Friday Favs

After I share this, I will be enjoying a Barre3 flow before getting ready to hit the road for a weekend with Matt in Nash-vegas! I’ve wanted us to visit Nashville together, so I decided a getaway the weekend after my birthday would be perfect. Last year, you may recall we went to Columbus, OH and got to meet Alexis! I love these trips and hope to make it an annual tradition.

First up is some fash-un. I wore this vintage scalloped red lace dress on Christmas Eve and hadn’t worn it since. Awful of me! But I wore it to work with scallop trim black flats and my floral cardigan.



Patterns on patterns.


I bought Morgan Harper Nichols’ app, and I adore the daily messages!




One of my coworkers surprised me with these adorable notepads! I love the style and the positive messages. Anyone else a sucker for stationary?



I’m all about convenience foods when they can help me in a pinch. I picked up this shredded rotisserie chicken from Target Thursday evening after getting my hair cut. After spending at least an hour in traffic just to get home, it helped us get a lovely meal on the table!


I decided to treat myself to a mani and pedi, but shewee the price! It totaled $85 for a basic pedi and dip + they charge an additional $10 for the manicure. $98 with tip. No thanks. Not doing that again! I also had to go back because Matt realized my right big toe had already chipped when I got home.



Alright, it’s off to enjoy my coffee and Barre3 before getting ready to hit the road!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favs

  1. Oh my gosh, I remember that post when you went to Columbus like it was yesterday- I can’t believe it’s been a year!!

    LOVE the fash-un pieces! I have a dress similar to that & it’s soo great for many occasions- it can be a fun sundress, or used as a nice classy work dress. Love it!

    *Raising my hand* as a sucker for stationary! Those ones are too cute.

    Target groceries for the winnn! I recognized that Archer Farms immediately!

    Okay your mani/pedi is beautiful… .but your natural nails are GORGEOUS. I so wish I could grow mine like that!! It’s definitely annoying how much mani/pedis cost, but they look soo good. Love the color you chose! Have a great week, gf! xo


    1. My mind is blown over the fact that it’s already been one year since we went to Columbus!

      Thank you! I love versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. 🙂

      We are so similar, and I love it! Stationary is always so fun.

      We ate some of the chicken with today’s lunch, and having it on hand made packing for today super easy!

      Thank you!! My cuticles needed major TLC, but my nails were finally strong again. Fall/winter makes them a bit thin, but they always seem to grow much better during the warmer months. Thank you so very much! It has felt so nice having them painted pretty. I love this color too! I appreciate it! xo


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