Friday Favorites from Yours Truly

I really love sharing these favorites and finds with you all, and I hope they prove helpful and inspirational! As always, please feel free to share some of your own in the comments!

First up is this adorable Old Navy jumpsuit that Kaci sweetly let me borrow!


I paired it with a floral headband, loafers, and my ON jean jacket.


Patterned chambray denim dress with mustard cardigan, booties, and my super fun abstract earrings I bought at the Retropolitan Craft Fair.


My brunch outfit from last Sunday! ON ‘coffee’ tee, linen shorts, and my fav daily sandal.


Last up for the fashion portion is my J Crew paisley pants again with a different top this time. It’s hard to tell, but this top has faux leather sleeves that I love.


I decided to pair this flowy top with my floral pants from Boden, and it felt really fun.


Kitty cuddles! This is how we wake up Matt. 😉


This came up on my memories, and it warmed my heart so damn much!!! Mason and Jackson were the best buds. I can’t even handle this level of cuteness. Look at how Mason had his paw wrapped underneath Jackson. We need our sweet Mason back with us! I cannot believe in a few short days it will mark one year since our brave, amazing, resilient, and truly special baby gained his angel wings. He taught me more in his short but precious years, but I’d give anything for him to have lived a long life.


One evening recently I had the pleasure of attending Kaci’s mother-in-law, Susan’s retirement party. She worked as a teacher at A. L. Lotts Elementary for many years, and we attended A. L. Lotts for kindergarten, first, and part of each second and third (my parents built a home and had us move, so it broke up these school years). It felt pretty neat to be back at my old stomping grounds! I recognized the hallway and cafeteria. Funny story: a sweet lady asked which of us was Kori and then before she had a chance to introduce herself, I realized she was my second grade teacher. She said this made her day! It’s funny what sticks with us all these years.




Love this family! Susan looked so lovely in her polka dot dress.


The delish snacks and pretty cookie that was provided.


I picked up Axl Rose to spend the evening with us while Kaci and Drew went out to dinner with the fam. How cute is he?


Someone had donated several buckets of roses to the school, so I took three and added them to Mason’s memorial. ❤



Alright, on to some Pioneer Woman goods! I spotted these adorable salt and pepper shakers while at Wal-Mart.


Cookies and milk salt and pepper shakers – so stinkin’ cute!


One day I want to have a pretty pitcher for ice cold water, tea, lemonade. Very southern and very beautiful.


I did actually go not to just take photos, though! I was on a mission to find a tumbler to use with my metal straws. They only had this one from her available, and because the straw was missing, they gave it to me for half off. So it was only $6.42!


If you, too are a huge Triscuit fan, I recommend this flavor! They keep coming out with more fun flavors, and I feel it’s my duty to try them all.


I also found these at Aldi that sounded really intriguing. I’m always excited to find new gf products for Matt!


Y’all, these are spectacular! I had to get them.


I toasted one with Colby Jack and spinach then added avocado and a scrambled egg that I added sauteed cauliflower to. Matt and I bought a container of cauliflower “rice” on clearance that came with a packet of curry type sauce. I prepared it on Sunday, so I just added a heaping spoonful to my egg. Highly recommend this! Some green grapes for a sweet component.



I made Anne’s meatloaf muffins again but this time with one pound each ground turkey and ground organic lean beef. I topped them with pickled jalapenos that added nice heat. Unfortunately, I didn’t add enough salt, so they needed a tad bit of additional mustard, but they were still good. We enjoyed them with roasted potatoes and a salad.


I meal-prepped last Sunday and made this quinoa power bowl for two of our lunches. I cooked quinoa with free range organic chicken broth from Aldi and added Kroger canned organic tri-bean blend, wilted spinach, roasted beets, and roasted cauliflower/carrots/onion with cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, and chili powder. Loved all the textures and flavors!


Kaci was able to come spend the evening with me and the babies, and we had an absolute blast! We went on a neighborhood walk, enjoyed dinner together, and we watched Robin Williams stand-up until we nearly cried. For dinner, I made us salads with sauteed cauli rice tossed with a curry sauce, avocado, sugar snap peas, hummus, Aldi soy veg burger, and pickled jalapenos.


Please please take a screen shot of this and always advocate for fair non-weight biased care.


Also, THIS.


I’m not sure why lunch is so often overlooked and treated as though it ins’t a necessity, but our bodies need consistent nourishment. Even if you enjoy brunch, you will still need the same amount of food throughout the day as you normally would. This is a super important message to share.


Please do yourselves a favor and follow Haley Goodrich on Instagram! She’s a breath-of-fresh-air, so insightful, truly passionate about HAES and non-diet practice, and she’s a genuinely amazing person. Carbs get a bad rap, but this post will really help to highlight why they are so necessary for our bodies to function optimally.


Erin has a series on Faces in Places, and I realized my handbag trunk looked like it had a face. I love this fun series! Check out her Ig page too!


Spotted some gorgeous flowers that I spotted while on my post-lunch walk at work.


Lastly, I captured a pretty sunrise on Thursday morning!

Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites from Yours Truly

  1. These outfits!!! Fashionista!!! I think I’ve said before, but I love how you pair accessories & shoes with your outfits. It’s all soo cute!

    Ahhh that picture of Mason & Jackson melts my heart!!!

    Ok, that is too sweet about the retirement party .. I felt nostalgic at these pictures & I didn’t even go there! Hehe. So special.

    I love the tumbler you got! And next time you totally have to get that pitcher. So pretty!

    I have to try those triscuits- all my favorite things in a cracker?!- yes please!!

    Sounds like so much fun you and Kaci had- and jalapenos on burgers- the best ! This also is making me crave beets. Time for a trader joes trip tomorrow. I love their pickled ones!

    Love all these posts about anti-diet!! YASS.As a future NP I really want to encourage my patients to holistically take care of themselves in every way, not focus on “diet” culture.

    Can’t wait to hear all about your weekend!


    1. Gosh, I appreciate that so very much!!

      It does mine too! They were best buds. ❤

      I am really regretting that I didn't buy the pitcher! I have no "need", but it's so darn pretty.

      They are so delicious!

      We truly had such a wonderful evening! It was very much needed, and the pickled jalapenos were so delish on the burger. I've been loving them on many dishes lately! I would love some pickled beets too!

      Good for you for spreading the anti-diet word with your profession!!

      It was the best weekend!


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