Thankful for the Brave Who Sacrificed for our Freedom

Good Tuesday morning! I truly hope that this post finds you all doing well and celebrating a glorious long weekend. This post is quite long and full of photos, but I’ll try to let the photos speak for themselves. So without further adieu, here we go!


First up is this incredible bowl of savory oatmeal. I prepared oats with oat milk and spices then topped them with cooked curry cauli rice, wilted spinach, crumbled queso cheese, and an over easy egg. So incredibly satisfying!


I’ve had this maxi for 11 years, and I still love it! Wore it with one of my fav floral cardigans from Amazon.


Dinner was stellar. Dr. Praeger high protein veg burger topped with pickles and avocado and enjoyed with roasted potatoes + ketchup and vegetables + ranch.


I discovered that my mini chocolate pb cups in the trail mix had partially melted and turned into blobs despite being in the pantry. Really strange! I had some with apple, Cheerios, and oat milk for an evening snack while we watched the first episode of the last season of Elementary. It was a great one!



I woke up so refreshed and very excited for the day spent with family! I went supah simple and had shredded wheat with cinnamon, banana, pb, and milk.


Matt, however went the fancy route and made an oatmeal muffin topped with freshly cooked spiced apple and maple syrup. He gave me a bite, and holy deliciousness.


Sweet Jax! Look at those paws. ❤


Finally we got packed up and went out to the lake house! First up, selfies at the point. Love our neighbor’s tri-star flag in the background.

Outtakes are fabulous. haha


That moment when you have to stop taking photos to get a tick off your leg. #lakelife


Nailed it! Love my husband. Fun fact: he brought out these Hurley swim trunks from about 13 years ago!



Der de der. Just love Axl Rose! He was living his best life.


The sweetest!


Serious Axl.


Throwback to when we were around eight years young! Then…


and now!




Miss Piper and her Aunt Keesh! Love her cute swimsuit.




I just love Randi and her girls so much! She, all three girls, and her husband, Josh got to join us for the day, and my heart felt so full seeing the kids enjoy our place as much as we did when we were kids.


These selfies are epic!

Fun times in the water! They convinced me to get in, and despite being cold at first, I acclimated quickly!




It was at this point that Lucy said, “this is summer. This is so much fun!” Sweet girl summed it up for us all!







The avocado float was a big hit! Also, it can apparently accommodate many at once.



Dinner was spectacular! I made roasted and then marinated and chilled vegetables, Kaci made a gf pasta salad, Susan made a three-bean salad, and the boys grilled the sausages.


Some badminton fun after dinner!


An absolutely stellar group of people!!


Later on when it was just Kaci, Drew, Matt, and myself, I made a dessert plate with homemade banana bread by Kaci, fresh fruit, yogurt, and almond butter. Yummm


Then we got to enjoy some beautiful fireworks across the lake!

So we have had some mice in the house but never see them. However, as I was standing in the living room, I saw it run past the fireplace. Y’all, if you could’ve seen us turning over the furniture and running around the room like crazy people, you would’ve died laughing. It was soooo comical! Matt even got rug burn from a dive and a miss. That guy was fast! Kaci and I didn’t want to hurt him, so we convinced the boys to catch and release. It was hilarious.

Matt and I played two games of Kings in the Corner then got ourselves in bed.


I seriously sleep so so well out there. I woke up feeling amazing. I also love the natural light and getting to eat breakfast outside!


This view never ever gets old.



Our wedding altar ❤


Some days you just need a lot of coffee. Hahaha


Lunch was so full of flavor and different textures. Quinoa, marinated vegetables, roasted beets, avocado, hummus, and cauliflower crackers.


I had the last gf brownie bite with almond butter and an apple.


We then packed up and came home. I did laundry and the dishes, showered, and then snacked on sweet and salty kettle corn along with carrots and sugar snap peas dipped in ranch.


I decided to go on a walk, and it felt amazing. It was really hot, though.


I had made a rotisserie chicken and pasta salad earlier with Italian dressing thanks to Kaci for the extra pasta. I served it with a salad for dinner.


Fresh fruit with yogurt and cereal for a snack while we watched two episodes of Lucifer on Netflix. Has anyone watched this show? We really do like it!


This baby! ❤



I got up with Matt who sadly had to work. Everything bagel with melted colby jack on one side and avocado, lemon, salt and pepper on the other. Over easy egg over wilted spinach with hot sauce to complete my plate. Incredible breakfast combo!


Then I sipped coffee, got ready, went by K Brew for Kaci’s cold brew and a half caf iced latte for myself, then we hit the road for Max Patch!


Someone had to get in a good nap so he could be ready to blaze the trails.


We stopped at Arby’s, and I tried their Mediterranean chicken wrap. I ate half and saved the other for later. It was really good!


Their new sign looks so lovely.


Those rolling green hills and blue sky just makes you smile and feel calm.





The views are just breathtaking!


Barre3 pose at the top!





We hiked along the trails and came across this pretty creek.

Then we hiked to Drew’s parents’ cabin. It’s looking amazing! Drew and his dad rolled this log over to the front porch and created this really pretty table of sorts. I love how it looks and that it could be used.


I snacked on pb-filled pretzel bites and apple, and we hung out for a few hours. I love talking with them!

They drove us to our car, and then we hit the road for K-town. We stopped at a Weigel’s in Newport for a snack, and my gosh, some of those people looked r o u g h. Don’t do drugs. KIND bar to the rescue.


Dinner looks sad but was delicious. Sauteed garlic cabbage with the last of the marinated vegetables, chips and hummus, and carrot ginger soup.


We showered and prepped for Tuesday then made snacks. I had yogurt with banana, almond butter, some of Matt’s smoothie, and Cheerios.


We watched an episode of Lucifer then reluctantly went to bed. I did find a tick on my head, and Matt saved my life. Gross!


For breakfast, I made cardamom-spiced oatmeal topped with wild blueberries, lemon curd, and almond butter. I love blueberries and lemon together!


That about catches you up to speed! I am struggling to maintain a good attitude today. Something about vacation that refreshes you but also makes work a struggle. Please free to share your weekend in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Thankful for the Brave Who Sacrificed for our Freedom

  1. I’m so late to this post, but treating myself to it before diving into school work for the day!

    That’s so interesting those chips melted in the pantry! I wonder if it happened in transport or something?!

    That oatmeal muffin with spiced apples looks phenomenal.

    Ahhh loveeee all these photos! You and Kaci’s suits are sooo cute. What a perfect memorial day!! Also all the kiddos in this group are too stinking adorable.

    Glad y’all caught the little mouse guy- I would have just jumped on the furniture and froze- props to you all for going after it!

    Now that is the size of coffee cup I need right now. haha, that’s awesome.

    WOW these views at the top of the hike! Breathtaking!! I love the Barre post you are doing too- that photo could be a Barre advertisement or something!!

    Oohh that lemon & blueberry combo looks awesome on oats.

    Thanks for sharing all the food inspo & fun memories ❤


    1. Thanks so much for your amazing comment! I always love them!

      I’d been eating on the mix, & it had been normal! I do take the whole bag with me in my lunch bag to munch on what I want/need, so I don’t know if I left them in the car when I got my hair cut or ran errands. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But they’re tasty little clusters now!

      It was incredible! Love getting to tase test his creations.

      Thank you so so much!! All the girls loved my high-waisted suit, but the boys are not sold. Bahaha men. I just love it. So fun & retro! The kids were beyond sweet! I truly loved seeing them have fun at our place, just like we did when we were little. ❤️

      I was nervous, but he was also so cute! I mean, they’re annoying to heck out of me being in the house. 🙄 But I couldn’t fault him for it. My mom would have rescued him too, so I wanted to do the same. 🥰

      Right?! He walked outside & said, “how’s this for a coffee mug?” 😂

      Oh my gosh, wow, thank you so much!!! Kase was funny & felt silly taking it, but I’m not shy. No one up there cared wha I was doing. 😏 And I just *love* representing my B3 love. I would be honored if they did use it. 😱

      Thank ya!

      You are so welcome!


      1. Hahah men do NOT get some fashions. Like with DJ… I only wear my bold bright lipstick with friends because he does not care for it haha. Or any heeled shoes, he loves flats on me, but I could live in a heeled shoe. Too funny!

        Ahh so so sweet with the kids! I bet it brings up a ton of nostalgic emotions too!

        Aw so sweet you rescued him! And he really is soo cute. Your mom would be proud ❤

        I’m seriously adding that coffee mug to my Christmas list lol. It’s amazing.

        I have NO chill when it comes to taking pics in public, so I fully support, hahah. You go, girl! Hope your week is off to a nice start !


        1. Preach it! Give me all the bright lipsticks, fun heeled shoes, and high-waisted trend! Men just don’t know. 😉

          It does and really makes me so grateful we can share our little slice of heaven with others!

          Thank you! I hope she was laughing and smiling right along with us!

          Hahahaha do it!

          I knew you’d get me! I hope your week is starting off splendidly as well!


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