First Friday June Favorites!

I’m here with another round-up of food, fashion, and some other fun things!

I shopped at Naturally More Discount Market last weekend and found some stellar deals. I bought a case of these unsweetened Quaker oatmeal cups for less than $6 I believe. Score!


I also grabbed a box of this oatmeal because it sounded delicious.


While at Kroger recently, I used a coupon to get a Kashi cereal, and I’ve really loved this one! It is slightly sweet but not too much. It awesome over yogurt or cottage cheese, with milk or even dry in a trail mix.


Can never try too many bars. This one is so good! I found this at the market too.


We also have been enjoying KIND protein bars. Awesome when you need a bar that will keep you fuller longer.


Chipsssssss. I’m so into tortilla chips with hummus, and I love to find new potato chips to try. These are so unique and enjoyable!


The market had this rice, and I was so happy to see it was gf. I grabbed two boxes, and I highly recommend it.


Give me all the veggie burgers! I love a good classic meat burger, but I want to keep frozen burgers on hand for quick meals and snacks. I had never tried this brand before but really liked it. Anyone else had their products?


Another staple is jarred pasta sauce. So versatile! Is it silly to say that the font grabbed my attention first? I’m a sucker for pretty labels!


Lastly, Matt has converted me to wanting to keep these lemon and lime juices on hand. But the key I’ve found is getting ones that have the citrus oil as well because that’s where so much of the flavor is held!


Do yourselves a favor and check out Alexis’ Instagram page, @Hummusapien. She shared a recipe for oatmeal bars that are fabulous. This was before they had been put into the oven to do their time. We’ve really loved having a homemade snack on hand this week!


Taco Tuesday! All thanks to Matt’s suggestion to make fish tacos recently. We tag-teamed this meal – shrimp and flounder tacos in soft shell corn tortillas cooked in butter then folded over to harden – and it was stellar.


After Barre3, I went by our Whole Foods hot bar and got each myself and Kaci a container for dinner Wednesday evening. Hushpuppy, fried plantains, sweet spicy tofu, garlic kale, spicy green beans, roasted vegetables. It was such a treat to have her over, snuggle with the babies, and then we went on a walk. It felt so good mentally and physically!


Here was a snapshot at said Barre3 class. They’re now offering heavier weights, so I tried to incorporate the 3 lb dumbbells during some moves. I just love how Barre3 is always learning, revising, and offering more to us!


I just love her magazine! It’s so fun, helpful, and full of great information.


One article talked about the versatility of the bandana. So naturally I needed to try my hand at wearing one.


Tada! I really loved this look. Neck scarves are one of my favorite accessories now.



Wore this Old Navy dress and long over shirt last week. It’s one of my fav quick outfits.


This is one of those messages that we ought to revisit often, especially on those tough days.


Let this sink in – the very worry we have about eating well and taking care of ourselves is, in fact, hurting ourselves. All the stress I had over every morsel of food was pointless. As a sweet friend said recently, “Life is stressful enough – we should at least enjoy food if nothing else.” She’s so wise and correct!


Y’all, I cannot believe that Kaci and I will actually get to watch ‘I Love Lucy’ on the big screen this August!!! I. am. stoked!


Kitty snuggles! They truly make me smile so big every day.





I’m so excited to attend one of my best friends’ baby showers on Saturday. Sunday is up the air on plans. I hope you all have the best weekend!

6 thoughts on “First Friday June Favorites!

  1. Hi Kori, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and never commented but I just wanted to reach out and say hi and thank you for your posts. I’m a psychotherapist and see plenty of clients with eating disorders and have my own history moving from disordered eating to wonderful freeing intuitive eating! I love your blog – your positivity and love for life is refreshing, thanks for being you! -Margo


    1. I so appreciate your sweet comment, Margo!! Thank you for following along, & I’m so proud of you for finding your way back to intuitive eating too! I wish you the best & am grateful we’ve been able to connect.


  2. Ohhh I have never tried a pure organic bar- but it looks yuummmy! I will have to be on the look out. We did try a perfect bar which was SO good-so thank you for that rec. ❤

    Lol- Crabby Rice! I love it—and the fact that it’s GF AND vegan is even better!

    The imposter syndrome vs. innate worth is something I need to screen shot and read all the time!! Thank you for sharing that!

    Loved this post as always. Hope you are having a nice week, Kori!


    1. This Pure Organic Bar was so very tasty! I hope you can get your paws on one soon! I’m so glad you love Perfect Bar!

      I was so tickled by the name, and then because it did suit our dietary needs, I was really excited! It has great flavor, and I highly recommend.

      Sameeeee! Imposter Syndrome is so real some days!

      I’m so grateful you stopped by, and I’m sending you calm vibes! Thinking of you in this challenging time, and I hope you too have been enjoying an amazing week! ❤


      1. Hehe I hope I get my paws on them soon too! 😆 🐾

        Yay!! I haveeee to try if I see it in stores. I wonder if I could buy on Amazon too 🤔 definitely gonna see!

        Thank youuuuu! 🙏🏻❤️


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