Showers on Showers

Despite getting so much rain earlier this year (read: major flooding), we then went through a spell of very little. Now it’s been raining for a few days, and it is rather enjoyable! Although I fully admit I need some sun in my life to keep my mood on the upswing. So a rainy morning followed by a break in the clouds with those glorious rays shining upon us is my favorite.


Alright enough about the weather, let’s talk food, fun, and the weekend! I started with delicious Quaker date-almond hot cereal topped with pb and enjoyed with an apple out of hand. Question: do you prefer to eat an apple whole or sliced? I’ve been craving apples like mad and really love eating them whole!

Love a good get-to-know-ya quiz.


One of my fav dresses, which happens to be from Amazon!


I had the honor of attending this year’s Dietetic Internship Luncheon and got to watch each of the three lovely interns I worked with graduate from the program! I had a delicious salad and buttered roll then salmon, rice, Brussels, and a rich chocolate dessert.


I’m such a sucker for a reflection! Me as a bebe intern at my luncheon vs. being a Renal RD Preceptor. 2013 vs. 2019 O_o

SO fortunate to have met these girls! They’re going to do amazing things in the dietetics field.


Honeybee Coffee was giving away stickers while supplies lasted along with Paysan Bread samples. Wouldn’t ya know I missed the stickers by a few minutes? Darn. I love a good sticker. I don’t know why, I just do. 😉 I got a decaf turmeric latte with macadamia nut milk. It was tasty and kept me perfectly satisfied until dinner, but it was $6. Holy expensive! I can’t justify a drink that is the cost of, or even twice the cost of, a meal made from Aldi noms.


Kaci and I met up at Tar-jay and did some shopping together, which was such a treat! I love Matt and living together like cah-razy, but I miss our twin-living days. We were a powerhouse duo, if I do say so myself.

Dinner was fab and quick. Dr. Praeger’s burger topped with a drippy over easy egg, steamed broccoli with ranch, and pickles + pickled jalapenos.


Do yourself a favor and visit Ellie Krieger’s Ig page. Then go read her article on The Washington Post. It’s so very important to spread this message!


That evening snack life, yo. Bahaha. This mug included Greek yogurt, frozen banana, and Multigrain Cheerios. I don’t like room temperature banana in a yogurt bowl, and I find that frozen banana is very delicious. We watched at least two episodes of Lucifer then crawled into bed. I’m 100% obsessed with this show!! The characters, plot line, quirky one-liners, on-screen chemistry – it all has me h o o k e d. Anyone else seen it?



You already knew apple nachos would likely make a cameo. This plate included one of the oatmeal bars I made from Alexis’ recipe. I topped it with cottage cheese and then pb drizzled over top it all. YUM.


I completed a 10-minute calming Barre3 flow then got ready for a really fun day.

I’ve never shopped on Poshmark but decided to browse Sarah’s closet under her handle @trendsetchic. She has incredible style and taste! I bought this Anthropologie top and Elizabeth & James jeans. I’m obsessed with the length, fit, and frayed hem. I failed to get a photo of the back of my top, but it is cinched and tied that adds another layer of fun.



Also, it was delivered in this fun package with a super sweet postcard. These touches make shopping from individuals so special!

It was then time to shower one of my very best friends for her and her husband’s sweet girl due next month! You may recall we attended her wedding last October. Aside from my own special day and getting to be in Kaci’s, Becky’s was my favorite wedding ever. The energy, the crowd, the dancing. It was electrifying and truly memorable!


The food was absolutely perfect! Two of her friends organized the shower, and they did a spectacular job! Planned but also not regimented, delicious food but without too many frills and fuss. Just a relaxed time together, which I just loved. We played a Family Feud-style game and other fun ones that were a blast! Once their girl, Sawyer Wren (LOVE the name) is here, we’re planning for another game night. It’s been far too long since Matt and I went to one!


Friends for at least 2/3 of our lives! As I wrote on Instagram, the older I get, the more I’ve come to realize a few special, incredible friends is more important to me than a lot of friends. The ones who have your back always and you theirs! Becky looks so adorable, and Kaci was stunning! That’s her new ON jumpsuit, which I now want. Haha


I did some shoppin’ at Kroger then put together this scrumptious salad. Matt was a sweetie and got us a rotisserie chicken on his way home from working on his car. They didn’t have one at Kroger. Organic greens, mini peppers, flavorful rice, cucumber, local tomato, steamed broccoli, tempeh (currently very into it, mad cravings for it and apples), rotisserie chicken, and Italian dressing.


Every message hits very close to home for me. Acknowledging my fears and anxiety helps me to face them rather than avoid and suppress, which never helps.


I completed one more calming Barre3 flow then used some of the new face mask that came in our baby shower goodie bag!


My snack while watching Elementary and Lucifer included yogurt, frozen grapes and blueberries, roasted lightly salted almonds, and Kashi cereal. I went back for some more almonds, and I felt really satisfied.

Matt took this of Rachel, and it cracks me up big time! Mood.



I made us pancakes using the new-to-us gf mix I found at Naturally More Discount Market. They were fabulous!


We topped our stack with thawed strawberries/blueberries/mango, pb, and maple. Scrumptious.


I was in the mood for a challenge, so I did a 30-minute Barre3 exercise followed by a 10-minute calm/cool-down. It felt so good with every deep breath, stretch, and tough pose + hold! After showering I crunched on some baby carrots and hummus. However, I made the mistake of wanting to get lunch at Life House Coffee but not checking their hours first. They are closed on Sunday, so I threw a tantrum in my head (ha) then went on to Kaci’s as I had planned. She was super generous and let me have one of her thick, amazing slices of vegetable pizza from Steffano’s. SO GOOD. I noshed on a chocolate chip cookie on the way over to tame my hunger and grumpies. The pizza “cured” me! Apple on the side, of course.


We chatted and caught up, and it really was a blast! I would have a hard time not being near Kaci.

I came back home and got started on our soup for dinner along with these bars. Jackson on his tippy toes is so damn cute!


I’m proud to say I made these with just a baby food chopper and not a food processor! I had to add prunes because I didn’t buy enough dates, and I used equal parts pb powder and whole meal ground flax for the protein powder. They’re stellar, and I highly recommend them!


The soup was a little bland but comforting. Spiced roasted carrots/onion/asparagus, frozen soup veg starter blend from Kroger, Aldi organic low sodium chicken bone broth, kidney beans, and garlic oil hot sauce. I enjoyed rosemary + jalapeno Triscuits, rotisserie, chicken, mozzarella, tomato, and avocado on the side. Matt had the same but with tortilla chips.


We each had a bar while watching Lucifer, and I had mine with yogurt. We each brought one today, and I’m giving one to Kaci. So we only have three left, if that’s any indication of how awesome they are.



I should’ve soaked my oat cup overnight, but I made it with milk, cinnamon, and brown sugar and topped with pb. Banana on ze side.


Kaci and I have been trading clothes, and she was a doll to let me borrow this top! It’s embroidered, flowy, and so fun! Paired with my dark red pixie pants and pom pom earrings.


My last Monday at 30. What the what?!


These memories warm my heart so much! Matt loves his boys, and they sure love him!


Look at this kid! He had his daddy wrapped around his paw from day one, as it should be.


I went to Life House Coffee and got the cafe au lait I was craving, so crisis averted!


Have the best week, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Showers on Showers

  1. I prefer eating apples whole! I have been craving them lately too! I go through phases with apples where I’ll crave them all the time and others where they don’t sound to a-peeling 😉

    Beautiful dress from Amazon! You have the best of luck on there!

    What a wonderful luncheon! That has to be so rewarding seeing your interns graduate!

    Ok that turmeric latte sounds incredible- but I agree- $6 is steeeep!

    Oh my gosh, I am the same way about bananas!!! I don’t really like them much at all at room temp, but frozen- gimmee!!!

    What a lovely shower ❤

    Thanks for sharing, Kori! 🙂


    1. We’re always so alike, & I love it! A-peeling, hahahaha! Matt said you’re a “pun-isher”. Lolz

      Thank you so much! It is so rewarding!

      So tasty, but the prices for espresso beverages are climbing!

      🍌🍌🍌 😋

      It was the best shower I’ve been to! So relaxed & fun.

      Thank YOU for stopping by! Have the best weekend!


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