Friday Favorites!

Hello all of you ahh-mazing people! It’s a sunny Friday here, and I hope it’s a beautiful one for you too! Today marks my last Friday as a 30 year old. Say whaaa? I am so very grateful to get to celebrate another birthday, and getting older has only proven that life just gets better with each year! It’s still hard to believe I’ll be 31 come Monday.

To get the celebration started early, I enjoyed a free drink from Remedy Coffee thanks to their sweet birthday coupon! I have become so obsessed with rugs and will one day invest in some whenever we find a place and move. This one at their counter is gorgeous!


Decaf soy milk latte for the afternoon. I’m all for fully caffeinated coffee until it’s later, then it’s decaf central. It was so good! I wanted to try soy milk for a change of pace.



#facesinplaces Matt put his pickles and pickled jalapenos in the shape of a face when we enjoyed a Dr. Praeger’s burger for dinner this week. Erin shares these hilarious faces on her Insta page!


Dinner is served! I cooked quinoa and added a marinated artichoke salad (artichoke hearts, olives, roasted red pepper), rotisserie chicken, and steamed Brussels with an amazing sauce I am sharing below.


Have any of you tried Larbar’s newest protein line? It had a slightly different texture, and Matt and I loved it!


Said amazing sauce! I saw this at Aldi yesterday, and I had to get it. It’s full of flavor!


We’re really excited to try this one too.


I have been so bummed that Aldi hasn’t carried the Mediterranean chicken burgers for a long time, so when I saw these, I was so excited! Perfect for an evening when you want a quick but homemade meal.


I snagged this while on a Tarjay run recently. I’ve been craving tofu and tempeh a lot, and I always love trying new products!


Do yourself a favor and order a tank or tee stat! I’m really proud to have mine.


Nutribollocks: spurious nutrition advise with little to no scientific evidence, frequently used on social media to make a profit; promotes disordered eating.


Kaci and I have been doing well at trading clothes like old times. Only now it takes a little more planning, but I have always loved sharing our closets! She let me borrow this cah-ute Old Navy cacti print shirt, and it is so soft and comfy.


Rocked my vintage dress belted this time, and I love it with and without!


Getting older but not giving up fun SnapChat filters. Sorry not sorry.

Do yourselves a favor and sign up for Barre3’s free Barre3 Anywhere program!! Obligation free, and it is amazing.


I may be a plant hospice nurse, but I still very much love and appreciate plants and flowers. I stopped to snap this while on my walk this week after lunch.


I downloaded Morgan Harper Nichols’ app, and it’s so lovely. It gives you a daily reminder, wallpapers, inspiration, and so many positive messages. It is so worth it!


Wishing you all a most wonderful day and weekend! Please feel free to share plans or your own favorites in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Oh my gosh!! I totalllly missed your bday- I definitely messaged you about deodorant (Lol), but didn’t say happy bday- I’m so sorry! I seriously feel awful… *Let’s rewind to Monday- wirrrrr (rewind sound)* HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You and Kaci are two absolutely amazing individuals that are celebrated big time. I’m truly to thankful to know you two! Hope your day was wonderful and amazing as you!

    I am all about switching to decaf the minute the clock strikes 12! It used to be 4 in college, but my insomnia was still awful, so switching to 12 helped a lot. That latte looks like the perfect amount of foam- mmm mmm!

    Lol the jalapeno face is too cute! We have been adding jalapenos to a lot of our food lately- it’s kinda addictive. So gooood – I want to throw them on everything I can now!

    Ohhh I didn’t know Larabar had a protein line! I usually stayed away from Lara because I never felt like they kept me full, but I’ll have to look into these!

    Moroccan Tofu Cubes- yes please!!!

    I love the purpose of Barre3anywhere! Thank you for sharing that.

    Gorgeous gorgeous blooms!!

    Thank you sooo much for this amazing post. And again- I hope you had the best day Monday- heck I hope you are having the best bday WEEK! xo


    1. You are completely fine, doll!!! I’m honestly happy I was able to provide a little bit of help to you. Gosh, I appreciate your words and your kindness so very much!!! We’re so grateful to know you too!!

      I’ve heard that if we drink caffeine past 2:00 pm, then it will still affect our sleep, so I’ve been mindful of my intake! I don’t want to take any chances of getting a poor amount of Zzzz.

      Who says we shouldn’t play with our food? 😉 We’ve wanted to add them and Cholula Garlic Oil hot sauce to everything too!

      Larabars sometimes just make me more hungry if that’s all I have. Ha! The protein line has a little bit different texture but so very good! I hope you can try one soon!

      Matt text me that day to say he loved the tofu cubes in his lunch that day! We both highly recommend them. Yummmm

      You are so welcome! The Barre3 Anywhere program is free, *if* you wanted to try it. I know you are busy busy busy, but if you are able to do even a 10 minute calming flow, it may help alleviate some stress!

      I’m all about the flowers and pretty summery blooms!!

      Thank YOU for your wonderful comment! I just love them. You always take the time to really reflect on my content, and I’m so thankful for you. It has been a wonderful week, and I hope the same for you!! ❤


      1. Aww thank youuu ❤

        Ok I need to get both the Cholula Garlic Oil hot sauce and Lara Bars.. for me the more texture the better!! I like something with a bit more grit usually so I bet I'd love um'!

        Definitely have to keep an eye out for the tofu cubes too! After reading this post I restocked on tofu because this got me craving it!

        Oh my gosh, that sounds like the most perfect study break!! I am going to remember this. Even when we are doing our roadtrip- I feel like it'd be a good way to get in some movement during stop breaks.

        Aw, of course!!! ❤ You make it easy to leave comments- always such fascinating, amazing, unique, inspiring, and real content! XO


        1. Oh I love different textures too! It has more chew – feels more substantial. Bet you’ll love it!

          Oh I need to get tofu & tempeh tomorrow & some more of these flavored cubes soon too!

          It would! Just side body leans, warrior two, deep stretches. They feel so amazing.

          THANK YOU!!! Same to you, sweet girl! So grateful for your friendship.


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