Here’s to Another Spectacular Year!

Somehow another year has flown by, and Kaci and I are now 31. Whoa. This past year, while certainly challenging at times, was a year of growth, love, fun, and truly one for the books. Had Mason still been with us, it would’ve been near perfect. He’s always in our hearts, though. I will try to keep my words short and again allow the photos to do all the talkin’.


I started the day with my last everything bagel topped with fresh tomato, scrambled egg and leftover baked wild caught salmon, and plant-based avocado pesto spread; black grapes on the side. It was amazing!


Sleepy babies!

Outfit on my last Friday at 30.


K Brew’s latest spritz, the Paloma: grapefruit syrup, signature espresso, and Fevertree tonic. SO. GOOD.


It was a salad and pizza kinda night! This pizza had a sweet potato crust and chicken sausage. ‘Twas tasty!


Snackage out of the pb jar while watching Lucifer. Tom Ellis is my celebrity crush. Love this show!



My use of leftover salmon was going strong! Hummus avocado toast with salmon, garlic oil Cholula hot sauce, and grapes.


Mid-morning fuel after Matt and I completed a quick Kroger trip. Then it was off to the lake house to meet Kaci, Drew, and Axl!



Had to get our group shot! Axl’s face kills me! Lolol


Is Kaci not adorable in her new suit? Check out Axl in the lower left corner, ha!


Our dude!


D’s classic sideways shot. It’s his signature photo. 😉


Would ya believe I remembered my Polaroid? Trying to be artsy.


Snack in the sunshine.


The boys chattin’ away.




SnapChats because why not.



My main squeeze!!


Gotta be goofy!





Fresh fruit with some almond butter.


Matt spoiled us! He made us two racks of ribs, and we simmered Bush’s maple bourbon grillin’ beans, enjoyed Kroger’s Private Selection southwestern potato salad (all their classic potato salads contained wheat germ, unfortunately), and steamed green beans.


Loren’s gf chocolate chunk cookies x 2. I went back for another!


Matt took this before we left. ❤


Sunday // Father’s Day

I ate a light breakfast because we were meeting Kaci and Drew for brunch at First Watch. Fresh fruit, Grape Nuts, and milk in the almond butter jar.


My amazing dad has been the most loving, supportive person, and I’m incredibly grateful for him!!




One of my favorite photos of us! From dancing in the living room to our father-daughter dance at my wedding. ❤


Matt, the most amazing cat dad ever! He loves our babies so fiercely and takes amazing care of them.





This filter was so perfect!


Their fresh crab omelet is so full of flavor! I also just love their toast. So thick and perfect.



We don’t normally order the same thing so that we can try each other’s, but it was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, they misunderstood he wanted the greens but to add potatoes. Oh well! We aren’t ones to fuss.


After fueling up we four and our trail guide, Axl headed to Ijam’s Nature Center. It was hot but such a gorgeous day!



Barre3 anywhere!






There’s a baby turtle on the end then maybe the mom. They were so cute!



We hiked about two miles, and I had such a blast.


While Matt went to dinner with his dad and second oldest brother, I stayed back and meal planned, cleaned, and cooked. Snack plate.


I highly recommend Alexis’ Vegan Peanut Butter Zucchini Bars! I added walnuts on top, and they are so fudge-y and satisfying.


I enjoyed the second half of my omelet with green beans, quinoa with marinated artichoke salad, and the last of our potato salad. Hit the spot!


My evening snack included Greek yogurt, frozen banana, Grape Nuts, and pb.


I was still hungry later, so I had some nuts and chocolate.


Monday //  My birthday!

Birthday pancakes topped with thawed fruit, tahini, Greek yogurt, maple, and sunflower seeds.


Kaci and I switched dresses, and I loved her maxi!


My step-mom shared this photo, and I love it! Kaci still had longer hair, I had quite the bed-head, and I love our ruffle butts. Ha!


My dad surprised me with the most colorful, beautiful bouquet!!



Matchy matchy! We were so grateful that Barre3 gave us each a free class for our birthday.


They helped us to feel incredibly special and loved! They sang to us, Mila gave us a shout out before class, and then she played happy birthday as we all filed out of class. Several years ago, I never would’ve thought I’d be recognized, much less loved, this much as our Barre3 studio. I just love them so much. Another attendee said, “isn’t it a blessing to move on your birthday? It’s like thanking your body”. AMEN.

Kaci and I then had dinner at Whole Foods! I loved getting to eat with her and chat up a storm.


Delish cookies for a suh-weet finish.


And that’s a wrap! I appreciate each and every one who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, and I appreciate everyone who chooses to read my blog. Here’s to another wonderful year!

6 thoughts on “Here’s to Another Spectacular Year!

  1. I’ve been so excited to read this post!

    Avocado pesto sauce sounds like an absolute dreeeeam!! YUM.

    Ok I need the deets on the sweet potato crust pizza- why didn’t I know this was a thing?!? My two favorite things combined— I must try this.

    Love the family photo!! Y’all are just a bunch of models.

    These photos of you with your dad are giving me chills- soooo precious ❤ What a heart- warming father-daughter relationship!

    Also the place you went on a walk is stunning. Seriously sounds like the perfect day.

    Those maxi dresses are beautiful on you both! The Barre3 studio you go to looks like the best in the world! That was the sweetest thing ever when they sang happy bday to you. You are both so loved! This is a side note: But the vibe is sooo much better it seems where you go than the experience I had. Everyone was super snooty and uppity when I went and it sorta intimidated me to go back. This is motivating me to try another studio!

    What a wonderful birthday!! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂 Can’t wait to see what this year brings you both!


    1. Thank you for always being so sweet & excited for my posts!

      It was so dreamy! We now have a plant based queso to try!

      It is a must! I happened upon it at the store & had never tried a sweet potato crust before. Very tasty!

      Thank you so so much!!

      I love my dad so much! He just understands me & knows how to help me when I need it most.

      It absolutely was so perfect! Ijam’s is an amazing gem in our town.

      Thank you! Gosh, I hate that you didn’t feel welcome! Our studio embraces everyone with genuine kindness. I can’t stand uppity people! No thanks. 😤 Definitely try a different studio when you get a chance!

      Thank you so much!! I am very excited for this year for u s& you & Dj! ❤️


      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was the studio location/instructor! She was not very friendly – also I think it was Pure Barre, not Barre3 — so maybe that had something to do with it too?! Either way- I am excited to try it out again because it was a phenomenal workout that really challenged me in ways other workouts don’t!

        Thanks so much, Kori! ❤


        1. I really think that is the difference – Barre3 studios and instructors have always treated me with kindness! Not knocking Pure Barre, but when I tried it, I didn’t feel the same vibe.

          ❤ ❤


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