Matt can now tell about what time it is based on where the sun is shining on the wall, and he was accurate on both Saturday and Sunday!

For breakfast, I made a pumpkin spiced oat muffin topped with pb and maple. Highly recommend adding pumpkin! It made it extra soft and fluffy.


Baby Girl was so comfortable snuggling with me as I drank my coffee!


I could just eat her up she’s so cute.


I finally got my butt moving and completed a wonderful Barre3 flow. It felt amazing!


Then I got ready for a wonderful day. I also snagged this jumpsuit from the same seller. I’m living for all the jumpsuits!



Our clinic’s best RN ever, Lindsey (cute top knot and blue scrubs on the right), has found a new job where she will absolutely thrive. We are so incredibly sad to see her go, but I certainly wish her the best! We had a party for her, and I felt honored to attend and to get to work with her for almost four years.


After I left the clinic, I swung by K Brew for a decaf latte. Yes, it was about 90 degrees, but this luscious drink was incredible. I went by the pet store to get Rachel different food as she isn’t eating as well as we would like. Trying to make sure she’s well cared for! I then shopped at Aldi and made my way back home.


For dinner, I made us each a big salad and topped Matt’s with garlic herb marinated shrimp from Aldi.


I decided to have one of their soy-based veggie burgers. We enjoyed tortilla chips for a carb-y crunch.


Note the gross residue on my spoon. We’re using up the dishwasher tablets I bought so as not to waste them, but they leave a film that is so annoying. *End rant* I enjoyed Bengal Spice herbal tea then munched on some cereal with mini chocolate chips, oat milk, and an apple. We watched the latest Nancy Drew movie for fun, but it was laaaaame. I am a HUGE Nancy Drew fan, and they royally messed it up by making it current with cell phones, Nancy was 16 and a skater, and the story was ridiculous. Any other fans out there??



We didn’t sleep as late, unfortunately, but I still felt great. I ate this Perfect Bar to tide me over until we had brunch at First Watch!


We had to get our typical photo out front, but it was very bright!


Insert cliche saying such as, “brunch is life”. But really, it’s such a fun meal! Matt ordered their Elevated Egg Sandwich on Udi’s gf. I’ve had this sandwich before, and it’s phenomenal.


I went with their Market Vegetable Hash with over easy eggs, and I substituted dressed greens instead of potatoes. This so hit the spot!



Afterward we grocery shopped at Kroger and found a ton of awesome foods! We both overestimated our spending, but thanks to digital coupons that I had loaded to my card, we saved almost $40 and now have $0.50 off / gallon of fuel. Woop woop!

We took it all home, put it away, cared for our sweeties, and then we headed downtown to finally go into the World’s Fair Park Sunsphere. The Observation Deck is located on the fourth floor, and holy moly it’s high up!! The murals were really pretty.



I don’t think you can fully appreciate the height until you’re there. Also, the windows were grimy, but we have no idea how they clean the outside. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a window cleaner!


We struggled to get a photo because of the lighting, but we did snap these gems.

Then a sweet older lady offered to take our photo!



I LOVE this one! Matt had the idea, and it turned out so fun. Selfie with the Sunsphere!



As we walked back to our car, we saw this little area, so naturally we had a photo shoot. Matt was actually the one who offered to take these for me. He’s my personal photog. :*




❤ ❤ Building memories together!


Anyone else love magnolia blooms? Their fragrance is so pleasant!


While Matt took care of some tasks related to his race car, I did some serious meal prep for the week. First up, though, was lunch. I toasted my sprouted seeded bread and added roasted garlic hummus, cucumber, spinach, pickled jalapenos (they are so good!), and spicy brown mustard. Carrots for crunch and then a banana for a sweet finish.


Sadly, as I went to roast our whole okra, I found that they had all molded. Bummer. But I did roast cauliflower we bought on clearance along with carrots and onion seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, and chili powder. I roasted whole beets, sauteed the beet greens, cooked a pot of quinoa, and I made quinoa power bowls as well as soup + salad for four of our lunches this week.

I had a simple mug of Cheerios with oat milk as I did my thang in the kitchen.


I skinned and de-boned the organic rotisserie chicken we bought with a coupon and heated it and the roasted vegetables. I then served us some of the cooked beet greens, fresh sugar snap peas, and crackers. I had Triscuits, my fav!


Matt was beat from actually going into his work for a bit to make this week easier (a coworker is leaving for vacation for three weeks), so I went on a quick solo walk. I just love how dainty my wedding band does look on its own. Yes, I still admire my set and feel very fortunate.


I ironed for today, got cleaned up, and then we sipped our tea. One of my favorite times of the day. I had a simple plate of apple with almond butter, Greek yogurt, and two gf vanilla wafers. We watched three episodes of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, then I crawled up to bed.



This morning I made a fluffy bowl of oatmeal topped with almond butter and lemon curd. Yummmm


Kaci let me borrow her incredible handmade linen dress, and I adore it! One of our nephrologists told me she loved it too. I paired it with my fun floral Keds.


Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Taking Things to New Heights

  1. Aw, I love that you embrace the interns as helpful rather than a nuisance. I bet they loved working with ya & learned soo much from you too! $7 for Ralph Lauren?! Did I read that right? Oh my gosh, what a steal- it is sooo stinkin’ cute… and with pockets.. what a bonus! Your haircut looks chic & beautiful as ever!

    That’s too funny about Matt being able to tell the time from the sun. I am always amazed by our bodies circadian rhythms & intuition.. I wake up basically on the dot at the same time every day no matter what. Even if my insomnia was actin’ up the night before!

    Aw I love the pic of you and your colleagues.

    I read a couple Nancy Drew books growing up, but haven’t seen the movie. Such a bummer it wasn’t up to par! Good to know it’s not worth seeing though- thanks for sharing your thoughts on that!

    Ahhh yay for First Watch- That market veggie hash looks wonderful!! Yum yumm

    Coupons are daaa besttt. That .50 cents adds up!

    Ok y’all are melting my heart with all these sweet photos from the observation deck. You are seriously one of my favorite couples!!

    Ahh love that dress of Kaci’s on ya! So beautiful. That color is my favorite to wear personally too. Have a great rest of your weekend, Kori!


    1. Thank you! I used to get a bit nervous before I would start working with an intern because I hoped they would have a good experience, but now I just feel excited. 😄

      Yes, seven bucks! Thanks so much!! Getting my haircut felt amazing & so fresh.

      I’m amazed by it too! Our bodies just sense so much that we don’t even quite pay attention to. I’m very similar! If he’s laying next to me, then I can often go back to sleep on the weekends, but if I’m by myself, I usually am wired around 6:00 – 7:00.

      I was/am such a Nancy Drew nerd! I just think they ought to stick with the story & not try to make it current. It doesn’t work.

      It was cooked perfectly! The coffee was amazing. The service marvelous. Just a most perfect visit.

      Gosh, thank you so so much!! He’s my rock & fellow adventurer! I told him this day I was so happy we could do these things together. ❤

      Thank you! Moss green is so gorgeous. I love how equally subtle yet bold it is. Have the best day!


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