Weekend in Snapshots

I’m going to truly let the photos speak for themselves this time! I hope you all had an incredible weekend. Mine was so darn rejuvenating and uplifting. Time spent with friends, my sister and brother-in-law, my amazing husband; a lot of joyful movement, and good fooood.


Daytime look.


Evening look.


Jackson snuggles!

Sweet baby girl.

Barre3 with one of my sweet friends and sister!



New Barre3 Tennessee tank!


Life House Coffee Shop. Cannot wait to have a twinkie lunch date here. It’s so cute! Got a decaf iced latte in my Pioneer Woman cup. I sipped on it on Saturday and didn’t finish it until Sunday. I had removed the ice, so it was still perfect!



Farmhouse industrial vibes ❤



Visited our new allergy free bakery!



Earl Grey Lavender donut. Heaven in dough-form!


I attended Kaci and Drew’s neighborhood porch hop event. This sign!


I adore my sister and all of her support. They also have deck goals. I mean come on, how awesome is their little backyard oasis?! They are in the process of getting a deck sail to cover and provide shade.


Axl Rose!


Drew made cucumber water and baked the cookies. He did so much to get them ready. He’s an awesome husband!


German oat bread from Free Reign Bakery.


Sliced and enjoyed with mozzarella, wilted spinach, sunny side up eggs, clemmy.


Portobello Quinoa burger, jalapeno hummus, veg.


My first massage at Longevity Massage Specialists!


Their complimentary treats and water were delicious, and I looove this mid-mod style table.


Post-massage oil-style hair.

One more in-credible Barre3 class to round-out the weekend!


Simple Sunday Supper: bagged salad, roasted + sauteed vegetables (meal-prepped like a boss, ha!), and Fiery Thai Kettle potato chips with lemongrass infused salt. Get on my level…just kidding! But really, these are amazing.


❤ ❤ Please someone drill this message into my mind!


Morning snuggles!


This dress {heart eye emoji} Kaci sweetly let me borrow it, and I love the fit and color! Rocking my wedding TOMS. ❤


May you feel accomplished, know that you are worthy, and I wish you all the best!

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Snapshots

  1. The barre! The coffee date! The Early Grey LAVENDER DONUT! Oh man, you guys always make the absolute most of your weekends- what fun!!

    And that deck!!!! So freaking beautiful! It could be in a magazine. Also that sign… hahahhaha. Too good.

    That massage sounds so lovely!!! I have been craving one lately. I’ve been staring at a book in basically the same position all day & my shoulders are killin’ me! After this I think I may have to treat myself post move when the heavy lifting is over.

    Ohhh I’ll drill that message into your mind if you drill it into mine too! LOVE LOVE LOVE that.

    I love the color combo with the Toms and dress! Absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing, Kori! 🙂 Reading your blog with my breakfast and coffee is a great start to the day!


    1. I so appreciate you saying that!! We truly do try to embrace life and really soak up all of the experiences!

      So magazine-worthy! It’s even more stunning in person!

      It was! Funny story: I decided to just go with my birthday suit as I have done in the past. But then the sheet felt as though it wasn’t fully covering me (I realized it was an illusion, but it’s never felt that way before), so I became tense. The masseuse noted said tension, bahahaha. Whoops. But a massage is such a worthy investment!

      Deal, girlfriend!!

      Thank you so much!! I’m so grateful you enjoy my posts! ❤ ❤


        1. Well, said masseuse was a he, so I, for the first time that I can recall in quite some time, became flustered. He was very professional! But I started to think of people reporting misconduct, and I was like, “way to go, Kor. Should’ve donned some undies.” It made for a good laugh!


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