Friday Finds + Favorites!

Hello all of you splendid people! This week has been busy with a capital “b”, but it has been so fulfilling! I offered to help our Lead RD cover her clinic about one hour away, so myself and another RD are tag-teaming the lab review and documentation for the next two to three months. It’s been nice to meet new staff and patients, and I certainly appreciate the bonus coverage pay. 🙂

Onto the guuuud stuff! Kath wrote about sunflower seed butter recently, and I started craving it! So I picked up a jar and have been eating it with all the things: cereal, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, chocolate zucchini muffins. S’good!


Alexis shared a story highlighting these phenomenal wraps, so I immediately added them to our grocery list. So far the Spanakopita has been my favorite!


Alexis also shared a post detailing Aldi’s latest hummus varieties along with fabulous recipes, so I snagged two of them. We’ve been loving the beet hummus, and we’ll be making the smoked salmon toast with rosemary sea salt hummus this weekend.


I really love making snacks at home but appreciate all of these wonderful store-bought options too! The new “Whole Lotta” bars are magnificent.


After watching Stranger Things, I had to put some Eggo waffles into my life. Thankfully, Kroger even had a coupon, so it was like they knew this was a necessity. 😉


I had the buttermilk classics on Waffle Wednesday with pb, cinnamon, raisin on one and Sriracha cheddar on the other. Delish crisp apple on the side.


Savory oatmeal never gets old! This was epic and included EBTB seasoning, 21 Seasoning blend, garlic oil hot sauce, spinach, cheddar, and an over easy egg.


Simi has shared that many days she and he family enjoy throwing together fun meals based on what they have on hand. We, too enjoy this, and we thought this meal was delicious. I sautéed squash, zucchini, red onion, spices, and pressed tofu then added some beet hummus. We enjoyed it with avocado toast topped with lime juice and EBTB seasoning. Tasty and healthy need not be time consuming and complicated!

My coworker had these adorable pens and told me she found them at Dollar Tree, so naturally I stopped on my way home and got them for myself. Aren’t they cute?!


These photos popped up on my memories from when I did a super fun retro tiki photo shoot. This has been the only time I’ve had my pixie curled, and I loved it!

As soon as I saw that Revlon was releasing a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel collection of lipsticks, I pounced on them! I chose the neutral trio, and already I can tell you they are super silky soft with pretty colors that glide on nicely.

I chose to wear the darker of the three today: “Rum Raisin”


Apparently the nest on our front porch that I believe to be empty is anything but! I counted five beaks!

I always love to end on a positive note!


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds + Favorites!

  1. Rosemary sea salt hummus- shut the front doooor… and with smoked salmon- that sounds perfect! We have an Aldi about 25 minutes away- but in this traffic it makes it a bit difficult. I am gonna have to make a trip just to try this out sometime though.

    Avocado + EBTB were made to be together!

    Your hair is so pretty!

    Woah , that is a heckuvah nest. So neat you see all the birds in there too! Nature is too cool. Thanks for sharing, Kori!


    1. It’s an amazing hummus flavor! I hope you can find a break in the traffic & stock up big time on Aldi goods!

      Made for each other like pb&j. 😉

      Thank you so much!

      Nature is way cool! It has been fascinating to watch them. 🐥


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