A Sunflower Field is Like a Sky with a Thousand Suns

I found this quote via a Google search and noted that Corina Abdulahm-Negura was given credit.

This past weekend was one I will very much cherish! I am appreciative of my wonderful friends.


I started Friday with a simple but delicious oatmeal muffin topped with pb&j. I ate an apple on the side as well for a juicy, wonderful crunch.


When I got home, I saw that my amazing earrings had been delivered! I ordered them from BonnyBee Designs, and she just released even more styles that I absolutely adore.


I tried a new to me pizza from Kroger that was fabulous! Ultra thin crust with goat cheese, butternut squash, greens, goat cheese, and creme fraiche. We had salad topped with spinach artichoke hummus on the side. Matt had a GF sweet potato crust pizza with chicken sausage that we both love.


The sky looked really pretty. In the past I would’ve been able to get a beautiful photo. Instead, these townhouse are in the way. Womp womp.


I enjoyed yogurt with a fresh, juicy peach and granola while we watched the last episode of Stranger Things 3! I was in tears, but it was a really good episode.



I didn’t sleep quite as well as I would’ve liked on Friday night, but I enjoyed breakfast and some quiet time with my coffee that was relaxing. One slice of toast with mashed banana, pb, and cinnamon while the other had mashed avocado, lemon, and EBTB seasoning. Such a good combo of sweet and savory!


After grocery shopping, I enjoyed an Amy’s Indian Samosa wrap with carrots and cherries for lunch. The wrap was very flavorful! Jackson is doing his brother, Mason proud by photo-bombing my photos. We miss our sweet baby boy. I always think of him when I’m in the kitchen. He loved to know what I was making.


We got ready for a fun photo shoot at Knoxville’s sunflower field! One of my sweet, talented friends and her husband have a photography business together, and I won a free session. I was so excited and grateful!


TN Wildlife Resources Agency and Legacy Parks Foundation held the third Sunflower Festival at Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area. It includes about 70 acres of stunning sunflowers that benefit pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. I had not heard of it until this year, and they are only able to do it about every other year due to crop rotation and maintaining soil integrity.



They shared this sneak peak with us, and I so love them! Very whimsical but playful, and our personalities come through. ❤





I love the black and white.




I love that you can see my cameo ring. I found it and my spoon ring in my mom’s belongings about ten years ago and have worn them both ever since. They are very special to me.


After we ended with a “dronie” – a super fun drone video of us four in the field, Matt and I went to Third Creek Coffee for their last day. The owner has chosen to go a different route with the space, so they had to close their doors.


They had these awesome complimentary bites of pretzels, chocolate, and pecans. I need to make these soon! So simple but amazing.


I got a half caf iced latte that really hit the spot after being outside. It was very humid and hot.


We drove around, and Matt showed me where some of the houses were located that we’ve seen listed for sale.

Once we got home, I got showered then made us dinner. We ate the last of our rotisserie chicken (need to get another one!), with freshly roasted sweet potatoes, and steamed vegetables. I was clearly all about the condiments.


Apple nachos with yogurt, sunflower seed butter, and granola for dessert. I had to enjoy sunflower seed butter after visiting the field!



For breakfast I made a wonderful bowl of oatmeal spiced with cardamom and ginger then topped with cherries, sunflower seed butter, and brown sugar.


I completed Barre3 and did the amount that felt the best for me. Matt gave me inspiration with his late breakfast, so I too had wilted spinach, reheated pizza, and an over easy egg plus an apple for lunch.


I then got myself ready for the day. I went for a more farmer look to visit the fields again. We had taken photos in the upper field that was more appropriate given how spread out the rows were planted. But I wanted to see the 70 acres for myself.


It was maybe 0.75 mile walk along a paved trail to get to the field.




I loved how the sky contrasted with the bright sunflowers!






As soon as I took that video, I turned and high-tailed it to the car. I got caught in the thunderstorm, and honestly, it was so much fun! I laughed and thought it felt like being a carefree kid again.


I snacked on a Go Macro bar while leaving the full parking lot. Many of us got caught in the rain.


I went to Kroger looking like that because I was on a mission to make these mouthwatering Chocolate Zucchini Muffins with avocado by Erin of Well Plated!



Don’t mind me and my photoshoot with the muffins. Before they had even cooled, I packed two and took them to Kaci and Drew before they had to leave for family dinner. I always really love making treats for all of us to enjoy. Gives me life.


Dinner was so good! I used the spiraled one zucchini and sautéed it with herb spice blend and the last of our marinated artichoke hearts. We enjoyed it with fresh tomatoes, leftover toasted sweet potatoes, and Mediterranean chicken burger with pickles and pickled jalapeños.


I enjoyed one of the muffins with a peach and yogurt while we watched a few YouTube episodes of Last Week Tonight. Today I drove about an hour to cover one of our clinics while the Lead Registered Dietitian covers in another state and trains a new hire. I really enjoyed meeting some new staff and patients, and I appreciate the opportunity. I hope you all had a wonderful start to the week!

2 thoughts on “A Sunflower Field is Like a Sky with a Thousand Suns

  1. These photos!!! They need to be framed! These look straight out of a magazine. I’m obsessssed.

    Getting caught in a rainstorm is one of those things that makes you feel like a kid again! We hardly had rain in CA (Besides the first winter we were there), so it’s something I am already loving about living here- I missed thunderstorms and the rain!

    I haveeeeee to make those chocolate zucchini muffins- every time I see them my mouth waters somethin’ fierce.


    1. Gosh, thank you so so much!!! I printed them & have them in the pretty album Matt gave to me. We had so much fun!

      It absolutely does! I was just laughing & felt carefree. I would be so sad to go without rain for that long!

      Yes, girl! They are so. good.


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