July 4th Weekend // Part 2

Alright friends, let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?


I had this dreamy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and it included a packet of Bakery on Main Ancient Grains cooked with milk, salt, cardamom, and ginger. I topped it with half a sliced plum, tahini, Meyer lemon-infused honey, and a sprinkle of cardamom and ginger. YUM.


I got ready quickly, and we loaded up the car to spend at the lake house. We were able to stop by Mahalo Coffee Shop before leaving town, and you guys, this cafe is so cute!! Trevor Bayne and his wife decided to go into the coffee roasting business, and Matt and I had noticed this home being converted into commercial use. It wasn’t until recently that I realized it was their coffee shop. It’s seriously a two minute drive from both our home and my work!!


Hawaii and Australian vibes.



That is Trevor Bayne to the right on the bar. I hadn’t followed much of his story as a Nascar driver, but in reading up a bit, I realize just how talented and sweet he and his family are. They seem like such genuinely amazing people. Incredibly wealthy, but they seem humble and approachable, you know?


These plants ❤



I couldn’t resist a picture in this chair!


Matt sweetly obliged me.


Four words: Red. Velvet. Beet. Latte. Yesssss. It was not overly sweet and the perfect chocolate earthy flavor. They offer GF oatmilk and a GF chocolate chip cookie that I was grateful to see! It’s going to be hard not to stop on the daily!


We made awesome time and were at the lake house before lunch! Kaci graciously let me borrow this new Cupshe swimsuit, and I decided to wear my new hat from Amazon. I scored the donut towel from Aldi!



Tried to be all modelesque 😉


Twinning in our hats and sunnies! Trying to get a photo with my big hat proved hilarious.


After floating under the gorgeous sunrays, we enjoyed a simple lunch of cucumber, carrots, lemon hummus, avocado, and chips.


Pano shot of our yard.


Pano shot of our home. ❤


We floated, and while I tried to adjust myself to lay on the side of my avocado float, I fell into the water. It was hilarious! I was wearing my hat and sunglasses, and I only wish Matt had been looking. He missed my epic fail! It was a “happy mistake”, though, because I decided to swim across the left side cove and back like my mom did. ❤ I did some flips and floated, and it felt so calming. We got out of the water and decided to play badminton. I’m proud to say we brought our A-game. No one was there to witness our athleticism, though. Ha!

Dinner was phenomenal! I sauteed organic green beans that we bought on sale and seasoned them with Italian herbs, salt, pepper, garlic, and coriander. We enjoyed them with local sliced tomato, Sriracha cheddar, and Ingles rotisserie chicken salad that I had over Sara Lee strawberry swirl bread. You all know my love of sweet and savory together, and this was perfect!


We got home at a great time and were able to unpack, shower, relax, and enjoy a snack and two more episodes of Elementary. I was so ready to get to bed when the credits hit on the second episode.


Matt had made a smoothie Saturday night that had me craving one, so I made this with banana, frozen mango and blueberry, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and Fage Greek yogurt. I topped it with walnuts and had toasted strawberry swirl bread with pb.


I was really on it with my timing and was out of the house by about 10 to run errands. After taking our glass to the recycle center, I went to Trader Joe’s to shop around. Cue the awkward bathroom selfie and a photo of this cute artwork!

I decided to try this water and found it very refreshing. I did pop into HomeGoods, but would you believe their food selection was very disappointing? That’s never happended!


After putting away the goods, I noshed on a vegetable burger topped with tomato and a side of cuke, carrots, lemon hummus, and off-brand Triscuits.


I had to get a sticker from Mahalo that I proudly added to my collection.


Dinner was vegetable rice, mixed vegetables + sauteed green beans and rotisserie chicken.


I enjoyed a snack while watching the first episode of Stranger Things 3! Anyone out there started this season? If so, any thoughts? I’m so excited to watch tonight!

I hope you all have a marvelous week ahead!

2 thoughts on “July 4th Weekend // Part 2

  1. That is too cool you saw a Nascar driver in person!

    Love the pics in the chair- so pretty! What a cool spot.

    Aw love these summery pics of the two of you– And you aren’t jusssst modelesque- you could actually be a model!!

    I have to find that lemon ginger water- sounds soo refreshing

    I never got into Stranger Things, but I want to because I everyone seems to love it. I definitely have to give it another chance!


    1. I did feel a little star-struck! He owns this café & worked the bar day after day! Despite his worth, he still works hard, & that’s inspiring.

      Thank you! You would love this coffee shop!

      Oh my gosh, thank you!!!!

      It is so good! Very refreshing indeed.

      There are some popular shows that I never have been able to get into, but Stranger Things just got me! It is so intense & cute. 🙂


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