And Just Like That, June Gives Way to July

June was certainly one of the best months, but I’m sad that it’s already over! But I guess since I can’t change time, I’ll just make the absolute most of each day as best I can.


I rocked another awesome dress from Abigail of Gilda_Curated on Etsy! This 1990’s floral dress is exactly what I’ve been wanting.


I completed my annual exam with a new PCP who I am so grateful to have met. He was incredibly patient, personable, and professional but still calming. I admittedly have developed a huge fear in going to the doctor after working in the clinical environment and seeing so much disease. But it was honestly such a wonderful experience! They even called a mere three hours after I left to personally tell me everything was normal and healthy. Such a relief!

I had made this frittata on Thursday so that I could have something delicious to eat after fasting. I enjoyed it with fresh mango. So good!


After a good work day, I went to Target Optical to have my new glassess and sunglasses adjusted, and they always treat me so well there. I swung by Earth Fare because they had recently renovated, and I was curious what had changed. I picked up two pizzas for us to have for dinner. We’re loving our Friday pizza tradition! I tried a naan-based pizza with cilantro pesto.


It was stellar! Paired with simple salad.



Snackage while watching Lucifer included yogurt, banana, pb, cinnamon, and Grape Nuts. Yummm. We finished the third season, and it was filled with drama in my opinion! Still loving this show tons.



I didn’t sleep as well Friday night, but sometimes it’s nice to be up and just ease into the day. Leftover pizza with ranch and frittata made for an awesome meal!


All ready for a lovely day!


First up was a stop at Wild Love Bakehouse. I thoroughly enjoyed their summer squash and ricotta croissant. They had run out of their blueberry sage hand tarts, unfortunately, but I will be getting one soon!


I then stopped at a fun vintage store, Retrospect to browse. I loved so many things but could not buy anything this time.

My heart is broken that The Hive, where we held our 30th birthday party last year is closing! A sale hosted by Pineapple Consignment was held, and lawd, all of Knoxville showed up! It was packed. I got an iced coffee from Highline Coffee, a cute local coffee bar cart. I quickly looked around and then left. The crowd was intense.


After shopping at Kroger and taking home our goods, I went out in search of a trunk to organize Matt’s work clothes. I stopped at this cute new store, The Bird’s Nest, then went to their sister store, Once Again Treasures.

The sweet employee at Once Again Treasures told me about a place called Peddler’s that is in our old Kmart location. There were a lot of neat vintage booths! I loved this wedding dress with a jacket. So pretty!

After going to Nostalgia and Goodwill, I finally lucked out at Four Seasons Vintage! I wanted this table and chairs but could not purchase it at this time. Super cute, though!


I carried it upstairs by myself and got all of his clothes organized. Felt pretty badass. πŸ˜‰ I love our little setup!

For a late lunch/snack plate, I had cuke, ‘shrooms, and carrot hummus along with strawberries + pb.


I hung up our amaranth blooms to hopefully dry nicely.


Scored this lounge shorts from Kroger for $5, and checkout Jackson’s face! He was bathing, and I snapped the photo just in time.


I vacuumed our place including each stair (that will work up a sweat in no time), and did the dishes and laundry. It felt great to get all of that completed.

Dinner was really enjoyable! I roasted eggplant and onion that I then added to cooked black soybean pasta, wilted spinach and greens combo, reheated mushroom Marsala sauce that we had leftover, extra virgin olive oil, and organic tomatoes on top.


You know the drill: yogurt, mango, cardamom, ginger, walnuts, and Grape Nuts with a side of Lucifer.



I hadn’t made stovetop oatmeal in a long time it seemed, so I prepared it with cocoa powder, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and then topped my bowl with strawberries, manuka honey, and pb.


Cuddly babies!

I got a jumpstart on this first week of Barre3anywhere and completed a killer 10-minute flow that was awesome. I noshed on veg and chips with the last of our plant-based queso dip. I then had a mug of cottage cheese with sunflower seeds and Garden Lites blueberry oat muffin.

I quickly got cleaned up to get to spend some time with Kaci who got back from their beach vacation! “I woke up like this” tee was very appropriate. πŸ˜‰


I first went to Aldi to get some things I wasn’t able to get at Kroger.

“He who is without oil shall throw the first rod. Compressions 8-5-1” HAHAHAHA. I love their signs!


I met Kaci at Kroger while she shopped and still found a few more things to buy. Would you believe I just finished at self-checkout, walked outside, then realized I forgot the below Epic bar? So I circled back and grabbed it from my cart and went back through. Good grief! Face-palm. I ate it an a honeycrisp later in the afternoon when I was at Kaci and Drew’s. The flavor was lovely!


Once I got home, I ate toast with carrot hummus then got started on dinner prep.


Matt helped to hang our new canvas art from Amazon, and I love them! They add some more fun to our dining space.



Dinner was simple greens with ranch, brown rice with Marsala chicken thighs, and roasted spiced red onion/Brussels/green beans. Hit the spot!


I found this fabulous granola at Aldi and obviously had to try it. Topped a mug of yogurt with thawed cherry/berry/kale blend with it. It has a great crunch and sweetness without being overwhelming. We started on season four of Lucifer, and it’s definitely taking some plot twists.


I kept it simple with apple, cottage cheese, pb, Kashi Go cereal, and a Garden Lite butternut squash muffin.


I found this fun jumpsuit on Amazon and paired it with my cardigan from Cupshe. I love how it came together!

Have an amazing week ahead!


8 thoughts on “And Just Like That, June Gives Way to July

  1. I think we share an affinity for peanut butter and yogurt! Your yogurt looks so thick and creamy! What brand do you buy? Also just started barre3anywhere, looking forward to getting into it more! Hope you have a great week! Happy 4th!


    1. Oh I’m a huge peanut butter & yogurt lover! I eat both almost every day. We purchase Fage2% plain, & it’s so dreamy & creamy! It also has a great flavor & is not overly tart or tangy. Oh that is so awesome!! I hope you love barre3anywhere too! Wishing you the best week & 4th as well!


      1. Yes to PB she yogurt daily! Your dessert/breakfast bowls always look so yummy! I want some of that granola πŸ™‚ and thank you for the recommendation, I will have to try Fage! Love to you, Kori!


        1. I appreciate that!! I highly recommend this granola. Let me know if you get to try it & what you think of Fage! Much love! πŸ–€


  2. Aw I love hearing that everything went so well with your PCP ❀ I totally know what you mean about having apprehension going in yourself after seeing all that can go wrong. So thankful you had a clean bill of health!

    Ohhh a frittata with mango sounds like a wonderful combo- savory & sweet! Mmmm mm.

    That naan pizza looks to die for! I loveee using naan as a pizza base. I can eat naan fresh out of the bag- it’s so dang good. And as you know, I’m just a bit pizza obsessed πŸ˜‰ Combine the two.. heaven.

    So sad the place you had your 30th is closing- that is baffling considering how cute it is!

    Ohhh soybean pasta looks so intriguing– I’d love to try that. I love what ingredients you added too.

    Lol that sign at the gas station is cracking me up!

    The canvas looks absolutely amazing !!!


    1. I get into my head so bad & think of all the worst case outcomes! Then how the RN responds to my bp or something feeds my worry. It has reminded me to be careful of my body language when speaking to my patients as that can worsen anxiety. Thank you so much! It was a relief for sure.

      It was such a great combination! Highly recommend!


      I know! I’m unsure why because it was the most precious space. 😒

      I think you would love this pasta as well!

      Thank you!!


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