Living It Up Nashville Style

I honestly am not even sure where to begin. This past weekend Matt and I stayed in Nashville, TN for a little getaway trip, and it far exceeded my expectations! Our honeymoon aside, this was the best trip I’ve taken and that we’ve taken together. It was unbelievably perfect. I just kept snapping away, so I have a lot of photos. I’ll try to let them do the talking, but my post just won’t do it full justice.


Thanks to Mackenzie‘s inspiration, I made us a spinach/banana/avocado smoothie for breakfast. I topped my bowl with Kashi Go cereal, Grape Nuts, and peanut butter. It was so refreshing!


After I got ready and we loaded up the car, we had to take our typical shot out front. โค


Once we got to Cookeville, we stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-a. We were starving! I failed to pack snacks well this trip. Whoopsies. Two thumbs up for fooood.


I went with their deluxe grilled chicken sandwich but forgot to specify my cheese, so I got American. Not what I wanted but still tasty. I snagged a few fries from Matt.


Love him! We are huge goofballs.


The glorious Airbnb that we stayed at!!




Our host, Anna is an interior designer, photo stylist, consultant, and art director. Her home absolutely exudes this as she is tremendously talented!


Both sides of the fireplace were stunning, and I just adored the wallpaper throughout.



I love how she layered different rugs together. So funky!


Matt said the painting of the baby looks like he/she is trying to take a selfie. Ha!



This was Babaloo, her sweet dog who greeted us when we arrived. She was so cute!


Our room was a dream.








I loved these pieces of art.


Toilet humor, lolol


Holy relaxation. Claw foot tub, turquoise walls, chandelier. This whole house and bathroom screamed my name.





I am all for fun photo ops, and Matt sweetly obliges me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We met Anna as we were leaving to grab a few things from Kroger. She was so sweet and inviting!

It was then time to get ready for dinner.


We chose to eat at The Wild Cow, and it was a wonderful choice.




Matt tried this Gypsy gf cider, and I tried a sip. It was really good! Not overly sweet or dry plus gypsy was in the name. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Buffalo tempeh, hello flavor town.


Lentil stew over rice. We were both super pleased with this dish!


Sweet spicy tofu stir fry. I actually loved this entree the most!


We stopped on the way back to our Airbnb to take advantage of this fun wall mural.




We decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood. We love to explore by foot.



We saw a home for sale and tried to guess the price. We said between $400 and $500,000…it was 1,650,000. O_o Then the darkest clouds came over head and the wind picked up big time, so we ran all the way home. I was still in my sandals too, and honestly, it was exhilarating! So fun to get caught in the rain sometimes. It never poured on us, and we made it back in time.

Funny story: Anna accidentally told Matt a container was sugar when it was salt. So he made a second mug of tea and chose from the other container, which was still salt. Hahaha. One of Anna’s friends stayed with her over the weekend, and we loved getting to know them both. We were all cracking up, but Anna’s friend insisted Matt make a third mug. Three times a charm, he finally got a lovely mug of tea. Success!


Anna has a cat named Amaretto. He was rescued from outside a liquor store, and he was so friendly!

After kitty snuggles, it was finally time to call it a night and get some good sleep.


We started with coffee and a light breakfast. We split a package of KIND breakfast bars, and I had cottage cheese. I love this Anthropologie mug!



I did remember to bring my Polaroid, but this was the only photo I took. Tried to be all arsty. Loved this wallpaper.


Anna loves owls too!


Barre3 anywhere! I completed a 30-minute workout and felt so good afterwards.



I think I need to start a series called, “Kori’s feet and interesting grounds/floors/rugs”. Ha!


Anna told us about this gf bakery, so we went there first.


Despite being married to a blogger, Matt almost took a bite before I could get a photo. Lolz. So he personalized the lemon blueberry muffin with his bite mark.



Anna also suggested we check out the farmers market and nearby church garage sale, both of which turned out to be perfect!


Juice samples.


We both loved the “Lemon Drop”, so we bought one bottle.


The garage sale was a huge success! I found a Threshold mug for $0.25, a pitcher for $3, and a framed owl artwork for only $30!


One of the main reasons I was so excited to go to Nashville was to visit The Catio Cafe. It was amazing!






The barista was so sweet and offered to wash my mug so that I could use it for my coffee. A new favorite of mine!


Catssssss. You can take the cat people out of Knoxville, but you can’t keep them from the cats. Something like that.



Precious! Matt is the cat whisperer.

Ya girl will always include the outtakes.

I enjoyed one of their vegan hot pockets, and it was full o’ flavor.


I followed along on Instagram while the cafe came together, and I’m obsessed with the wallpaper and design. Can you tell that I will be including wallpaper in our home one day? The only trouble will be deciding on which one!

We so loved speaking with the staff and snuggling the babies. After we left, we found a few more murals to take photos of before heading back to our place.

We decided to walk to the cute shop we had seen during our walk on Friday, and I found a really pretty necklace. The shop employee was really sweet and fun to talk with!


Our owl artwork! Matt spotted this and encouraged me to get it, and I’m so thankful he did. It’s lovely.

We also bought this bouquet of amaranth at the farmers market. I had never seen amaranth blooms, and they are stunning!

I trimmed the stems and fit them inside the pitcher we bought. Again, Matt is to thank for suggesting we look for a vase while at the garage sale. I just love him.


Anna had hosted a wine tasting party, and one of her guests and neighbors offered to take our photo.


Amaretto was not a fan of his dog, though. Ha!


We had enjoyed our leftovers from The Wild cow for a late lunch then finally got ready for dinner as we were getting really hungry. Anna’s friend was super sweet and offered to take our photo and did so in several places for plenty to cherish!


We were cheesin’ hard because Matt said, “I look stoned” when she showed us a photo she had taken. So then she said it right as she snapped this one. The best!


She took this, and I love the sunlight!


The stairs that led up to our room.



Our prom pose. ๐Ÿ˜‰


My pretty necklace.


We chose to dine at Amerigo, and they offered gf pasta, which was so nice.


The wait was almost an hour, so of course I SnapChatted. I love this!


Bread and dipping oil, yum.


They prepared their gf pizza crust as gf bread for Matt to enjoy. Very appreciated!


I had their Scallops Veneto, which included blackened jumbo scallops, white bean and arugula succotash, pancetta, basil walnut pesto. The scallops were cooked so well! They were not chewy, the succotash was perfect, and I loved the pesto.


Matt had the Fettuccine Imperial with grilled chicken, pancetta, mushrooms, Parmesan cream sauce. I loved how tender the chicken was, the mushrooms were meaty, and the sauce was smooth. A wonderful combination!


I always love to leave a note when possible to let the staff know how wonderful they all did in taking care of us.


We decided to walk around the area and down to the Vanderbilt Medical Center. I had an irregular heart rate that was corrected via a heart ablation in July 2003 at Vandy, so it felt special.

Photo op


Apparently Vandy is the place to party if you’re a rabbit.


The sunset was stunning.


Matt suggested the Boomerang, and it was a fabulous idea. We didn’t walk over the children’s hospital where I had it done, but this was fun to do.

The restaurant looked so pretty as we walked back to the car.


We dropped off our leftovers then walked down to none other than Jeni’s Ice Cream! There was a line as always because they are so good. I first tried Jeni’s in March of 2013 during my dietetic internship.


Wildberry Lavender for Matt and Gooey Butter Cake for moi. I sometimes choke when trying to choose a flavor, but this was the absolute best. I knew I had chosen correctly upon first bite.



Once we got back, I got into the claw foot tub with soaking salt and just relaxed.



I had a Chobani wild blueberry cup with almonds and a peach for breakfast. The peach wasn’t all that great, unfortunately.


I completed a 10-minute calm Barre3 flow on the screened in porch. It was wonderful.

Here is our noted in her book. The two dried blooms came from the shop where I bought my necklace. The sweet girl gave them to us!


As completely sad as it was to do, we packed up and checked out.

Matt found this brunch spot, and not only did the food sound incredibly, but it included an owl!




My cafe au lait with soy milk.


Matt ordered their breakfast quinoa bowl with Brussels sprouts, house made kimchi, sprouts, potatoes, egg, and a peanut dressing. He added an egg and a side of bacon. This was unbelievably amazing. We’ll need to recreate it!


I chose their gf sweet potato biscuit with cheese, fluffy egg, and pecan vegetarian sausage. I dipped it in the peanut sauce, and I highly recommend this combo.


Once our stomachs were happy, we decided to explore a little before hitting the road. Matt noticed these artistic poles.


I’ve never been to an Olive and Sinclair store, but unfortunately, they were closed.


Once again per Anna’s suggestion, we checked out the Shoppes on Fatherland. Super cute district!

I wanted these so bad but had to resist.



Tried to again be artsy and creative. ๐Ÿ˜‰



I love him so very much. He certainly made this weekend absolutely perfect.


Once we got back home and settled, I set up our new arrangement in our room. It adds so much pizazz! Rachel’s eyes became huge when she saw it. Girlfriend wanted to eat them so badly!


Matt suggested I get a shirt, and it was too perfect not to! An owl, coffee, and turquoise. Me to a t.


Y’all that finally concludes the most epic on epic weekend trips we’ve taken thus far. I so appreciate you reading and enjoying my recap. Let me know if you have any must-visit places!


10 thoughts on “Living It Up Nashville Style

  1. WOW! What an incredible trip! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The Airbnb you stayed in so fun!!

    Oh my gosh that toilet paper.. epic! Haha.

    Buffalo tempeh?!?! Yaaasss. That looks sooo good.

    Aw Amaretto is adorable.

    Iโ€™m upsessed with The Catios.. the fact that something like that exists?! AMAZING. Thatโ€™s going on my ultimate bucket list for sureee.

    Alll the food you ate had my mouth watering! The biscuit reminded me of a famous biscuit place in Portland. Nashville knows how to do their food!! Ahh this was such a fun read!! So glad you two had a great time.


    1. It was so amazing!

      I had to take a photo! Toilet puns ๐Ÿ˜†

      I thought of you when we dined at the Wild Cow!! Vegan heaven. ๐Ÿคฉ

      Such a cutie! Took to Matt quickly.

      Cat cafes should absolutely be a thing everywhere! They help tremendously in finding homes for these sweeties.

      Matt just told me his dream last night included this biscuit, ha! It was sooo guuuudd. Nashville sure has an awesome food scene! Portland is on my bucket list to visit one day. Thank you so very much! xo


  2. I’ve recently moved to Nashville, and it’s such a beautiful area! It’s so cool to come across posts and bloggers near me. My original hometown was about two hours from Knoxville, and to see someone visiting where I am now is just so cool!

    I haven’t went to any of the places in the posts, but you’ve convinced me that it’s time to venture out even more in the city! Hope you have a wonderful day today, and the best to you!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Nashville is so gorgeous! I so love that weโ€™re nearby!

      I sure hope you love them! We were so pleased with all of the food & service. Thank you so much, & I hope you have a fantastic day & week as well!


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